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By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Inside the confines o f a steel cage, anything can, and often does happen. Knockouts appear out of no where, submissions transition with blinding speed, and many times the impossible happens. When the cage door closes, all talk and hype is removed and all that is left is the purity of two combatants. Two fighters entered the King of The Cage last night. One left with the belt, the other left disappointed; however everyone else bore witness to an amazing fight.

Former King of The Cage welterweight Champion Joshua ‘El Rey’ Aveles has been on the bottom before. Loss is something that Aveles not only understands, but he literally wears it. On his arm is a tattoo that pays tribute to his brother Stephen who passed away a few years ago. The loss is something that clearly still festers, like an open wound that just wont heal.

The loss of his brother devastated Joshua, but that devastation soon transformed into motivation. Aveles rededicated himself to his craft, and began training full time with renewed inspiration. Then a funny thing happened. He started winning! After losing 7 of his first 10 fights (mostly by decision except for 1 stoppage), Aveles rattled of 10 wins in 12 total fights.

During that span he KO’d 185 lbs stalwart Johnny Cisneros, and also knocked out Sam Liera to capture the KOTC welterweight title. Then Aveles ran into David Gomez for the first time. Gomez the former champion was looking to regain his title, and did so by squeaking out a highly controversial split decision win in April.

Aveles then defeated Carlos Ortega by decision last month, solidifying his #1 contender spot, and setting up the rematch: “Gomez v Aveles II”, which did not disappoint.

Much like the first fight, David Gomez utilized his superior wrestling to control the smaller Aveles for most of the fight. Gomez was able to take his opponent down at will, however once there he had problems landing any effective strikes. A credit to Aveles jujitsu game. Using his closed guard, Aveles was able to stifle the attacks of Gomez, prompting several stand ups form referee Mike Beltran.

At the end of the third round, Aveles was able to rock the champion with a combination to the body. However again, Gomez grabbed a hold of Aveles and was able to finish the round pressing Aveles into the fence.

When the fourth round started Gomez appeared to be fading. He looked for a take down, but unlike every earlier attempt, Aveles was able to avoid the shot, and kept the fight standing. Then he landed a cirrhosis inducing liver shot, followed by an I.Q. changing uppercut that left  Gomez asleep, supine, and once again a former champion.

For Aveles the celebration will be a short one. His next challenger has been named and was on hand to watch the title change hands. Josh Hinkle will be the next to challenge for the belt in October. For Aveles, though the win is another slap in the face of those who doubt him. A group that after last nights nasty KO, will most certainly be dwindling in numbers.

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Preliminary Card:

1.) Nick Piecuch (0-1)  v Daylin Murray  (1-0)

Rd1: Piecuch eats a big head kick and its over! Daylin Murray with a vicious head kick KO!

Winner: Daylin Murray via TKO strikes :17 Rd 1

First Fight on Live TV

2.) Frank Park (3-4) v David Evans (6-3)

Rd1: Big John McCarthy is the third man in the cage.  Evand=s starts out with the jab and works a nice push kick in as well. Nice right hand from Evans drops Park momentarily. Nice body kick from Park find Evans mid section. Evans flutters with several kicks and lands a nice straight right. Park has his back pressed against the fence, but works free. After a bad flying kick, that misses badly Evans eats another liver kick but returns fire with jabs and a right cross. Evans presses Park against the cage, and then takes park down with a nice trip. Evans starting to land with the ground and pound, but Park transitions to a triangle, but losses it and eats a hammer fist for his effort. Evans almost takes the back but Park escapes and lands with the push kick. Park again lands a nice three punch combo and a kick at the end of the round. 10-9 Evans with the early action!

Rd2: Park starts off with an outside leg kick, Evans slips and Park flurries. Big knees land for Park in the clinch, but Evans is able to land on top as the both go to the ground. Nice elbows from Evans as Park closes his guard. Park working for a triangle, but can’t seem to get it tight. Big John stands them up. Nice knees from Park again in the clinch. Evans goes for a throw, but Park lands in mount and is landing heavy left hands. Park quikly transitions to the side looking for a choke, but then re mounts and lands more vicious strikes before Big John stops the fight. Evans wasnt responding to the strikes.

Winner: Frank Park via TKO Rd 2 4:32

3.) Adenilson Clementino (4-2) v Tony Lopez (32-13)

Rd1: Big hooks from Clementino land right away, but Lopez immediately clinches and starts working against the cage. Knees to the thigh and punches follow. Clementino can’t get away from Lopez, who bury some body shots. Nice knee from Clementino finds Lopez’s mid section.  Rights to the body from Lopez, as he presses Clementino against the cage. Finally they break free. Clementino misses a big kick and Lopez lands one of his own. one two from Clementino finds a home. And so does a nice counter right. Lopez ducks under a head kick and again instigates the clinch. Both fighters trading single shots, with Clementino landing knees. Clementino lands a big right hand that drops Lopez, He looks to swarm and misses with several shots before the round comes to a close. 10-9 Clementino

Rd2: Lopez is able to take control from the start and has position again. Beautiful inside trip from lopez lands hin in side control. Nice ground and pound from Lopez. He transitions to the back, only to start striking again. The choke is there, and Lopez takes it. The ref stops the fight and Lopez lands an extra shot after the ref pulls him free. The commission will investigate that one.

