World Series of Fighting 4: DeAnda v Spong

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Combat Sports

Preliminary card

Isaac Gutierrez (6-3)) vs. Victor Valenzuela (12-6-2)

Rd1: Gutierrez starts with the jab. Big left hand lands for Gutierrez and Valenzuela gets in one of his own. Nice combo from Valenzuela as he presses the fight against the cage, but Gutierrez lands with some nice knees from the Thai clinch. Nice hook to the body from Victor, Big right hand from Gutierrez lands on the top of Valenzuela’s head and he is down. Back to his feet but he is wobbled. Looks like he will survive as Gutierrez lets him off the hook. Nice take down from Gutierrez as Valenzuela closes the guard, then wall walks back to his feet. A starching left from Valenzuela lands as the round ends. We have Gutierrez 10-9

Rd2: Both fighters landing single shots. Gutierrez the busier of the two. But Valenzuela lands a big liver shot and floors his opponent. Valenzuela now looking to land big shots from the back. He only has one hook in, but Gutierrez is just covering up. Both hooks in and the choke looks deep. That is it.

Winner: Victor Valenzuela via RNC Rd 2 2:12

Jared Papazian (15-10) vs. John Robles (7-1)

Rd1: Two California natives are ready to square off, with referee Mike Bell in charge of the action. Long feeling out process is halted by a Robles right that finds a home. Papazian lands a stiff left right, but then eats a liver kick. Snapping leg kick delivered by Papazian. Nice hook combination from Papazian as Robles smiles. Robles misses with the high kick, and the follow up right hand. Papazian again lands with the right hand. Nice combo from Robles puts Papazian down momentarily, by here comes Papazian landing a lunging left hand. Both fighters picking up the intensity as the round nears a close. 10-9 Robles

Rd2: Nice leg kick off the jab by Papazian, then catches a kick from Robles and puts him on his back. Papazian working from Robles’s open guard. Papazian dives past an up kick to again find side control. Robles appears to be attacking an arm, but lets it go. Papazian postures then collapses in side control again. Papazian again maneuvers Robles out of the way and takes his back, but Robles escapes back to his feet. Nice combination from Papazian. Robles now stalking, but can’t seem to land. Nice straight left and right from Papazian wake up the crowd. Round ends with Papazian edging out Robles 10-9

Rd3: Papzian again starts with the leg kicks and they shutter Robles. Nice kick to the ribs by Papazian, but Robles counters with a straight right hand. Nice three punch combination from Papazian. Both fighters firing, with Papazian getting the best of the exchange, Lead left hook from Papazian followed by a three punch combination get Robles Attention.  Then he is rocked again with another big right hand from Papazian. Both fighters in the middle of the cafe throwing bombs Papazian won that exchange, the round and the fight! 10-9 Papazian.

Winner: Jared Papazian via UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Antonio McKee (28-5-2) vs. Lewis Gonzalez (8-0)

Rd1: Mckee paws with a hook that touches GOnzalez. Gonzales then presses forward and engages the clinch. Both fighters jockeying for position with Gonzalez maintaining the dominance. McKee goes for the double leg, but Gonzalez pummels under well. McKee now able to take top position and lands some softening elbows.  Now Gonzalez is in trouble McKee has both hooks in and the choke looks deep. McKee lets it go for the moment  to engage the hands. Again McKee attacks the neck, and again Gonzalez defends. Now sitting up Gonzalez looks for some back elbows, but McKee again brings him down, nice sweep from Gonzalez who is now on top. Round ends. 10-9 McKee because of the submission attempts!

Rd2: Nice body shot from Gonzalez forces McKee to shoot, but now Gonzalez is the one attacking the neck. McKee rolls through, but Gonzalez still has the arm in choke on his mind.  Gonzalez lets it fo and starts to utilize punches. McKee trying to pull guard again gives away positioning. More elbows from the cross side position. McKee doing his best to cover up, now Gonzalez elbows the body. The round comes to an end. Gonzalez 10-9

Rd3:McKee ducts under and again Gonzalez smothers him to the mat. Ref calls a stoppage as Gonzalez lands an elbow to the back of the head of McKee. Doctor is in the cage, an he calls the fight.

