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By: The Clinch Report

Spar Star MMA once again is live from the Hollywood Park Casino in Inglewood California. Tonight Farren Romero is set to defend her 135 lbs title against a very game Paola Ramirez.  Also featured as the co main event, Jonell Kimbrough (who is no stranger to the Spar Star cage) will take on Leo Imai in a 145 lbs contest.

Victor Rivera vs. Patrick Fernandez 3×2 Rds 140 lbs

Rd 1: Nice take down from Fernandez, Rivera ties him up in the guard. Larry Landless stands them up. Rivera lands with a few nice punches but Fernandez again takes him down with ease. Round comes to an end with Rivera on his back. 10-9 on our card for Fernandez.

Rd 2: Rivera very busy with the hands but not many land.Fernandez instigates the clinch but receives better than he gives and he lets it go. Fernandez looking for the hip toss, but Rivera reverses position. Leg trip from Fernandez puts Rivera again on his back. Fernandez in on another take down, but the bell rings before he can finish. 10-9 again for Fernandez.

Rd 3: Rivera touches with a 3 punch combination but Fernandez is no worse for the ware. Immediatly Fernandez gets another take down. Rivera looking to sweep to his back, but he is very high on the shoulders. Inverted triangle of sorts, body shots from Rivera who is looking for the armbar.  The round and the fight come to an end with Rivera taking that round on our card. we have it 29-28 for Fernandez.

Winner Via Split Decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 Victor Rivera

Daniel Yeh vs Wilber Gonzalez 3×2 Rds 145 lbs

Rd 1: Yeh immediately gets the take down but Gonzalez pops right back up and gets busy with his hands. Nice upper cuts from Gonzalez in tight. Nice take down from Gonzalez from the body lock. Now draped on Yeh’s back Gonzalez softening him up with strikes. Yeh back to his feet but more strikes from Gonzalez are his reward. Round ends. 10-9 Wilber Gonzalez

Rd 2: Yeh seems tired and Gonzalez gets him down rather quickly elevating nicely before dropping him on his back. Back to the feet for a body kick before another take down scores for Gonzalez. Quick transition to the back from Gonzalez Yeh is in all sorts of trouble. Round comes to an end before the choke could be finished.  10-9 Gonzalez

Rd 3: yeh with a take down, but Gonzalez looks up a triangle forcing him to stand up.  Both fighters throwing, but a caught kick puts Yeh on his back yet again. Nice pressure from Gonzalez who appears to have an anaconda choke in deep. Yeh appears to be ok, 10 seconds left Gonzalez really cranking but the round and the fight come a close! 10 -9 Gonzalez 30-27 Gonzalez

Winner Via Unanimous Decision 30-27 Wilber Gonzalez

Trey Branch vs James Pace 3×2 Rds 145 lbs

Rd 1: Nice kick from Branch but it is {ace who gets the take down. Beautiful transtion to the arm bar, but Branch rolls out and again and again. This time he rolled right into the triangle and that is that!

Winner :45 Rd 1 Via Submission Triangle James Pace 

Eugene Cacho vs Michael Braun 3×2 Rds 175 lbs

Rd 1: Braun with a very wide karate stance. Cacho charges forward and takes him down. Cacho in side control> Nice left from Cacho as Braun looks to get back to his feet. North South position for Cacho who lands to the body with the left. Braun back to his feet only to get back suplexed. Cacho achieves mount before the round ends. 10-9 Cacho

Rd 2: Nice jab from Braun, as Cacho swings and misses. Both fighters in the center as a right hand from Braun backs up Cacho. Cacho reverse and again looks to bring the fight down. Braun defending well, but no offense yet. Cacho digs deep and gets the take down from Braun’s hips. Nice right hand from Cacho as the round ends. 10-9 Cacho

