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After over 4,000 bouts and 400 events one thing is certain, The King of The Cage promotion understands how to book exciting mixed martial arts fights. Last night reinforced that position. Over the years KOTC owner Terry Trebilcock, has featured some of MMA biggest names. Fighters such as: Forrest Griffin, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Krazy Horse, Keith Berry, Mac Danzig, Paul Buentello, Urijah Faber, Joe Stevenson, Diego Sanchez and Thiago Alves were all able to make a name for themselves under the KOTC banner. A banner that served them well by acting as the launching pad for those careers.

Taking place in a large banquet room at The San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Highland California, the fight card featured the promotions welterweight champion and rising star David Gomez in a title fight against Brad Burrick. ¬†As well as KOTC stalwart, and crowd favorite Johnny ‘The Tattooed Terror’ Cisneros who pushed his unblemished record to 7-0 with an impressive unanimous decision win over former World Champion Brandon Hunt. Both fighters were able to land heavy handed shots, however ‘The Tattooed Terror’ was able to takedown Hunt almost at will. ¬†Although consistently defending from bottom, Hunt was able to land a few big shots. One right hand seemed to stagger Cisneros who¬†immediately¬†shot in and took the fight to the mat. Everytime Hunt was able to get to his feet, Cisneros slammed him back down thunderously. Having controlled the entire fight Cisneros was awarded the 30-27 unanimous decision, thrusting him immediately into title contention.

Also featured was journeyman Tony Lopez who narrowly defeated Nick Rossborough via unpopular split decision. Lopez looked to establish his range early, but ate¬†several¬†big right hands from the much thicker Rossborough. Half way through the opening frame Rossborough timed a Lopez leg kick perfectly and countered with a right hand that dropped the heavyweight champion. For the rest of the round, it appeared Lopez was on rubber legs. For the rest of the fight, Lopez was able to dictate where the fight went, often pressuring Rossborough up against the cage as he delivered good shots to the body. However Rossborough continued to land the bigger shots. With the judges scorecards reading 29-28, 28-29, 30-27 in favor of Lopez, the entire room was wondering what fight one of those judges was watching. Terry Treblicock came over too press row immediately after the fight, blasting the decision and¬†generously¬†announcing that Rossborough was going to get his ‘win’ money as well.

Early on the card, both Joshua Aveles and Jason Walraven won in dominating fashion. Aveles systematically broke down a much stronger opponent Marcus Mowers with blood¬†curdling leg kicks that echoed throughout the hall. After two rounds, Mowers was advised by doctors not to continue due to a obviously injured knee. Jason Walraven took control of Jason Ireland at the bell, utilizing his decided height advantage to land a vicious head kick, that he parlayed into a double leg takedown. Moving in and out of side control Walraven was eventually able to take Ireland’s back with both hooks in, Walraven secured the rear naked choke at 3:13 of the very first round.

Sam Liera 170 lbs contender secured his title shot with a big win over Scott Catlin. After being dropped early, Liera was able to utilize his dominant wrestling to control position clearly winning the first round. As the second frame began Liera was able to secure a single leg takedown, that he eventually worked to back mount. Once there a few left hands flattened out Catlin and the choke was applied. With the victory Liera immediately earns a title shot against David Gomez who completely dismantled Brad Burrick in less than two minutes. Utilizing his excellent wrestling pedigree Gomez was able to end the night, with a quick takedown and some vicious ground and pound that left Burrick near ‘dreamland’. With this impressive win, Gomez has secured himself as one of the promotions pound for pound champions.

With recent UFC fight controversies, and questionable match-ups it was refreshing to see a promotion that designs fights based on rankings and performances. In the UFC things don’t always make sense. Fights are based on popularity, and maybe even network ratings. The King of The Cage promotion in many ways makes more sense, fighters there have different motivations. Most are looking to make a name for themselves, to rise to the larger shows. Others are just trying to stay in the game, to remain relevant in some way. However they all seem to be loyal to Terry Treblicock, and to the promotion as a whole. That loyalty speaks volumes for the integrity of the business. In the vast world of MMA The King of The Cage is making incredible contributions to the sport, and has quietly become one of the most exciting promotions not just nationally, but globally.


