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Photo: Courtesy of Bob Fisher

Photo: Courtesy of Bob Fisher

By: Jonathan M King The Clinch Report

When the itch returned long after the scars faded, BJ Penn certainly felt confident. When the fight was announced and the The Ultimate Fighter began filming, he looked to be in great shape.

Were we seeing a rededicated BJ Penn? A champion reincarnated, back to rebuff his already stellar reputation. Could the legend rise again?

Before the show aired many wondered allowed, “Could he even make 145 lbs?” Then when the show did air we saw a very slim and apparently rededicated Penn. His training looked to be on point, his diet was under control (thanks to Mike Dolce) and he looked better than ever. For a guy who had a hard time making weight at 170 and 155lbs, Penn seemed to ready for Frankie Edgar.

Then the door closed. After the first salvo of strikes were fired it became apparent that the itch should have remained unscratched. Penn never looked comfortable and appeared like he wanted to be anywhere but in that cage. The instincts he relied on in the past betrayed him. All Penn could do was minimize the beating by relying on defensive tactics. He simply stopped throwing punches.

Frankie Edgar punctuated their 3 fight history with the finish he so yearned for. Edgar dominated the first 2 rounds, with his superior movement and power takedowns. Penn was never able to mount any offense from his back, and eventually in the 3rd round, after busting him up with elbows and punches, Herb Dean called a stop to the action.

Still, the legend rose. Refusing to stay down, a battered Penn popped back to his feet as soon as the fight was stopped. Not in protest, but because he is a true champion, and true champions are never down long.

Many will question the gameplan. Why was he standing so erect? Why wasn’t he able to step on the gas? The answer is Frankie Edgar. Its not just his clever nickname, its also the reason Penn lost. Penn maybe the legend, but its obvious he is no longer a world class fighter. Frankie Edgar, however showed the level differential between good and great. The win will certainly cement Edgar’s future title hopes, as he continues to chase the 145 lbs crown.

BJ Penn, however remained true to his prefight word and informally retired from the sport for the second time. The one sided beatings that ended Penn’s storied career (Diaz, MacDonald, and Edgar respectively) will fade from our memories. The bad performances will be excused, and instead we will remember one of the toughest fighters who has ever competed. BJ Penn fought in 5 divisions (145-205lbs) and wore two divisional belts (170lbs 155lbs). He is a lock for the UFC hall of fame, and although no longer known as Baby J he will always be known as the Prodigy.

Hopefully other fighters approaching that stage of their careers were watching. The itch will never go away being a fighter is mentality, not an occupation. Soon the fight is no longer in a cage, but with yourself to stay out of one.


Photo courtesy of THE UFC


By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report


“He cheated, he did drugs, and he gave himself cancer. Well, instead of saying ‘Hey listen, I cheated and gave myself cancer, don’t be like me,’ he actually made himself the victim and then went out and profited something like $15 million from this ‘Hey, poor me, let’s find a cure for cancer’ campaign instead of just coming clean and saying, ‘Look, here’s what I did, I screwed myself up, and I hope people learn from my mistakes.’

-Chael P. Sonnen on Lance Armstrong

We shouldn’t be surprised or should we? The first failed drug test was an indication, wasn’t it? Or did we just fall for the excuse? The facts are in by using his own words, Chael Sonnen (who recently retired from MMA) is a cheater. The first failed drug test was blamed on his TRT exemption. Since being made illegal, Sonnen claimed his first ‘hot’ test was not a surprise. In fact, he stated he looked forward to enlightening the commision on the proper way to come off of TRT treatment.

The first test, (which prompted Sonnen’s retirement) was blamed on drugs that were necessary to ween himself off of the TRT therapy. Then news broke this week that Sonnen in fact failed another test, that was conducted by NSAC. A test that was performed previous to the earlier test. Results for some reason were just lagging behind. The second test removed all doubt as to Sonnen’s intentions.