Winner; Tony Lopez via RNC 3:47 Rd2

4.) Melvin Costa (8-4) v Brandon Hunt (8-5)

Rd1: Hunt starts firing the jab, as Costa circles to his right. Costa now waiving in Hunt, who is being very cautious. Leg kick from Hunt. Neither fighter seems ready to commit. Push kick from Hunt. Hunt throwing single punches that miss, as Costa continues to dance. Boos begin to rain down, as the action is very sparse until this point. Hunt doubles up on the jab nicely. A very lackluster round ends, with Hunt taking a 10-9 lead.

Rd2: Hunt starts effectively with the jab again. Costa looks to shoot, but Hunt defends well with a nice knee. Costa bleeding from his nose now. hunt again starches Costa with the straight jab. Hunt is just picking Costa apart with the straight counters. Costa tries a few leg kicks but Hunt rewards his effort with another hook to the nose. Hunt looks for a take but the round comes to an end. 10-9 Hunt

Rd3: Leg Kick from Costa shows some urgency. Costa looks for a take down, but Hunt grabs a plumb clinch and falls against the cage. Both fighters work free and find the center of the cage once again. Nice jab from Hunt scores. Then he doubles it up and knocks Costa down momentarily. Costa a bloody mess. Costa land a pair of nice leg kicks. Then pounds his chest. Hunt avoids the combo from Costa and replies with another nice jab. Over hand right from Costa grazes Hunt. Nice right cross from Hunt sends Costa’s mouth piece flying prompting a momentary stoppage. Both fighters finally let loose with 10 seconds left. Neither able to land anything significant. Hunt 10-9 in a rather forgettable affair.

Winner: Brandon Hunt via UD Rd 3

5.) Matthew Lagler () v Sean Strickland () Champion 185 lbs

Rd1: Lagler with an inside leg kick as Strickland stalks.  Lagler trying to find his range, but Strickland stays loaded with the right. Nice right hand from Strickland catches Lagler leaping. head kick misses for Strickland. Strickland looking to find his range, but Lagler keeps moving. Big body shot with ten seconds left drops Lagler and Strickland swarms with heavy ground and pound prompting the stoppage with just seconds left in the round.

Winner: Sean Strickland via TKO rd 1 4:57

6.) Joshua Aveles v David Gomez Champion 170 lbs

Rd1: Leg kick from Aveles cracks through the air. Gomez lands one of his own. Aveles moving well and lands another leg kick. Gomez shoots, and takes Aveles down. Aveles closes the guard and controls Gomez’s posture well. The champion staying heavy on Aveles and lands a nice short elbow. Aveles looks for an arm bar, and Gomez lets him go. Low blow from Gomez prompts a stoppage. Gomez with a nice jab. Upper cut from Aveles lands flush. Nice left hook and a right follow from Aveles. Gomez avoids a right, and scores again with a take down. The round comes to a close. 10-9 Gomez because of the take downs.

Rd2: Head kick from Aveles. Nice left hook as well. Gomez again takes Aveles to the mat. Gomez now in the closed half guard of Aveles, and lands a few ground strikes. Aveles closes the guard again, keeping Gomez close.  Nice elbow from Gomez lands. Ref stands them up and Aveles lands immediately causing Gomez to go right back to the clinch. Gomez secures a single leg, almost losses the take down, but lands in side control and is quickly closed off by the guard of Aveles.  Again MikeBeltran stands them up. Gomez presses Aveles to the cage, and eats a knee as the round comes to an end.

Rd3: Nice right cross from Aveles and a leg kick follows. Gome kicks Aveles square in the groin. Its bad, Aveles is rolling on the ground in agony. Looks like they are ready to go. Aveles with a nice leg kick. Big left hand from Gomez. Aveles counters with a nice fright of his own Gomez again instigates the clinch. Gomez controlling the pace now, stifling Aveles against the cage. Gomez able to score another take down, and starts to work from side control. Gomez again can’t seem to land once he gains position. Mike Beltran stands them up again an Aveles rocks Gomez with a nice combination. Gomez hanging on grabs a clinch to survive.  10-9 Gomez in a close round

Rd4: Both fighters start very cautious. Gomez shoots, and Aveles some how avoids. Aveles jab finds a home. Big right hand and lands a huge left that knocks Gomez out cold, a few follow up strikes remove all doubt!

Winner: Joshua Aveles via TKO Rd 4 New Champion

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

The UFC once again is blazing a new trail for MMA. This time along with media giant FOX, the power couple launched a very MMA-centric channel called Fox Sports 1. The channels debut featured one of the UFC’s best cards of the year, headlined by Chael P. Sonnen vs. Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua. The packed TD Arena in Boston was shaking with the arrival of fan favorites Joe Lauzon and John Howard, how ever the biggest ‘pop’ of the night came when Conor McGregor made his entrance. The Irish featherweight displayed an extremely versatile striking attack early in the fight, however he injured his knee in the second round and needed to utilize his wrestling to secure the decision win over a very savvy Max Holloway.