REAL COMBAT MEDIA will be covering this event live, from the San Manuel Casino. Featuring several UFC, WEC, and Bellator veterans as well as young rising prospects that are destined for those promotions. King of the Cage has a history of putting on extremely entertaining fights, and will look to continue the trend on Thursday October 25.

Fight Card:

David Gomez (13-5) vs. Brad Burrick (12-11) For Welterweight Title
Johnny Cisneros (6-0) vs. Brandon Hunt (8-4)
Tony Lopez (31-9) vs. Nick Rossborough (20-15)
Scott Catlin (5-6) vs. Sam Liera (6-4)
Joshua Aveles (8-8) vs. Marcus Mowers (2-3)
Vincent Alaalatoa (5-2) vs. Lucas Taber (9-5)
Nick Moghaddam (6-5) vs. Jason Walraven (4-3)
Daniel Hernandez (7-9) vs. Jason Ireland (19-8)

UFC 153 in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

by Jonathan King The Clinch Report


Round 1:¬†On paper, this is the classic match-up, ‘Wrestler vs. Grappler’. Demian Maia aggressively looks to take down Rick Story, who uses his wrestling defense to avoid the takedown, but once elevated, Maia throws him to the ground, landing in mount. Story defends, however Maia secures a neck lock, and applies a tremendous¬†amount¬†of pressure. Story taps ending the fight at 2:30 of the first round.¬†Winner by Submission (neck-crank) Demian Maia 2:30 rd 1.


Round 1: Phil Davis is looking to use his distance and set up his shot, As Wagner Prado stalks. Davis attempts to grab a hold, but Prado shrugs off the attempt. They continue to feel each other out, pawing jabs at one another. Davis in  tight, is able to secure the takedown. Quickly Davis is transitioning to the back.Prado able to return to his feet momentarily before being slammed back to the mat. Davis landing several strikes on the ground. Prado defends with a whizzer, but is again dragged down. More right hands by Davis. Everytime Prado is able to stand, Davis slams him back to the mat. Round one ends with Davis on top. Clearly a decisive first round for Davis.

Round 2: Prado much more cautious of the takedown, as they circle. Davis able to secure a single, off a flying knee attempt and is able to secure yet another takedown. Davis landing decent body shots, as they return to the standing position. Prado lands a nice leg kick. Davis again picking up Prado and slamming him to the canvas. Immediately Davis transitions to side control. Looking to mount, Prado defending somewhat¬†efficiently¬†preventing any mount. Davis looking to secure an arm triangle, Prado escapes and momentarily get back to his feet before being snapped back down by the neck. Davis has the anaconda locked in. Its all over! ¬†Winner by Submission (neck-crank) Phil ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Davis 4:29 rd 2.


Round 1: Silva dancing, Fitch looking more relaxed. Silva almost mocking Fitch as he throws a knee, Ritch grabs hold and takes him down. Do not¬†underestimate¬†Jon Fitch. Fitch looking to secure both hooks, is landing punches from the back. Back to the feet, Fitch is looking secure a standing arm¬†triangle¬† Silva breaks the hold, and escapes. Looking to strike, Silva lands a huge right hand, and pushes Fitch back to the fence. Silva lands a good elbow, as they¬†separate. Silva fighting like a arrogant karate fighter, hands down. Fitch secures a hold, and is able to once again takedown the brash youngster. Back standing Fitch grinding along the cage, is landing decent rights. Fitch transitions to the back, and is able to secure one hook as the round ends. Somebody in Silva’s corner better tell him to knock off the nonsense. It cost him the round!

Round 2: Silva again dropping his hands throws a spinning backfist, that Fitch ducks under and counters with a nasty uppercut. Big shot from Silva, and Fitch is down. Silva secures the back, and reigns down big shots, as Fitch returns to his feet. Once again both fighters trade strikes, with Fitch landing a nice knee to the body. Fitch bullies Silva to the fence, and begins to grind again. Looking to drop down, Fitch eats a Silva elbow. Silva reverses, and takes down Fitch. Securing the back Silva looks to secure the choke. Fitch is in deep trouble as the choke looks deep. Fitch is able to separate the hands, and appears safe for the moment. Fitch looking to sweep, and he does. Fitch takes the top and is landing. Fitch quickly transitions to the back, and secures an armbar. Silva escapes as time elapses. Great round!