The second failure set off alarms because of the presence of EPO and HGH. Both are banned substances, and both cannot be confused for “weening therapy”. EPO has long been used as a performance enhancer, because of its ability to help increase the oxygen load of red blood cells. HGH, which became famous during the Balco scandal, is used to speed up recovery time, and to help build muscle.

Neither can be confused as anything but performance enhancers.

This latest evidence proves that Sonnen’s intentions were to improve performance. Despite what he may want you to believe. The facts are he was taking the same substances Lance Armstrong was using, and the fact that he has hasn’t admitted anything yet; makes him as guilty as the man he villainized.

With Sonnen no longer actively competing in MMA, one must wonder if these latest revelations will prompt some sort of disciplinary action from either The UFC or from Fox themselves. As a commentator Sonnen is one of the best. His brash attitude, and quick wit make him a standout at Fox, not just among fighters, but among main stream sports casters as well.

His status and potential must however be put aside, at least for now. His recent actions have hurt the credibility of the sport, and that cannot be allowed by the UFC or its partners. Although he is clearly the best fight commentator, Dominick Cruz, Kenny Florian and Brian Stann could all adequately fill his shoes, while Sonnen rode out a suspension. However the suspension would have to be a significant one, one that allows time to remove the sting of Sonnen’s betrayal.


Watch the fighters making weight before the UFC 140 Events in Canada!

Carlos Condit, talks about GSP and Nick Diaz. Also predicts he will be first interim champion, and once GSP returns, he will be undisputed Champion.

GsP will be out of action for 6-9 months, as he recovers from ACL surgery. The question looms, with two bad knees, will GSP be able to return to form?

Jason Mayhem Miller, claims if this fight stays standing, that he will knock out Michael  Bisping. A bold claim considering Bisping  has the clear advantage in most experts eyes, as far as striking goes. However, Bisping would be wise to give respect to Miller’s improved Muay Thai striking.

Bisping’s punching power is well known, and is the primary reason for The Count’s  current three fight win streak.  However, he still has not been able to shake the specter of Dan Henderson’s right hand. The vicious knockout is still replayed often, and always mentioned in the same breathe when Bisping;s name is mentioned.  The stigma is unfair, especially in a sport that that see’s very few go undefeated.

Jason Miller is going to have to utilize his muay thai, to close the distance. Then he will look to bring the fight to the mat, where his superior jujitsu will give him a decisive advantage.  Bisping will have to keep his distance, utilizing his jab. His superior boxing skills, and knockout power will only be effective with space.

Prediction: Jason Miller via rd 3 submission.

There are many fighters in the UFC, very few who have given as much effort as ‘The American Psycho’ Stephan Bonner. His fights are consistently entertaining, and his efforts against Forrest Griffin, Mark Coleman, Krzyztof Soszynski, Rashad Evans, and many others have placed him among the fan favorites in the light heavyweight division.

Two years ago, Bonner was riding a losing streak that saw his stock in the division at an all time low. However, his recent three fight win streak has placed Bonner back in the divisional mix. His latest victory was his most impressive. Although the fight ended in a decision, Bonner dominated up-and coming light heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury. Utilizing his tenacious ground game, set up by strikes, Bonner smothered Kingsbury, almost submitting him on several occasions.

Since his victory at UFC 139 over Kingsbury, speculation had Quinton Jackson as his next opponent. However Jackson has recently been inked to fight in Japan at UFC 144 against Ryan Bader, leaving Bonner in limbo.

The perfect fight scenario would be a bought with Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. Both fighters posses incredible jujitsu, and are equally paired with there boxing skills. Both fighter have tremendous hearts, and their efforts would surely be a fight of the night candidate. Rua, coming off his decision loss to Dan Henderson would be the perfect fit for Stephan Bonner.

What do you think?

(Video:Bob Arum at his best, and THE UFC on FOX)

Saturday night the world was introduced to Mixed Martial Arts’s at its finest, when the UFC debuted in a prime-time market; on a prime-time network: Fox. A few months ago the media giant FOX, and the UFC came to an agreement to showcase octagon battles live beginning in 2012. Previously the sport was relegated to secondary cable networks, late-night slots, and Pay Per view channels. Last night was just a taste of this new venture.