The Co Main event was by far the biggest upset of the evening, as Travis ‘Hapo’ Browne came back from a vicious early body attack to knock out Alistair Overeem in the first round of their fight. Browne, was floored from an early knee to the gut, and withstood a relentless assault from Overeem that prompted the ref to warn Browne on several occasions that a stoppage was near. Browne, withstood the barrage and then channeled his inner Anderson Silva and kicked Overeem in the face. The blow floored Overeem, and a few Browne hammer fists erased all doubt.

For Browne, his name is now solidified on a short list of contenders for the title. Maybe a match up against Fabricio Werdum would solidify a #3 contender. Overeem’s future is much cloudier. After being viciously knocked out in his last two fights it may be time for him to take a long vacation from the sport. He is not the type of fighter to hang around on mid card status, so his time in the UFC may be coming to an end. Even if it is not, his brain has been rattled lately it might be in his best interest to take at least a year off!

Following the Browne upset, two legends took to the cage. Less than ten seconds into the fight, one of those legends had already imposed his will. Chael Sonnen was able to get across the cage, grab a hold of ‘Shogun’ Rua, and slam him to the mat in less than 10 seconds. ‘Shogun’ did his best to resist, stood up a few times, and then surprised everyone by taking Sonnen down! However, he wasnt able to hold him, and Sonnen was able to reverse position.

Sonnen blanketed the former champion, refusing to let him up. Utilizing his position, Sonnen was able to secure a guillotine choke at the end of the first round that forced Rua to tap. To ‘Shogun’s credit, he rolled and resisted as long as he could. Sonnen, as Joe Rogan pointed out several times has a deadly guillotine,

Like Overeem, these fighters are not really in any title pictures anymore. However unlike Overeem, neither one of these guys has ever appeared to be “done” fighting. For Sonnen, there is talk of a match between him and Wanderlei Silva. A fight that really has no implications, but its should be a fun fight to watch. For Rua, the loss extinguishes any hope of returning to title contention. He has been in a lot of wars, and I wouldn’t blame him if he did hang up the gloves, but I don’t think he will. Maybe a fight with Bisping would make sense.

Analysis of Debut on Fox Sports 1.1:

First the name sort of makes the numbering of events, well redundant, and unclear (For example this was titled UFC on Fox Sports 1.1). I don’t see how that wasn’t brought up already! Secondly, FOX needs to brand the UFC separately from the NFL. For example Kill the robot, and please destroy the NFL music. I’d rather hear the signature “Bring the Pain”. Also, keep Curt Menefee of the broadcasts. Watching him learn about the sport on the fly, hurts my feelings.

Other than those obvious ticks, I think the UFC and FOX hit a 3-run Triple with this swing. Overall exceeded expectations in my eyes. It is a very exciting time for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, which had been in a recession of late. Hopefully these free public displays will infuse life back into the sport that will trickle down to the regional levels. This way the sport continues to grow, and more importantly continues to feed itself!

Spong with the straight right hand finding a home!

Spong with the straight right hand finding a home!

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

After this weekend, I found myself asking where The World Series of Fighting ranks as a promotion. In person, the fights were for the most part pretty exciting. Fighters like Brandon Hemplemen and Angel DeAnda refused to be stepping stones for their opponents and ended up surprising the hell out of those in attendendance.

Hemplemen was supposed to be just another notch on Marlon Moraes belt. At first and eventually he was, but in between he put up one hell of a fight. Moraes opened him up early, and also nearly removed his front leg with leg kicks, but Hemplemen refused to quit, and even began countering well in the third round. The crowd loved his warrior mentality.

Angel DeAnda also lost, as he was supposed too. However, no one told him. For 3 rounds DeAnda walk through everything Tyrone Spong threw at him. DeAnda out sized and out gunned; continued to stalk the kick boxing legend, and survived a vicious leg attack that at times knocked him to the canvas. Spong, who injured his hand threw everything he could at DeAnda in attempt to finish him, but was unable too in the end.

The main event was a great fight, however it was main card fighter Nick Newell who cracked the Sportscenter “Top 10 Plays of the Day” with his submission victory over a very tough Keon Caldwell.  Newell, who was born without half of his arm has made national news with his success in mixed martial arts.

Early on Newell seemed confused by Caldwell’s quickness, but a few nice Elbows from Newell may have changed the momentum. Shortly after, Newell was able to take Caldwell down, and submit him with a modified guillotine.

After the fight Newell, demonstrated the move for us. Once he was able to take Caldwell’s neck, he utilized his chest to pull down the head, and that is what sank the choke so quickly,

With the win, Newell hopes to be involved in the up coming lightweight tournament that has been announced to determine the promotions first champion in the 155 lbs division.

JZ Calvacante also hopes to be in that tournament. Calvacante was able to secure a controversial TKO victory over former UFC vet Tyson Griffin. Calvacante was clearly in charge, when in the third round after landing several unanswered strikes, referee Jason McCoy stopped the fight.

Upon watching the replay, he was justified to stop the fight. He can be seen warning Griffin several times to defend himself.  A notion Calvacante confirmed. “He told him like 3 or 4 times to fight back!” Calvacante said.

Gerald Harris also improved his stock with the company with a clear win over Jorge Santiago.  Harris, clearly won the first two rounds but seemed to slow in the third. After the fight, the reason was revealed, his hand was broken. Hopefully, Harris will be able to heal up and return soon. (He was issued a 180 suspension for the hand and must be cleared by an orthopedic)

Dave Huckaba is one of  my new hero’s. Not because he won his fight, but because he had the opportunity to fight his boss, and he not only knocked him out, but at one point he accidentally kicked him in the ‘family jewels’. How many people have fantasized about quitting in a hail of insults, and sealing the deal by kicking your boss in the pills on the way out the door? I can’t be the only one.