Round 3: Silva looks exhausted as the round begins. Fitch takes Silva down again. Landing at will Fitch is¬†pummeling¬†the youngster, once again taking the back. Silva is eating several shots. Silva is in tough spot, but is able to escape. Now Silva secures an arm in¬†guillotine. Fitch gives the thumbs up, and breaks the hold. Fitch again takes Silva’s back. And is relentlessly landing shots. Digging to the body, Fitch is looking to continue the punishment. Both hooks in, he flattens out Silva, and is battering his head. Now¬†to the¬†mount, Fitch is pounding Silva. Now landing elbows! Silva is being beat senseless. Silva escapes, but time runs out. Erick Silva is not as cocky as he was before the fight. Jon Fitch looked amazing!¬†Winner via unanimous decision Jon Fitch


Round 1: Two heavy handed Brazilians are ready to go to war in front of their hometown crowd. Big left hook by Teixeira drops Maldonado. Glover transitions to the mount and lands big elbows. The ref is looking in, as more elbows come. Maldonado is looking to escape, but Teixeira keeps the mount and lands again. Huge left hands, and Maldonado is able to take them. More elbows from the mount. Maldonado is a bloddy mess, looking to escape he gives up an arm. Teixeira is looking for the triangle, arm in, and its deep. Maldonado is able to survive, somehow. But more ground and pound is his reward. Glover is dominating, landing more elbows. Vicious ground and pound, but Maldonado gets up. Maldonado lands a big left hook. Teixeira is picking him apart. Big left hook by Maldonado, and another. Teixeira is rocked. The round ends as they clinch. Teixeira is wobbled.

Round 2: Maldonado is a swollen mess, as Teixeira secures another takedown. Quickly Glover is able to transition to the back, however Maldonado shrugs him off and returns to his feet. Maldonado is looking to land that big left hook, but is eating several jabs. Another takedown, into full back mount for Teixeira. Who again softens up Fabio looking for the triangle. More elbow, and Maldonado’s face is looking nothing like it did before the fight. More elbows. Now in side control, Teixeira is visibly exhausted but maintains position. More I.Q. changing elbows from Teixeira. Maldonado is defending well, but still getting busted up. Ref stands them up. Doctor comes in to look at Maldonado. Who lets the fight continue. Back at it after the brief stoppage, Maldonado is still looking to land that one big left hook. Big right hand from Glover, and the round ends. How is Maldonado standing? He came in to Rocky music by the way. OH NO, DOCTOR IN THE CORNER, and the FIGHT IS OVER!¬†Winner via TKO Glover Teixeira rd 2 5:00.


Round 1:¬†The building erupts as Big Nog, enters the arena to ‘Come with Me’ by Puffy Combs and Jimmy Paige. Herman starts with kicks, as Nogueira looks to take him down. Herman wants nothing to do with Big Nog on the ground and quickly stands, and forces Nog too as well. Noguiera catches a leg, and Herman is able to avoid the takedown. Both fighters pawing jabs, looking to set up a big punch. Up¬†against¬†the fence, Nog lands a few big shots, but Herman defends well as the crowd begins to chant. Nice right hand by Herman momentarily backs of Big Nog. More kicks to Noguiera’s surgically repaired arm (the Mir injury). Herman utilizing his Team Quest pedigree to avoid the takedown again. Big Nog lands a one-two combination as the first frame comes to an end.

Round 2: Round two begins the same way round 1 ended, both fighters exchanging ranging jabs. Big shot by Nogueira, and he passes immediately to half guard, as the fight goes to the mat. Big Nog, is looking for a submission. Americana is hooked in, but gives it up for the mount. Herman looking to reverse. Nog takes the back, but is very high. Very close to an armbar for Minotauro. Herman defends with is leg, and Big nog losses the hold. Back to their feet, Herman looks to establish the range, and lands a big takedown. Landing right into Big Nog’s guard. Then stands up, not wanting to stay in Nogueira territory. Both stand as Nogueira opens up with the hands, and lands another takedown. Full mount, again looking to spin into the armbar. Herman defends well. Herman flip, but Nog holds the arm, and thats it. Dave Herman taps. The crowd is going absolutely bonkers. As Dave Herman learns that Jujitsu does in fact work!¬†Winner by Submission (armbar) Antonio Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira rd 2 4:31.