Winner: Lewis Gonzalez Via UD (Judges cards after the accidental foul)

Jorge Santiago (25-11) vs. Gerald Harris (21-5)

Rd1: Santiago starts off showing the jab, but not landing it. Harris looks for an opening. Harris triples up on the jab. Santiago with a high kick, and hook that follows, but Harris walsk through it. Harris throwing and landing with the right hand. Harris ducks under for a take down, but Santiago walks back to the cage to neutralize. Harris still going for the take down, Santiago leapt up to grab a triangle but grabbed the cage in the process. Mike Bell trying to stop the action, but Harris slams him down. Confusion in the cage. 1 Point deduction for Santiago holding the cage. 10-8 Harris

Rd2: Nice leg kick from Santiago starts the round. High kick follows. Santiago kicks Harris lead leg out from under him, but some how he lands on top and in Santiago’s guard. Jorge doing a great job of keeping Harris’s hands under control. Santiago looking for an arm bar but Harris postures free. Again Santiago looks for the arm, but Harris is able to violently escape with punches. Santiago rolls and again attacks the left arm. Harris now works from the half guard of Santiago. Some nice ground and pound from Harris.  10-9 Harris

Rd3: Harris shows the jab often, looking to establish range. Again Santiago drops him with a leg kick and now Jorge is on top. Harris back to his feet. Santiago lands a nice knee into the chest of Harris. Harris looks for the slam, but Santiago breaks free and another knee to the chest as Harris is back to his feet. Harris shoots, and Santiago looks for the neck. Front chancery by Santiago keeps Harris sitting on his heels. Both fighters back up. Single leg by Harris, but he eats a nicely timed back fist. Harris again dives in for the single leg, Santiago responds with hammer fists, and Harris relents. Harris ducks under a jab and attempts another take down, Jorge sprawls well and they are back up! Harris again shoots, each time with less emphasis on completing. High kick from Santiago barely lands at the bell. 10-9 Santiago but Harris has the fight!

Winner: Gerald Harris UD 

Main Card:

Tyson Griffin (16-6) vs. JZ Cavalcante (17-7-1)

Rd1: Front kick from Griffin lands. Calvacante lands a left hand as he circles off. Head kick from Griffin fins nothing but air. Calvacante walks through a left hand to press Griffin against the cage and grind begins. But Griffin lands a left to get free. Nice left hand from JZ does damage. Calvacante switches back n forth from orthodox to southpaw. Both fighters missing with heavy leather. Calvacante starting to get busier with the hands. Griffin looks for a take down but gives up. Griffin scores a take down at the end of the round, and there is some action after the bell as both fighters are separated. 10-9 Calvacante

Rd2: Action picks up from the bell, with JZ  setting the tone with his hands. Now Calvacante is able to drag Griffin to the mat. Knees in side control land to the body of Griffin. Referee stops the action and stands them up! Lead left lands nicely for Calvacante. Griffin now pressing JZ into the cage. Nice left hand on the break from Calvacante finds its markm but Griffin responds in bulk. Both fighters swinging for the fences.  Counter right hand from Calvacante lands followed by the left. JZ landing with more frequency now, as Griffin circles to his right. 10-9 Calvacante

Rd3: Griffin starts out with urgency but Calvacante scores with the take down. Calvacante passes nicely and is able to take the back. Calvacante lands a few ground and poud strikes, and th referee stops the fight. Premature stoppage for sure. After a second look, the ref was correct in the stoppage.

Winner: JZ Calvacante via TKO (strikes) rd 3 1:37

Rd1: Huckaba starts with a leg kick. Sefo kicks high. Huckaba moving well. Leg kicks from the CEO. Spinning back fist from Sefo makes some noise. Big left hand from Sefo rocks Huckaba. Nice jab leg kick combination from Sefo. Huckaba holding the clinch well and pressing his boss against the cage. Inside trip from Huckaba back fires and Sefo ends up on top. Ground and pound from the side position. Now looking for a crucifix, but the round ends. 10-9 Sefo

Rd2: Spinning heel kick from Sefo finds Huckaba’s liver. He seems ok though. High kick lands for Sefo and Huckaba lets go, so does Sefo both guys throwing bombs. Huckaba looks for the take down but Sefo stuffs the attempt. Low blow by Huckaba prompts a stoppage, but here we go. Huckaba landing more often now, but Sefo returns fire with a leg kick. Nice right hand from Huckaba, and again. Inside elbows from Huckaba making a mess of Sefo. Trip attempt again by Huckaba falls short, as Sefo starts firing. Big lead left hook from Sefo. Chopping leg kick from Sefo. Head kick misses by Sefo and Huckaba swarms, big punches from Huckaba, Sefo is rocked. Referee Mike Bell looks in and warns Sefo, but that is the end of the fight!