Huckaba who fought World Series of Fighting President Rey Sefo, won via TKO but not before Sefo hobbled him with some vicious leg kicks. With the victory, Huckaba will certainly be on a short list of possible title contenders for the promotions inaugural heavyweight title.

Also winning on the under card was local fighter and UFC veteran Jared Papazian. Papazian was able to outlast fellow Californian John Robles in a back and forth 3 round battle. With the win Papazian puts himself in a nice position with the young promotion.

The World Series of Fighting did many things right that night, but there is definitely room for them to grow. Based just on the fights, I would grade the night solid B+. After watching the broadcast it became obvious that they need someone else in the both with Bas Rutten that can keep him somewhat on point.

Also, as others have pointed out the product placement was more than just odd. When Tyrone Spong was handed the phone for his victory, I felt uncomfortable. It just seemed off pudding. The guy just finished fighting, do you really need him to be a pitch man?

These criticisms, are easy to correct. The hard part, the match ups was handled very well. And as long as you have good fights people will watch, especially if its on free tv.

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By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Every mixed martial artist dreams of fighting a ‘big name’ on a grand stage, however more often than not the nerves play a major role in determining the fights outcome. For Lewis Gonzalez (9-0), that dream came true, and the nerves, well they were present, but shortly after the first round started they disappeared.

“The nerves were up!” Gonzalez said. “Fighting a guy like Antonio McKee is a huge opportunity!” Lewis made the most of that opportunity by winning a controversial decision that went to the judges score card after McKee was struck in the back of the head by an inadvertent elbow early in the 3rd round.

Gonzalez was clearly in charge of the fight, and after the fight was waved off, he was awarded the win 29-28 on all of the judges scorecards.

For Gonzalez, the future is extremely bright. Even the win is marred by the foul, it is still a huge victory over a very well known fighter. McKee has fought all over the world and in every major organization. For Gonzalez, this win will thrust his career forward, for McKee it puts an uncomfortable lid on an amazing career.

McKee had stated to several media outlets that a loss would lead him in to retirement. Even though the fight ended in controversy, McKee stated in an interview with Aaron Tru from Tru MMA that he was in fact retiring from competition.

With the World Series of Fighting set to create a 155 lbs tournament to crown it first promotional champion, Lewis Gonzalez may be on a short list of names to compete for that title. However with fighters like Nick Newell, JZ Calvacante, and Justin Gaethje also vying for the shot, nothing is guaranteed!

Preliminary card

Isaac Gutierrez (6-3)) vs. Victor Valenzuela (12-6-2)

Rd1: Gutierrez starts with the jab. Big left hand lands for Gutierrez and Valenzuela gets in one of his own. Nice combo from Valenzuela as he presses the fight against the cage, but Gutierrez lands with some nice knees from the Thai clinch. Nice hook to the body from Victor, Big right hand from Gutierrez lands on the top of Valenzuela’s head and he is down. Back to his feet but he is wobbled. Looks like he will survive as Gutierrez lets him off the hook. Nice take down from Gutierrez as Valenzuela closes the guard, then wall walks back to his feet. A starching left from Valenzuela lands as the round ends. We have Gutierrez 10-9

Rd2: Both fighters landing single shots. Gutierrez the busier of the two. But Valenzuela lands a big liver shot and floors his opponent. Valenzuela now looking to land big shots from the back. He only has one hook in, but Gutierrez is just covering up. Both hooks in and the choke looks deep. That is it.

Winner: Victor Valenzuela via RNC Rd 2 2:12

Jared Papazian (15-10) vs. John Robles (7-1)

Rd1: Two California natives are ready to square off, with referee Mike Bell in charge of the action. Long feeling out process is halted by a Robles right that finds a home. Papazian lands a stiff left right, but then eats a liver kick. Snapping leg kick delivered by Papazian. Nice hook combination from Papazian as Robles smiles. Robles misses with the high kick, and the follow up right hand. Papazian again lands with the right hand. Nice combo from Robles puts Papazian down momentarily, by here comes Papazian landing a lunging left hand. Both fighters picking up the intensity as the round nears a close. 10-9 Robles

Rd2: Nice leg kick off the jab by Papazian, then catches a kick from Robles and puts him on his back. Papazian working from Robles’s open guard. Papazian dives past an up kick to again find side control. Robles appears to be attacking an arm, but lets it go. Papazian postures then collapses in side control again. Papazian again maneuvers Robles out of the way and takes his back, but Robles escapes back to his feet. Nice combination from Papazian. Robles now stalking, but can’t seem to land. Nice straight left and right from Papazian wake up the crowd. Round ends with Papazian edging out Robles 10-9

Rd3: Papzian again starts with the leg kicks and they shutter Robles. Nice kick to the ribs by Papazian, but Robles counters with a straight right hand. Nice three punch combination from Papazian. Both fighters firing, with Papazian getting the best of the exchange, Lead left hook from Papazian followed by a three punch combination get Robles Attention.  Then he is rocked again with another big right hand from Papazian. Both fighters in the middle of the cafe throwing bombs Papazian won that exchange, the round and the fight! 10-9 Papazian.