Round 1: An immediate slip by Silva gives, Bonnar the chance to press the fight agaisnt the cage. Looks to secure the single, but drpops the leg and goes to knees. Silva underhooks and grabs plumb, turning the large Bonnar as the seperate. Bonnar again pressing against the cage, Silva seems to have a plan as he stands on the cage, and Bonnar again presses the action. Silva is standing against the cage, for some reason.Bonnar shoot a single again and eats an elbow. Big one two by Bonnar as Silva drops his hands and showboats. Bonnar happy to oblige again lands, as Silva responds with a right hand of his own. Silva now pushes bonnar against the fence and swarms with a vicious knee drops Bonnar. Right hands to the head land as Bonnar turtles up. Ref looks in, its all over folks. Winner by TKO(Knee and Punches) Anderson Silva rd 1 4:40

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Anderson Silva (32-4 MMA, 15-0 UFC) vs. Stephan Bonnar (14-7 MMA, 8-6 UFC) 

As a replacement bout, this fight is very lopsided in most fans eyes. However, Stephan Bonnar is not a piece of cardboard. He will be entering the fight with a considerable size advantage, and of course his notoriously iron clad chin. On the ground Bonnar is more than capable and would actually rival Silva’s pedigree. But let’s be honest, odds are this fight is going to be a standing war. Although giving away considerable size, Silva will maintain an advantage in every single aspect of the stand-up battle. Using his notorious feigns he will lure in the aggressive Bonnar eventually overwhelming the slower larger fighter.

Prediction:Anderson Silva via 2nd RD TKO

Dave Herman (21-4 MMA, 2-1 UFC) vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (33-7-1 MMA, 4-3 UFC)

This us a fight I call the Enigma v The Old Man. Dave Herman, has some of the best athleticism in the¬†weight¬†class, however Herman has yet to put together a consistent effort since joining the UFC. His losses to Roy Nelson and Stefan Struve prove that he is at best at the tail end of the Heavyweight rankings. Its vexing because he should be a lot better than he is! ¬†Coming into Brazil, squaring off with ‘Minotauro’¬†Nogueira will prove to be a mountain he is unable to climb. If Herman can keep the fight standing, he has a small chance, less than a¬†puncher’s¬†chance as Nogueira has better hands. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is an absolute warrior. His history is secure in the sport and although his last fight ended by a kimura that broke his arm, ‘Minotauro’ is still a very dangerous lion.

Prediction: Nogueira via submission Rd 1

Fabio Maldonado (18-5 MMA, 1-2 UFC) vs. Glover Teixeira (18-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC) 

Fabio Maldonado may have the best body punching pedigree in all of the UFC. This guy lifts people off the mat, like something out of a Rocky movie. Maldonado loves to get in tight, and punish the liver with his digging blows. Have lost his last two bouts by decision, Maldonado will be aggressive from the start looking to control the pace early. Glover Teixeira is one of the UFC prodigies. His punching power and aggressiveness are legendary already. Former champions Maurico ‘Shogun’ Rua and Rashad Evans¬†refused short notice fights with Teixeira, even though he has only fought once in the UFC. Trained at the world famous “Pit”, Teixeira has been sparring relentlessly with UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell in¬†preparation¬†for this fight. Could you ask for a better training partner?

Prediction: Teixeira via TKO Rd 2

Jon Fitch (23-4-1 MMA, 13-2-1 UFC)  vs. Erick Silva (14-2 MMA, 2-1 UFC)

In a battle of contrasting styles, this fight depends¬†a lot¬†on who is able to dictate the pace and location of the fight. Erick Silva will have a striking advantage, however his aggressiveness will leave him open to the ‘lay and¬†prey’¬†style of UFC vet Jon Fitch. Fitch has shown time and time again, that he can maintain dominate position for an entire fight. Although not an incredible¬†Greco-Roman wrestler, his MMA wrestling is outstanding. Fitch has grinded down veterans like BJ Penn (draw), Thiago Alves (twice), and Mike Pierce. However it has been almost a year since his last fight. A fight that saw him knocked¬†unconscious¬†in 12 seconds at the hands of Johnny Hendricks. Can Fitch knock off the ring rust, before Silva knocks his chin off? Silva will have to keep the fight standing, and avoid the grappling of Fitch in order to win this fight.