Rd 3: Braun shwing some urgency Much busier with the strikes. Cacho ducks under a punch and again gets the big slam. Cacho in side control now, Braun seems frustrated. Nice knee to the back from Cacho. Cacho steps over looking for a choke to finish, but the scrammble ends the round and the fight. 10-9 Cacho 30-27 Cacho

Winner Via UD 30-27 29-28 29-28 Eugene Cacho

Carlos Ojeda vs Santiago Diaz 3×2 Rds 235 lbs

Rd 1: All Diaz from the opening bell, Leg kicks Stagger Ojeda. Nice take down from Diaz. Now looking to take his back Diaz softening up Ojeda to the body. Diaz looking for the choke but the round comes to an end right as Diaz established the mount. 10-9 Diaz

Rd 2: Diaz starts off where he finished off, with a nasty leg kick. Ojeda on his bicycle he seems hurt. Diaz can’t seem to finish him. They go to the ground. Nasty ground and pound from Diaz has inspired a leak. The referee moves in to get a better look, and that is all he need.

Winner VIA TKO Santiago Diaz 

Victor Hernandez vs Victor Pages 3×2 Rds 125 lbs

Rd 1: Trading leg kicks start the fight with Hernandez winning that battle. Pages shoots and gets the take down against the cage. Hernandez closes his guard as Pages looks to posture, however Ref Larry Landless stands them up. Dueling leg kicks again as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Pages.

Rd 2: Pages starts out eating another leg kick, Again looking for the take down, however Hernandez works off the cage to space. Huge head kick clips Pages and he is on queer street. More ground and pound from Hernandez is academic at this point.

Winner VIA TKO Victor Hernandez

Christopher Giddens vs Carlos Chavez 3×2 Rds 165 lbs

In a back and forth war, we had Carlos winning rounds 1 and 2, but dropping the third to Giddens who controlled the pace and location of the entire frame. We score the round for Giddens but the fight for Chavez 29-28

Winner VIA Split Decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29 Carlos Chavez

David Lopez vs Kevin Widdoes 3×2 Rds 155 lbs


Chris Hansen vs Javel McKenzie 3×2 Rds 125 lbs

Rd 1: Second Fight of our 125 lbs tournament underway. Hansen starts with the leg kick. McKenzie maintains the center of the cage. Trip attempt from Hansen has McKenzie backed up but he reverse position. Now McKenzie flirts with the level change but the ref pulls them apart. Hansen steams forward looking for another take down attempt but McKenzie stuffs it and the round comes to an end. Even round on our cards. 10-10

Rd 2: McKenzie moves forward with the jabs but Hansen able to get him on his back. McKenzie doing well to control Hansen’s posture. The Referee stands them back up.  Nice right hand from McKenzie, a quick scramble finds both on the mat. McKenzie looks to take the back but falls into Hansen’s guard. Hansen finishes the round in McKenzie’s guard. Another very close round. We have another 10-10

Rd 3: This round will tell the final story. McKenzie with a nice left hook but Hansen ties him up. McKenzie sprawls away momentarily but tenaciously Hansen gaets him on his back. McKenzie looks for the triangle but has it on the wrong side. Now he has it deep and he secures the tap late in the final round of a very close fight!

Winner VIA Submission  Triangle Choke Rd 3 Javel McKenzie

Jonell Kimbrough vs Leo Imai 3×2 Rds 145 lbs

Rd 1: Co Main Event Time! Two gentlemen that are no strangers to the Spar Star Cage! Both fighters step to the center of the cage for last minute instructions from Larry Landless. Here we go! Nice leg kick from Imai. Kimbrough in on a take down but Imai keeps it standing. Scramble fins Imai in the side control. Knee on belly for Imai but Kimbrough is back to his feet. Imai dives in on straight leg lock. he is keeping but cant seem to finish the hold. Kimbrough lands to the body in an attempt to break the hold. Both fighters stand as the round comes to a close. Close first round but we have it 10-9 Imai.