Winner: Jared Papazian via UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Antonio McKee (28-5-2) vs. Lewis Gonzalez (8-0)

Rd1: Mckee paws with a hook that touches GOnzalez. Gonzales then presses forward and engages the clinch. Both fighters jockeying for position with Gonzalez maintaining the dominance. McKee goes for the double leg, but Gonzalez pummels under well. McKee now able to take top position and lands some softening elbows.  Now Gonzalez is in trouble McKee has both hooks in and the choke looks deep. McKee lets it go for the moment  to engage the hands. Again McKee attacks the neck, and again Gonzalez defends. Now sitting up Gonzalez looks for some back elbows, but McKee again brings him down, nice sweep from Gonzalez who is now on top. Round ends. 10-9 McKee because of the submission attempts!

Rd2: Nice body shot from Gonzalez forces McKee to shoot, but now Gonzalez is the one attacking the neck. McKee rolls through, but Gonzalez still has the arm in choke on his mind.  Gonzalez lets it fo and starts to utilize punches. McKee trying to pull guard again gives away positioning. More elbows from the cross side position. McKee doing his best to cover up, now Gonzalez elbows the body. The round comes to an end. Gonzalez 10-9

Rd3:McKee ducts under and again Gonzalez smothers him to the mat. Ref calls a stoppage as Gonzalez lands an elbow to the back of the head of McKee. Doctor is in the cage, an he calls the fight.

Winner: Lewis Gonzalez Via UD (Judges cards after the accidental foul)

Jorge Santiago (25-11) vs. Gerald Harris (21-5)

Rd1: Santiago starts off showing the jab, but not landing it. Harris looks for an opening. Harris triples up on the jab. Santiago with a high kick, and hook that follows, but Harris walsk through it. Harris throwing and landing with the right hand. Harris ducks under for a take down, but Santiago walks back to the cage to neutralize. Harris still going for the take down, Santiago leapt up to grab a triangle but grabbed the cage in the process. Mike Bell trying to stop the action, but Harris slams him down. Confusion in the cage. 1 Point deduction for Santiago holding the cage. 10-8 Harris

Rd2: Nice leg kick from Santiago starts the round. High kick follows. Santiago kicks Harris lead leg out from under him, but some how he lands on top and in Santiago’s guard. Jorge doing a great job of keeping Harris’s hands under control. Santiago looking for an arm bar but Harris postures free. Again Santiago looks for the arm, but Harris is able to violently escape with punches. Santiago rolls and again attacks the left arm. Harris now works from the half guard of Santiago. Some nice ground and pound from Harris.  10-9 Harris

Rd3: Harris shows the jab often, looking to establish range. Again Santiago drops him with a leg kick and now Jorge is on top. Harris back to his feet. Santiago lands a nice knee into the chest of Harris. Harris looks for the slam, but Santiago breaks free and another knee to the chest as Harris is back to his feet. Harris shoots, and Santiago looks for the neck. Front chancery by Santiago keeps Harris sitting on his heels. Both fighters back up. Single leg by Harris, but he eats a nicely timed back fist. Harris again dives in for the single leg, Santiago responds with hammer fists, and Harris relents. Harris ducks under a jab and attempts another take down, Jorge sprawls well and they are back up! Harris again shoots, each time with less emphasis on completing. High kick from Santiago barely lands at the bell. 10-9 Santiago but Harris has the fight!

Winner: Gerald Harris UD 

Main Card:

Tyson Griffin (16-6) vs. JZ Cavalcante (17-7-1)

Rd1: Front kick from Griffin lands. Calvacante lands a left hand as he circles off. Head kick from Griffin fins nothing but air. Calvacante walks through a left hand to press Griffin against the cage and grind begins. But Griffin lands a left to get free. Nice left hand from JZ does damage. Calvacante switches back n forth from orthodox to southpaw. Both fighters missing with heavy leather. Calvacante starting to get busier with the hands. Griffin looks for a take down but gives up. Griffin scores a take down at the end of the round, and there is some action after the bell as both fighters are separated. 10-9 Calvacante

Rd2: Action picks up from the bell, with JZ  setting the tone with his hands. Now Calvacante is able to drag Griffin to the mat. Knees in side control land to the body of Griffin. Referee stops the action and stands them up! Lead left lands nicely for Calvacante. Griffin now pressing JZ into the cage. Nice left hand on the break from Calvacante finds its markm but Griffin responds in bulk. Both fighters swinging for the fences.  Counter right hand from Calvacante lands followed by the left. JZ landing with more frequency now, as Griffin circles to his right. 10-9 Calvacante

Rd3: Griffin starts out with urgency but Calvacante scores with the take down. Calvacante passes nicely and is able to take the back. Calvacante lands a few ground and poud strikes, and th referee stops the fight. Premature stoppage for sure. After a second look, the ref was correct in the stoppage.