Prediction: Jon Fitch via Unanimous Decision 

Phil Davis (9-1 MMA, 5-1 UFC)  vs. Wagner Prado  (8-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC)

This fight was supposed to happen months ago, however an errant eye poke by Davis caused a premature stoppage that resulted in a no contest. Now fully healed Wagner Prado is ready to display his striking for the first time in the UFC. He will have his hands full with the outstanding wrestling of Phil Davis. Davis is trying to get his name back into the contender mix, in the very congested light heavyweight division. With a significant reach advantage Davis is going to look too set up his shoot, off his jab. If he is able to get Prado to the ground it will be very difficult for him to escape. Davis  has smothered out victories over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and submitted young gun Alexander Gustaffson. Only Rashad Evans has been able to control Davis thus far, a trend that should continue.

Prediction: Davis via 3rd round submission

Demian Maia (16-4 MMA, 10-4 UFC) vs. Rick Story (14-5 MMA, 7-3 UFC)

Not many people have improved in the striking department as well as Damian Maia. The striking will only get more powerful, as he will now be fighting at 170 lbs. His Jiu Jitsu is well known, and with submissions over Chael Sonnen, Nate Quarry, and Ed Herman he is used to fighting larger opponents. There are not many bigger than Rick Story at 170 lbs. As a wrestler, Story has some of the best skills in the division. However at times he seems to loose focus. At one time he was highly touted, now he seems to be one or two losses away from being released. He has not looked impressive in his last three fights, although he won the last by unanimous decision against an outmatched Brock Jardine. Its only a matter of time before this fight goes to the mat.

Prediction: Demian Maia via Unanimous Decision

REAL COmbat Meda’s Jonathan King with UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz at OC Fight Club, Costa Mesa California

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Making a name for yourself in the world of mixed martial arts was much easier during the infancy stages of the sport. Today very talented fighters are left struggling for an opportunity to showcase their skills. At the amateur level, fighters give their all just for a chance to become a professional. Most never make it past the amateur ranks. The very few who do, face extremely difficult odds. In the business of fighting, your foundation is the key to your success.

Roy Englebrecht and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, and UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz are providing that strong foundation for several young fighters in the southern California area. Fight Club MMA is a burgeoning promotion that is full of young professional talent in both Boxing and MMA. They also provide an amateur showcase that gives young fighters the opportunity to compete in an a extremely professional environment.

Set up in an old hangar, this amateur showcase has the look and feel of a professional fight. Awaiting the fighters is a packed house of friends, family members and MMA fans in general. The competition is raw, aggressive at times sloppy, but never boring. As the fighters enter the ring, to catered music, the look and feel of the event surpasses some of the larger professional shows. The motivation is evident with Tito Ortiz looking on, these young martial artists are looking to impress.

The full fight card of 10 bouts featured fighters at several different weight classes. who specialized in several different aspects of the sport. For the most part striking was on display, with several exciting exchanges that had the crowd a buzz. The amateur status of some of the participants was evident, however most of the young fighters appeared to be well trained and in excellent condition.

This is an amazing promotion. The fights are exciting, and the showcase is extremely ‘fighter friendly’ with each fighter receiving an equal push and opportunity to perform under the lights. The OC Fight Club is a great place to¬†separate¬†the gym rats from the prospects.

MMA as a sport has seen the talent pool explode over the years. The days of ‘one trick pony’ champions are over. In order to succeed at the highest level, fighters have to be well versed in all aspects of the sport, not just one. The amateur division is where these skills become honed, and polished. Roy Engelbrecht and Tito Ortiz have provided the opportunity for young fighters to display those skills, on a very grand scale. With promoters like Roy and Tito, the future is looking pretty bright for the future stars of MMA.

Travis Browne (13-0-1 MMA, 4-0-1 UFC) vs. Antonio Silva (16-4 MMA, 0-1 UFC)

Fight Analysis:¬†Travis Browne has emerged in the heavyweight division as a future contender for the UFC¬†championship. His knockout win over fellow contender Stefan Struve has proven that his venom is deadly, and can turn the lights out in a flash. Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva is one of the divisions most intimidating specimens. ¬†Coming of a first round TKO loss to former champion Cain Velasquez, Silva is looking to build on a legacy that already includes victories over Fedor Emelianenko. With both fighters looking to stake a claim in the division, and with the power involved, this fight could be over quickly!

