A Warriors Farewell. Rest In Peace Champ! Joe Frazier

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Combat Sports
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He may have been best known as Mohammed Ali’s arch nemesis, and greatest competition. To boxing fans the world over, he was more than that, Joe Frazier was the man who walked softly, and carried a big right hand! His always moving forward style, was very easy to appreciate. He was in a sense, “The Working Mans” champion, during the time of the flamboyant Ali.

My favorite story about Smoking Joe, is how he helped Ali financially during his exile from the sport for dodging the draft. Never had any fighter been mocked in the press to the extent of Frazier, at the hands of Ali. Still, when hard times came for Ali, ‘Smoking’ Joe was there to help.

Joe Frazier will forever be remembered as a warrior. Fighters come and go, so do titles. However, long after the lights had faded, and the crowd silenced; long after the strap found another waist to rest on. Frazier still stood, alone in the empty ring of honor. At one time he was the Champion of the World, but in life, he never relinquished that title!

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