Winner: JZ Calvacante via TKO (strikes) rd 3 1:37

Rd1: Huckaba starts with a leg kick. Sefo kicks high. Huckaba moving well. Leg kicks from the CEO. Spinning back fist from Sefo makes some noise. Big left hand from Sefo rocks Huckaba. Nice jab leg kick combination from Sefo. Huckaba holding the clinch well and pressing his boss against the cage. Inside trip from Huckaba back fires and Sefo ends up on top. Ground and pound from the side position. Now looking for a crucifix, but the round ends. 10-9 Sefo

Rd2: Spinning heel kick from Sefo finds Huckaba’s liver. He seems ok though. High kick lands for Sefo and Huckaba lets go, so does Sefo both guys throwing bombs. Huckaba looks for the take down but Sefo stuffs the attempt. Low blow by Huckaba prompts a stoppage, but here we go. Huckaba landing more often now, but Sefo returns fire with a leg kick. Nice right hand from Huckaba, and again. Inside elbows from Huckaba making a mess of Sefo. Trip attempt again by Huckaba falls short, as Sefo starts firing. Big lead left hook from Sefo. Chopping leg kick from Sefo. Head kick misses by Sefo and Huckaba swarms, big punches from Huckaba, Sefo is rocked. Referee Mike Bell looks in and warns Sefo, but that is the end of the fight!

Winner: Dave Huckaba via TKO (Strikes) rd 2 4:37

Nick Newell (9-0) vs. Keon Caldwell (9-1)

High kick from Newell misses, Caldwell moving well. Newell has a leg, but Caldwell falls on top. Newell scrambbles to his feet and scores the take down. Good job by Newell preventing Caldwell from standing up. Outside trip from Newell, but Caldwell back to his feet. Body kick from Newell. Newell ducks under a Caldwell right and again scores with the take down. Newell has a choke, and Caldwell taps.

Winner: Nick Newell via guillotine Rd 1

Marlon Moraes (10-4-1) vs. Brandon Hempleman (9-1)

Rd1: Hempleman starts with leg kicks to establish the range, but Moraes hand speed is evident early. Nice right hand counter by Hempleman. Right hand counter by Moraes. Hempleman bleeding already from the nose. Leg kicks from Moraes, then a high kick. Moraes catches Hempleman with a right, and drops him. Ground and pound for a moment, before he is tied up into Hempleman’s guard. Hempleman is leaking badly. Moraes still in control. Ref calls for a stand up. Doctor looks at the cut and he is allowed to continue. Hempleman looks active despite the mess Moraes has made of his face. Rd 1 Moraes 10-9

Rd2: Hempleman slipping on his own blood. Long feeling out process, due to the slippery canvas. Leg kick drops Hempleman, and he immediately closes the guard. Moraes presses Hempleman into the cage. Ref wants a stand up. Hempleman points to Bas Rutten for acknowledgement. Again a bloody mess, Hempleman appears unfazed. Vicious leg kick hobbles Hempleman badly. He cannot put any weight on the front leg, and Moraes smells it. But for some reason he stops attacking the lg, and Hempleman will get out of the round. 10-9 Moraes.

Rd3: Moraes avoids the head kick and goes right back to chopping at Hempleman’s leg. Nice combination from Hempleman, but Moraes answers. Hempleman moving much better now, and landing with kicks of his own. Nice counter right from Moraes catches Hempleman diving in. Moraes with another crowd pleasing right hand.Now Hempleman is the aggressor with Moraes circling off. Late heel hook attempt by Moraes fails as the round ends. 10-9 Moraes

Winner: Marlon Moraes via UD

Tyrone Spong (1-0) vs. Angel DeAnda (11-2)

Rd1: Both fighters trying to figure the other out. Not much action to start. Kick by Spong is countered beautifully by DeAnda who scores with a knockdown. Spong up quickly. Dirty boxing by DeAnda also scores. Spng with a nice leg kick. And another one, this one was deep on the knee. DeAnda countering well, but Spong starting to throw more. Spongs leg kicks are other worldly, each one sounds worse than the last. DeAnda still hanging tough lands with a left hook and a right, but Spong also lands dropping DeAnda for an moment.  DeAnda charege with a one, two and finishes with a leg kick of his own, but it is not enough. 10-9 Spong

Rd2: Nice inner thigh leg kick stuns DeAnda and then Spong lands high with a kick. DeAnda still hanging. Nice knee from Spong. DeAnda returning fire with more intensity now. Spong does a nice job of avoiding the take down. Angel now lands with a heavy right hand, but eats another leg kick, then one to the body. More blstering leg kicks from Spong. DeAnda forces the clinch, but Spong is free. Spong now landing more freely with the hands. DeAnda appears to be fading. Round ends 10-9 Spong

Rd3: Spong again delivers a leg kick that drops DeAnda for a second. Then lands another. Now he switches to the inside leg, and drips him again. DeAnda is buckling with each kick. DeAnda landing a little more now with the hands, as Spongs attacks have slowed. Nice right hand from DeAnda is countered by a well placed leg kick. Both fighters land, Spong again attacks the leg. Spong misses with the front kick.

Winner: Tyrone Spong via UD

Badbeat 10 High Rez Poster-1

By Jonathan King The Clinch Report

BAMMA USA has reached another milestone in the MMA game. “BadBeat 10” will be shown live on television in over 5 million homes between California and Nevada.  “This is a big step for us”, remarked BAMMA USA CEO Brett Roberts. “It affirms that the quality of our product is up to television standards. Now we can bring the excitement and energy of our live show to millions of homes. This agreement will open many other doors not only for the promotion but for our fighters as well, and it is a great way to celebrate our tenth show.”