Prediction: With a weight advantage of over 20lbs, Silva should maintain the ability to dictate where the fight goes. However, Browne has the power to throw game planning out the window. After tasting a few punches Silva will likely fall into a slug fest with the faster, more skilled Browne. Browne via 2nd TKO 

Jake Ellenberger (27-6 MMA, 6-2 UFC) vs. Jay Hieron (23-5 MMA, 0-2 UFC)

Fight Analysis: This fight has all the ingredients to be named Fight of the Night. ‘The Juggernaut’ Jake Ellenberger is looking to regain his winning ways, after dropping his last fight to Martin Kampmann. Standing in his way, and searching for his own welterweight status is journeyman welterweight Jay Hieron. ¬†A potent striker Hieron has power in both hands, and also has proven he has the cardio to go the distance. Ellenberger primarily a wrestler, also has knockout power. It took only .53 seconds for him to knockout former Strikeforce champion and former UFC #1 contender Jake Shields.

Prediction:¬†Although Hieron is more technically sound as a striker, he will have to stop the relentless grinding of Ellenberger. Once inside Hieron’s guard Ellenberger should be able to pound out a victory.¬†Ellenberger¬†via unanimous decision

John Dodson (13-5 MMA, 2-0 UFC)  vs. Jussier Formiga (14-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC)

Fight Analysis:¬†John Dodson made a name for himself fighting¬†successfully¬†above weight, in the Ultimate Fighter television series. Now fighting at his natural 125 lbs class, Dodson finds himself fighting on a more level playing field. Known as one of the most athletic fighters ¬†in all of MMA, Dodson will need to rely on that athleticism when he faces of with Jussier Formiga (formerly Silva). A former Shooto Champion, Formiga’s only loss was a close decision to Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall. Making his debut in the UFC, Formiga is going to have to cut of the cage, in order to corner the rapid movement of Dodson. With the winner of this fight in line to face Demetrious Johnson for the title, you can expect an absolute brawl.

Prediction: After an absolute battle, athleticism will prevail as it so often does in the lighter weight classes. Dodson via unanimous decision.

Josh Neer (33-11-1 MMA, 6-7 UFC) vs. Justin Edwards (7-2 MMA, 1-2 UFC)

Fight Analysis: Not many fighters in the welterweight division can absorb the punishment that ‘The Dentist’ Josh Neer has. His fights are usually legendary battles of attrition, Now in his third stint with the UFC Neer is looking to return to his winning ways. After riding a 6 fight win streak, Neer lost by knockout to Mike Pyle in June. Standing in his way is jujitsu fighter Justin Edwards, who ¬†is also coming off a loss at the hands of John Maguire . As part of team Gurgel, Edwards has won by submission 5 times. However, Josh Neer is as slick as anyone in the division when it comes to ground fighting. On his feet, Neer will also maintain a sound advantage.

Prediction:¬†This is a real test for Edwards. However I just don’t see him having more tools than Neer.¬†Neer via 3rd round TKO


Phil “The New York Bad Ass” Baroni is one of the early pioneers in the sport of Mixed MArtial Arts. The Massapequa Long Island native, has fought in some of the biggest stages in the world. Baroni became an immediate fan favorite with his brash style, his¬†unapologetic¬†demeanor, and his vicious¬†aggressiveness. With his legacy assured, and losses piling up many people wondered why Baroni was still fighting at all. ¬†Baroni recently said in our 30 minute interview. “I’m¬†a Pride fighter.”

Below is a few of the questions from our MMA discussion.

JK:You have been fighting since 2000, in some of the biggest shows in the world. Why in your own words do you still compete?

Baroni:”I’m a pride fighter, you know. I fight for money. Records are for DJ’s,¬†Money talks and bullshit walks. But my goal is to win the One FC belt. However, a shiny belt only puts food on the table if you sell it on ebay, at this point in my career money talks.”

JK: You seemed to be a different fighter in your last fight,(win at One FC Debut) do you feel more comfortable fighting under the unified Pride Rules? (with soccer kicks and knees to grounded opponents)

Baroni: “Yeah, I’m a New York street fighter. I’ve been kicking people in the head since I was a little kid! But I play by the rules¬†whatever¬†they are.”

