The Clinch Report is designed by a life-long martial arts fan, and part time participant. This site is a combination of relevant news sources, original content, and interesting videos concerning the Mixed Martial Arts world.

Please feel free to join this blog, and submit any ideas or information that you like.

There is only one rule at The Clinch Report. At all times when discussing fighters make sure to give proper respect. Unless you have laced up gloves, or entered a cage, there is no conceivable way for the novice fan to know how much work goes into every fight.  Although free thought is encouraged, please be respectful to each-other, and at all times when discussing the participants in the industry!

Politicians call us barbaric, they don’t shake hands after losing! We do!

Thank You

Founder/Editor Jonathan M King

Lights Out FN 7.15-27

Jonathan King began his passion in the martial arts as young child. Typical story, he was bullied into finding a solution. 20 something years later the passion is still as virulent as ever. Now affiliated with several local promotions Jonathan’s work has been featured by: Bellator MMA (Press Kit), King of The Cage, Up and Comer’s MMA, BAMMA USA, OC Fight Club, Lights Out Promotions, Bash Boxing, Glory Kickboxing, Spar Star MMA, and several others.

Currently Jonathan is also one third of ‘The Brutally Honest Radio’, show with Aaron Tru, and Adrian Gallegos which is streamed live and available for download on iTunes, and Soundlcoud.

To contact Jonathan, please email: news@theclinchreport.com

Head Photographer/Owner John Walsh

Photo By Bob Fisher from Pugilpix.com

Photo By Bob Fisher from Pugilpix.com

John Walsh began his love for photography at an early age. Capturing his adventurous lifestyle started out as a hobby, and soon became quite proficient. After tagging along with his college friend to a fight in Orange County, he was hooked. Over the last few years John Walsh has become one of the most dependable names in combat photography on the west coast. His photographs have been featured on Bellator MMA walkout banners, Glory Kickboxing Walkout Shirts, and his images have graced the cover of countless local MMA fight posters.  Make sure you follow him on social media at clinchpikz@twitter.com and clinchpikz@intstagram

To contact John, please email: news@theclinchreport.com

  1. Matthew says:

    Hello Mr.King i have only recently started to follow your blog and i think you take a very intelligent approach to MMA. I love the sport and the respect you give the fighters. One of my favorite fighters just got cut from the UFC and i was very unhappy about it so i created a Facebook page to support him. So far we only have about 100 likes and im looking to get many more. Your site was recommended to me by my teacher Mr.Kreuder and he said to mention him because i wanted to ask if you would help promote and support the page and in turn i will keep the link of your website on the page as one of our supporters. Please email me back if possible.


  2. Nat says:

    Do you have anyone covering King of the Cage “Enemy Territory” on Nov. 30?


  3. Nathalie says:

    Yes, I will be attending. I’m a sports photographer with MMA experience, mainly in NorCal. I would love to be able to cover this event, especially for The Clinch Report.


  4. Mike Elston says:

    John, enjpyed meeting you at the FAU game and talking fights. Sorry to make you move with the leg. Like what I see on the site and look forward to more. Nice the see the level of respect the fighters deserve.


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