The first Heavyweight Championship fight on network television in recent memory lasted only 1:04. Junior dos Santos caught a passive Cain Velasquez with an overhand right hand to the temple, that knocked the champion senseless, just long enough to allow a swarming dos Santos to finish the fight with unanswered strikes on the ground.

An estimated 60 million viewers in Brazil alone tuned in to watch countrymen dos Santos capture the Heavyweight Championship in remarkable fashion.

Commentary:The UFC debut on FOX was a huge success,in spite of what critics and fans might claim. Many have stated the UFC’s ‘one-fight’ format backfired, when the 25 minute fight ended in just over 1 minute. However the ratings will certainly show, worldwide, that people watched. Finally, the fastest growing sport in the world, was shown to the world, for free, live! The way the fight ended only matters in one respect: it ended definitively and it ended fairly.

Can the same be said of the other major fight this weekend? This weekend boxing sunk to an all-time low, with the robbery of Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas. I watched the fight through 7 rounds (before i lost my feed), and had marquez ahead 5 rounds to 2. From most legitimate accounts, the scoring of this fight ranged from a draw, to a Marquez win by two or even three rounds! Only one judge agreed! The other two judges saw the fan favorite Manny Pacquiao winning. The crowd was obviously in disagreement, as the boos thundered throughout, and press-row took a bath in discarded beer. The boxing world as whole seemed to disagree.

The sport took another devastating shot, this time delivered below the belt, and directed from Bob Arum’s racial tirade after the fight when he claimed the only ones who cried robbery were people with “Mexican” last names. Bob Arum is slowly becoming as detestable as Don King, they are both a skid-marks on the sport they earn their living in! The simple truth of the matter is Marquez won that fight! Now ask yourself why?

There are many reasons why this fight ended the way it did. In fact there are 200 million reasons. A Marquez victory surely would have dampened a possible Mayweather v Pacquiao fight, that some say would generate over 200 million dollars. Im pretty sure the Nevada State Athletic Commission is not going to investigate themselves, so they are hoping the Mayweather hype will replace the discussion entirely. However, they are sadly mistaken. Boxing fans are quick to jump ship when the product is corrupt (see Heavyweight division since Tyson). This time, it may be the death rattle, the casual fan can now find MMA on network television, a similar product, with rising stock. The overall winner in the Pacquiao v Marquez fight was The UFC, and FOX!

Dana Whites Video Blog!

Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto vs. Darren Uyenoyama

Yamamoto is a well seasoned fighter, with wins over Jeff Curran, Cal Ono, and Royler Gracie. However the striker is entering this fight after being on the wrong side of a decision in three of his last four fights. Yamamoto may be one of the most prolific strikers in the 135 lbs division, and his chin is equally as tough.

Darren Uyenoyama enters this fight after compiling a 3-0 record fighting for (the now Zuffa controlled) Strikeforce. With a 6-3 record, Uyenoyama seems like a newcomer to the sport. However his strong striking, and wrestling backed jujitsu techniques silence the inexperience.

Prediction: Yamamoto via TKO Rd 1.

Robert Peralta vs. Mackens Semerzier

With strong boxing and wrestling skills, Robert Peralta enters his second UFC fight hoping to extend his eight fight win streak. His first UFC fight resulted in a decision victory over Mike Lullo at UFC fight Night 25. Peralta will certainly look to utilize his wrestling skills to avoid take-downs, enabling him to utilize his boxing skills.

Mackens Semerzier is also entering his second UFC fight after choking out Alex Caceras in the first round of their fight. A wrestling and jujitsu ace, with 5 submission victories behind him Semerzier will look to take this fight to the ground. However his boxing skills require equal respect, as he has power in both hands.