JK: What was the difference between the last fight, and the one before, the one you lost to Holland in Denver?

Baroni: “I have to give a lot of credit to my cornerman, Mike Swick. Everyone before had been telling me to pace myself, and try not to get tired, but Swick told me to be the old Phil Baroni, the guy who comes out guns blazing, and something clicked in my head. At the time I was¬†listening¬†to too many people, my own press¬†clippings, but Swick told me to fight my fight, and thats what I did. He understands me, he was coming off a few losses and a long lay off as well, so he knew where i was at”

JK: The Holland fight was featured on the “Fight Factory” television show. Did having the cameras on you put any added pressure on you? It was a pretty heart wrenching scene with you wife crying after the loss.

Baroni: “The show didn’t show it, but Javier Mendez begged me not to take that fight. I had a few major injuries that hadn’t healed yet, and I took the fight cause i needed the pay day. I should have never taken that fight! I didnt watch that fight, still…I’d rather watch the last one!”

JK: Good segway. How do you feel about Jon Jones not taking the Chael Sonnen fight on short notice?

Baroni: “I would have taken the fight, but look what happened last time, I lost. But, I’m not Jon Jones. I think everyone should get off this kids back. He is the champion, the Boss, what he says goes. Would I have taken the fight, ‘yes’ but who the hell am I? I am not sponsored by Nike, when¬†you’re¬†the champion you get to make those decisions. I don’t think it was his fault the event got cancelled. He is young. In this sport he doesn’t even have hair on his balls yet, is he brash and cocky, ‘yes he is’ but he is the champion, and the champ calls the shots, do you think Don King ever forced Mike Tyson to fight? Tyson would have told King to go fuck himself!”

JK: How has training at AKA changed you as a fighter?

Baroni: “It hasn’t really changed me, but I get to train with the best all the time! Everyone here is a great!”

JK: Did any of the drama between Josh Koscheck and Javier Mendez have any effect on the team?

Baroni: “On me, no. But the team and the trainers yeah it caused a strain. A lot of the fighters were close to Josh, some aren’t. I personally respect the guy, he is a former NCAA champion, and he is super tough…trains his fucking ass off! But business is¬†business¬†and that was it. It disrupted the coaches and managers, but not really the team. at one time Javier and Josh were really close, so there are personal things involved. thats none of my¬†business.”

JK: How did you feel when all of this stuff was airing on television?

Baroni: “Would I have said and done things differently? Maybe I don’t know I got a big fucking mouth too, but yeah maybe some of it was better left off camera.”

JK: How was it having your life documented at every turn?

Baroni: “I’m used to the cameras. I’ve been in this game for a long time, I¬†don’t¬†even pay attention to them.I got nothing to hide.”

JK: What is next for the New York Bad Ass, I saw some rumors that you may be signing with Rey Sefo?

Baroni: “I would love to fight for the One FC belt, but like I said at this point in my career, I have to go where the money is. I have bills to pay, and have to put food on my table!”

JK: Do you have another fight booked?

Baroni: “Not sure what is next. I feel great.¬†I’m¬†in great shape. Old injuries, I¬†don’t¬†make excuses, everyone fights injured but I had some old injuries finally heal, and working at AKA i have learned more in the last six months than I have my entire career. I get to wrestle with Daniel Cormier all the time, I feel great. Feel like I could jump right into the NCAA’s and do great.

JK: What can Phil Baroni fans expect to see in your next fight?

Baroni: “You’re¬†gonna see the same as the last fight.¬†I’m¬†gonna come out guns blazing, looking to finish in the first round. If you can get passed it, hats off¬†to¬†you. I used to train with the Team Quest guys a little (Matt Lindland, Dan Henderson) Like those guys and Randy Couture,¬†I’m¬†getting better as I get older. Physically I am just as strong as ever, and technically I’m faster. ”

JK: When you do decide to hang up the gloves, do you see yourself still part of the fight game in another capacity? Or will you do something else completely.

Baroni: “I love the game man, after fighting I’ll be involved somehow.”

Interview note: I would like to thank Mr Baroni for¬†taking¬†the time to speak with me. We will keep the post updated with any Phil Baroni Information and fight announcements. You can also follow “The New York Bad Ass” on twitter @philbaroni