Winner: Dave Huckaba via TKO (Strikes) rd 2 4:37

Nick Newell (9-0) vs. Keon Caldwell (9-1)

High kick from Newell misses, Caldwell moving well. Newell has a leg, but Caldwell falls on top. Newell scrambbles to his feet and scores the take down. Good job by Newell preventing Caldwell from standing up. Outside trip from Newell, but Caldwell back to his feet. Body kick from Newell. Newell ducks under a Caldwell right and again scores with the take down. Newell has a choke, and Caldwell taps.

Winner: Nick Newell via guillotine Rd 1

Marlon Moraes (10-4-1) vs. Brandon Hempleman (9-1)

Rd1: Hempleman starts with leg kicks to establish the range, but Moraes hand speed is evident early. Nice right hand counter by Hempleman. Right hand counter by Moraes. Hempleman bleeding already from the nose. Leg kicks from Moraes, then a high kick. Moraes catches Hempleman with a right, and drops him. Ground and pound for a moment, before he is tied up into Hempleman’s guard. Hempleman is leaking badly. Moraes still in control. Ref calls for a stand up. Doctor looks at the cut and he is allowed to continue. Hempleman looks active despite the mess Moraes has made of his face. Rd 1 Moraes 10-9

Rd2: Hempleman slipping on his own blood. Long feeling out process, due to the slippery canvas. Leg kick drops Hempleman, and he immediately closes the guard. Moraes presses Hempleman into the cage. Ref wants a stand up. Hempleman points to Bas Rutten for acknowledgement. Again a bloody mess, Hempleman appears unfazed. Vicious leg kick hobbles Hempleman badly. He cannot put any weight on the front leg, and Moraes smells it. But for some reason he stops attacking the lg, and Hempleman will get out of the round. 10-9 Moraes.

Rd3: Moraes avoids the head kick and goes right back to chopping at Hempleman’s leg. Nice combination from Hempleman, but Moraes answers. Hempleman moving much better now, and landing with kicks of his own. Nice counter right from Moraes catches Hempleman diving in. Moraes with another crowd pleasing right hand.Now Hempleman is the aggressor with Moraes circling off. Late heel hook attempt by Moraes fails as the round ends. 10-9 Moraes

Winner: Marlon Moraes via UD

Tyrone Spong (1-0) vs. Angel DeAnda (11-2)

Rd1: Both fighters trying to figure the other out. Not much action to start. Kick by Spong is countered beautifully by DeAnda who scores with a knockdown. Spong up quickly. Dirty boxing by DeAnda also scores. Spng with a nice leg kick. And another one, this one was deep on the knee. DeAnda countering well, but Spong starting to throw more. Spongs leg kicks are other worldly, each one sounds worse than the last. DeAnda still hanging tough lands with a left hook and a right, but Spong also lands dropping DeAnda for an moment.  DeAnda charege with a one, two and finishes with a leg kick of his own, but it is not enough. 10-9 Spong

Rd2: Nice inner thigh leg kick stuns DeAnda and then Spong lands high with a kick. DeAnda still hanging. Nice knee from Spong. DeAnda returning fire with more intensity now. Spong does a nice job of avoiding the take down. Angel now lands with a heavy right hand, but eats another leg kick, then one to the body. More blstering leg kicks from Spong. DeAnda forces the clinch, but Spong is free. Spong now landing more freely with the hands. DeAnda appears to be fading. Round ends 10-9 Spong

Rd3: Spong again delivers a leg kick that drops DeAnda for a second. Then lands another. Now he switches to the inside leg, and drips him again. DeAnda is buckling with each kick. DeAnda landing a little more now with the hands, as Spongs attacks have slowed. Nice right hand from DeAnda is countered by a well placed leg kick. Both fighters land, Spong again attacks the leg. Spong misses with the front kick.

Winner: Tyrone Spong via UD

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