Rd 2: Imai misses with a leg kick but able to get Kimbrough down. Looking to transition, Imai is like a spider crawling up a water spout. Back to side control, for a moment and now the back. Kimbrough sweeps for a second only to lose position again. Imai spins for the arm bar and its close. He finishes the fight with a deep arm bar. Kimbrough tried to fight through it but eventually it was too much.


Paola Ramirez vs Farren Romero 3×2 Rds 135 lbs

Rd 1: Paola Ramirez is for real and she is not messing around. Both fighters give and receive, but Ramirez scores with the most damage. Big right hand inspires Romero leak. 10-9 for the challenger

Rd 2: Romero instigates the action as the frame starts but eats a nice straight right hand from Ramirez. She is hurt, Ramirez gets the take down but Romero back to her feet as she takes more damage. The separate but again Ramirez lands and Romero is on her bicycle. More unanswered shot get the referees attention and when Romero turns away he stops the fight!

Winner and New 135 lbs Spar Star Champion Paola Ramirez.

Mark Perez vs Ronnie Mugica 3×2 Rds 155 lbs

Rd 1:Both fighters clinch but Mugica lands an upper cut that drops Perez momentarily. Now back to their feet Perez lands low prompting the stoppage from the Referee. Nice left from Mugica on the re start has Perez falling all over himself and the cage. HUGE Upper cuts in succesion drop Perez again he is covering up and the referee steps in to save him Another electric Highlight Reel win from Ronnie Mugica…

Winner VIA TKO Ronnie Mugica Rd 2

Cody Halleman vs Antonio Vazquez  3×2 Rds 145 lbs

Results: Winner VIA Submission Antonio Vazquez Rd 2

Julian Capucetti vs Michael Reyes 3×2 Rds 1885 lbs

SS MARCH 28 2015 BACK4x6 copy (1)

By: Jonathan M. King

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Bob Fisher

Maybe its not the Coliseum in Rome, or even the Forum across the parking lot but there is something epic about the Hollywood Park Race way and Casino. In its hey day the venue was a crown jewel of the elite, and the regular stomping grounds of the famed ‘Rat Pack’. The halls echo with memories, but what haunts me is the specter of whats to come.  The last race went off a little over a year ago, however the venue has stayed active in many ways.

For years the Casino and Racetrack have been the home base of Spar Star MMA. Like the Coliseum in Rome, gladiators made their bones here. Like the Forum across the street, Champions were made here! Soon it will all be just  a memory. Slowly piece by piece, the buildings add to the memories as they disappear, but until then the fists will fly.

March 28th will be our second to last show at this venue. If you have never been to a Spar Star Event, ask someone who has and you will find out quickly what you are missing. With only to shows left, the matchmaker and promoter are planning to go out with bang, so make sure you get tickets.

The Saturday show will feature the return of Spar Star MMA 135lbs Champion Farren Romero. Romero will put her belt on the line against fellow undefeated prospect Paola Ramirez. The co main event is equally exciting featuring Spar Star fan favorites Leo Imai and Jonell Kimbrough who will clash in a 145 lbs battle. Also featured on the main card: Mark Perez is scheduled to take on the always entertaining Ronnie Mugica, and Cody Halleman will square off with Antonio Vazquez.

Tickets May Still be Available Contact one of the Fighters on the Card!

Also Scheduled Are:

Chris Hansen vs Javel McKenzie

Christopher Giddens vs. Carlos Chavez

Carlos Ojeda vs. Santiago Diaz

Julian Capucetti vs. Michael Reyes

Victor Hernandez vs. Victor Pages

Eugene Cacho vs Michael Braun

Daniel Yeh vs. Wilbur Gonzalez

Rogelio Juan vs. Justin Morgan

Victor Rivera vs. Patrick Fernandez

Avedis Terzian vs. Jose Lopez

David Lopez vs. Jesse Ehrlich

James Pace vs. Trey Branch


Below find our gallery of Spar Star MMA’s Past. Photos courtesy of John Walsh The Clinch Report and Bob Fisher Pugilpix