According to a promotional press release: “Virtual channel 64, KILM is an independent television station with studios in Beverly Hills, CA. Under a local marketing agreement, the station is operated by Alki David’s ‘FilmOn’. Through this arrangement, KILM carries programming from ‘FilmOn’ and ‘My Combat Channel’. The station transmits to 5.6 million homes in both the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and the San Bernadino-Riverside Metropolitan Area regions. An additional 2 million homes receive KILM programming through the ‘Channel 3 Dish Network’ in California and Nevada. KILM programming is also made available to a worldwide audience over its website (  ”  (Via BAMMAUSA PRESS RELEASE)

The card reads as follows:


Rudy Morales (0-1) v Tommy Gavin (0-1) 3×3 at 155lbs

Rd1: Mike Beltran starts the action and Gavin takes the fight immediately to his opponent. Eddie Bravo shouting instructions, as Gavin works short elbows against the cage. Gavin working for a choke, but Morales rolls into it. Gavin looks for the head and arm choke, but Morales sheds him. Gavin Stands, and lands leg kicks, Morales leaps from the mat with a flailing kick to the head, but Gavin again falls into the guard of Morales. “Big Giant Donkey Kong Punches” shouts Eddie Bravo as the round comes to an end. A clear 10-9 round for Gavin.

Rd2: Gavin looks for the jab, as Morales looks to set up leg kicks. Both fighters feeling each other out as if it was the first round. Gavin able to bring the fight to the mat, and is looking to get past Morales open guard. Morales loosely closes the guard. Morales able to get back to his feet, but Gavin again drags him into deep water. Morales looks to land elbows from his back, but Gavin is still in control. Round comes to an end, with Gavin again clearly in charge. 10-9 Gavin.

Rd3: Gavin misses with the leg kick. His corner asking him to set up the shot, Morales stuffs the shot, and lands a huge a big knee as Gavin shoots again. Gavin is hurt, and Morales swarms with vicious hammer fists that put Gavin on dream street. Referee Mike Beltran steps in before Gavin can receive anymore punishment.

Winner via TKO (Strikes) Rudy Morales Rd 3  0:41

David Duran (0-0) v Juan Archuleta (0-0) 3×3 135lbs

Rd1: Archuleta starts with a push kick but Duran lands a vicious series of knees that has Archuleta hurt.  Archuleta instigates the clinch and presses Duran against the cage. Both fighters fighting for under hooks, as they break. Duran lands a nice keg kick. And again as Archuleta misses with the jab. Archuleta misses with the superman punch and the following jab. Duran continues to punish the legs, but he eats a big right hand. Big takedown at the bell for Archuleta. Very close round but we are calling it for Duran 10-9.

Rd2: Archuleta starts the round the busier of the two, but again eats a nice leg kick from Duran. Big right hand from Archuleta lands, and he is able to secure the take down as well. Working from the open guard, Archuleta lands some short elbows, however Duran defends well. Duran doing a good job preventing Archuleta from mounting any significant offense. Archuleta able to posture and land a few hands at the end of the round. 10-9 Archuleta.

Rd3: Archuleta shoots in , but then switches levels and forces the clinch. Duran eats a left as he escapes momentarily but is again pressed against the cage. Nice body shots from Archuleta land, as Duran escapes. Both fighters trade jabs. Archuleta looks for the take down, but eats a nice knee from Duran. Big shots from Archuleta find their mark, as Duran gets on his bicycle. More straight lefts from Archuleta land and he chases Duran until he is able to force another take down. Duran back to his feet, as the fight comes to an end. Great fight!

Winner: Juan Archuleta via (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) UD 

Tim Riscen (1-0) v Brandon Frunk (0-0) 3×3 125lbs

Rd1: Big take down rom Riscen, and he is looking for the guillotine, but Frunk defends well. Frunk looks to land with the jab, but Riscen again brings him back to the mat.  Riscen appears to have the choke momentarily, but Frunk escapes. Riscen changes levels and again goes for the take down.  Round ends with Riscen holding position in the clinch, and the round 10-9.

Rd2: Riscen countering well, as Frunk seems to be content firing one punch at a time. Frunk lands a nice counter left to the body. And follows with some nice jabs. Riscen circling to his right, then goes for the take down. Frunk gets free, and attempts a take down of his own, but Riscen starches the attempt. Frunk reverses position and lands some knees to the thigh of Riscen.  Riscen shoots and schieves the take down, but Frunk gets back to his feet at the bell. Close round that we are giving to Frunk 10-9 based on his striking.

Rd3: Frunk pressing the action is able to stuff a Riscen take down attempt, and is now pressing the action against the cage. Both fighters work free, but again Frunk is pressing the action. Nice take down defense from Riscen, establishes dominate position that immediately transitions the back. Frunk able to shrug free. Another shot from Frunk is stuffed. Riscen appears to be gassed, and is back pedaling but he avoids another futile shot from Frunk. 10 seconds left, and they spend it in the clinch. Close round and fight but we have Frunk winning the round 10-9 and the fight 29-28.