Prediction: Semerzier via 2nd round submission

Alex Caceres vs. Cole Escovedo

After losing his first two UFC fights, former Ultimate Fighter contender Alex Caceres is certainly fighting with his back against the wall. In order to keep himself in the prime-time, ‘Bruce-leroy’ will have to utilize his jujitsu, and jeet kune do striking to impress the UFC brass enough to keep him around. Caceras needs to turn his flashes of greatness into a complete performance.

Cole Escovedo is one of the toughest MMA fighters in the world, after coming back from near death in 2007 from a staph infection, he returned to form three years later, winning his first 5 fights back in competition. He has fought the likes of Urijah Faber, Bart Palazewski, and Jens Pulver, so he is no stranger to being in pressure fights. Coming into this fight the loser of four out of his last five, the pressure now, is to remain relevant for Escovedo. The one-time (and first ever) WEC Featherweight champion will look to mix up his striking, enabling him to take his opponent to the ground, where he can expose Caceras’s weakness.

Prediction Escovedo via 1st round submission

He may have been best known as Mohammed Ali’s arch nemesis, and greatest competition. To boxing fans the world over, he was more than that, Joe Frazier was the man who walked softly, and carried a big right hand! His always moving forward style, was very easy to appreciate. He was in a sense, “The Working Mans” champion, during the time of the flamboyant Ali.

My favorite story about Smoking Joe, is how he helped Ali financially during his exile from the sport for dodging the draft. Never had any fighter been mocked in the press to the extent of Frazier, at the hands of Ali. Still, when hard times came for Ali, ‘Smoking’ Joe was there to help.

Joe Frazier will forever be remembered as a warrior. Fighters come and go, so do titles. However, long after the lights had faded, and the crowd silenced; long after the strap found another waist to rest on. Frazier still stood, alone in the empty ring of honor. At one time he was the Champion of the World, but in life, he never relinquished that title!

Featherweight bout: Cub Swanson vs. Ricardo Lamas

Cub Swanson is entering this bout the winner of 4 of his last six fights. The loses came to Jose Aldo, and Chad Mendes, arguably the two best fighters in the division. He is a quick striker with great muay thai. He also has a chin tougher than a Cadillac.

Coming off a recent victory over Matt Grice at UFC Live 4 Kongo v Barry. Ricardo Lamas has proven, he is comfortable wherever the fight may go. He posses good striking, and even better wrestling and jujitsu.

Prediction: Swanson rd 1 Guillotine Choke

Lightweight bout: Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson

Clay Guida, is always fun to watch. His vicious ground and pound style, and his forever stalking forward advances , seem almost ‘Rocky-esque’.  The fan favorite, is also now a title contender. He will look to smother Henderson, and pound him on the ground.

Ben Henderson may be one of the most athletic fighters in any division. Since joining the UFC, Henderson has bounced back from his WEC title loss to Anthony Pettis, by beating UFC veterans Mark Bocek, and Jim Miller. Henderson has great wrestling, jujitsu, muay thai, and boxing.

Prediction: Ben Henderson via  unanimous decision.

Heavyweight Championship bout:

Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos (FIRST FIGHT ON FOX)

It is difficult to evaluate a fighters seasoning after only nine pro fights. However with wins over Ben Rothwell, Cheick Kongo, Brock Lesnar, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, his pedigree has been justified.  Velasquez is a former state champion wrestler, and also has dynamite in both of his hands! Velasquez is also coming off a long layoff due to a torn rotator cuff, an injury he suffered during his win over Lesnar.

Junior Dos Santos has been climbing the ranks, building a pile of crushed heavyweight contenders beneath his feet.  dos Santos might have the best hands in the Mixed Martial Arts world. After knocking out Fabricio Werdum in his UFC debut, he has left a path of destruction that includes Mirko Cro Cop,  Roy Nelson, Shane Carwin, and Gabriel Gonzaga.

Analysis: Both fighters can punch, but dos Santos will have the advantage in striking, however if  Velasquez can set up a take-down with strikes, his wrestling should neutralize dos Santos’s jujitsu. If the fight stays up, dos Santos will outbox the champion.

Prediction: Junior dos Santos via unanimous decision