Winner Tim Riscen via UD (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Dionisio Ramirez (5-3) v Toby Grear (7-4)

Rd1: Big kick from Grear starts the action. Nice one two from Ramirez finds it mark. Low blow from Grear prompts the warning. Restart. Grear looks for the take down, but instead presses Ramirez against the fence. Grear changes levels and tries the take down again, but Ramirez defends. Nice knee from Ramirez and he is free. Leg kick from Grear lands but Ramirez also lands with big punches and Grear is hurt as the bell sounds. Close round but we have Grear 10-9.

Rd2: Big kick misses for Grear, and Ramirez is swarming. Nice shots land, but Grear dives in for a heal hook. Ramirez rolls well, and is free. Nice up kick from Grear, as both restart from the standing position. More big shots from Ramirez as he throws the legs aside and dives in. Nice leg kick from Ramirez lands, and he gains presses Grear against the cage. More kneed from Ramirez find there mark, Grear drops, and Ramirez lands some big ground and pound prompting the stoppage!

Winner: Ramirez via TKO rd 2

Jeff Martin (10-8) v Victor Henry (5-0) 3×5 135lbs

Rd1: Both fighters feeling each other out. Henry is looking to establish the range early with jabs and kicks.  Nice clinch from Henry is reversed by Martin who presses Henry against the cage. Nice trip from Henry, momentarily gives him the back, Nice throw from Henry, who immediately sinks in both hooks, Henry looking for the choke, but Martin defends. Now the choke seems deeper, but Martin signifies he is ok, Martin doing a good job fighting the hands, but Henry is relentless with his jujitsu. Martin breaks free, and lands a nice right hand as he falls into Henry’s guard, triangle looks deep, and it is Martin taps.

Winner: Victor Henry via Arm in Triangle Choke rd 1 4:22

Alex Suhonosov (2-1) v Ozzie Alvarez (3-2) 3×5 170 lbs

Rd1: Leg kicks from Alvarez open the round. Suhonosov lands a nice inside leg kick as well. then a one two combo lands. Take down is stuffed by Alvarez.  Suhonosov misses with a big left, but then eats a low blow prompting the quick warning and stoppage. Alvarez contnues with the outside leg kicks, and appears to have landed a low blow, but the ref didnt see it. Alvarez swarms as Suhonosov turtles up and eats several big shots before the ref stops the fight. Replays show it was a push kick to the liver that appeared to be glancing that caused the damage.

Winner:  Alvarez via TKO (strikes) rd 1 2:38

Daniel McWilliams (8-20) v Jesse Juarez (18-9) 3×5 170lbs

Rd1: Winner Juarez rd 1 via TKO

Shad Smith v Noad Lahat.

Winner: Lahat via UD rd 3

Main Event:

Jesse Newell (7-2) v Chris Culley (17-10) 5×5 145 lbs Title Fight

Rd1: Mike Beltran in charge of the action in this 5 round title fight. Culley starts with a jab, then fires a leg kick that finds a home. Newell stalks and presses Culley into the cage. well still fighting for the trip, but Culley for now defends well. Now Newell has a body lock that eparlays into a single leg. Finally e s abe to secure the take down. Culley back to his feet, but still in jeopardy. Newell again has a leg, but Culley escapes and lands a push kick. Newell pressing the action into the cage, but the relents. Back in the center of the cage. Nice right hand from Newell. Culley lands a nice knee, and takes Newell’s neck but the round ends. 10-9 for Newell.

Rd2: Culley starts the round with new confidence as he lands a few punches right away. Culley lands a nice straight right hand. Newell still pressing forward. Culley circles to his left, and paws with the jab, Nice body kick from Culley finds a home on Newell’s liver. Newell gets a hold of a single leg, then presses Culley momentarly against the cage. Culley quickly circles off and lands on the exit. Nice jab, right combination from Newell.  Culley is now making Newell miss often with his movement. Jabs from the champion find Newell’s forehead. Nice leg kick from Culley as the round ends. 10-9 Culley.

Rd3: Newell eats a jab to delivery a leg kick. Culley lands a nice head kick, then escapes Newell’s range. Nice body kick from Newell. Culley’s southpaw stance seems to be confusing Newell, as he is getting beat to the punch by the quicker champion. Blood flowing from Newell’s nose. Nice head kick again from Culley. The champions movement is incredible. Nice combination from Newell started with the jab and ended with a leg kick, before Culley moved away. Culley returns fire with a vicious leg kick. Big switch kick from Newell connects with Culleys head but he seems fine. Culley returns to peppering Newell with the jab. Another head kick from Culley. 10-9 Culley

Rd4:Culley starts with the jab, then circles off and lands a leg kick. Culley now circling the stagnant Newell. kick from Culley catches Newell low prompting a stoppage. Action re starts. Culley doubles then triples up the jab successfully. Culley with a jab leg kick combination. Then a push kick to the head lands lightly. Culley catches Newell with a right hand that staggers him. Newell on his back, as Culley looks to dive in. Newell with a nice heel hook attempt, but Culley postures free. Culley walks away forcing the stand up. Newell appears to be gassed. Culley landing with straight punches. Big left from Culley, but Newell walks through the punch. Nice knee in the clinch from Culley, the round ends. 10-9 Culley.

Referee stops the fight

Winner Chris Culley via Stoppage (Corner)