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DSC_7856By: Jonathan M. King The Clinch Report

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Joshua ‘El Rey’ Aveles once again defended his 160lbs crown by knocking out Sam Liera in the second round of their title fight. Aveles currently sits atop the 160 and 170lbs divisions, and with another highlight finish, should be on his way to the UFC. Winner of 10 of his last 12 fights, Aveles seems to be heading down to the 155 lbs division, where his powerful punches will certainly inspire nightmares.

Daniel ‘El Leon’ Hernandez also earned a strap, as he defeated Brandon Hunt to earn the 185 lbs title that former champion Sean Strickland vacated when he signed with the UFC. Hernandez possesses a strong wrestling base with I.Q. changing ground and pound. Now a title holder, Hernandez is 5-1 in his last 6 fights, and will be looking to take on all comers in the 185lbs division.

Congratulations to two champions who have grown tremendously as fighters inside and outside of the cage.



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By: Jonathan M. King The Clinch Report

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

At the end of the day the sun sets. “Time waits for no man” my teacher Mr Procacinni used to say. As an athlete your window of opportunity is limited. As a fighter, that window is even smaller.

At 40 years old Tony Lopez(34-14 MMA) should be looking back at his career with a margarita in one hand and his lovely wife in the other. Time would have you believe his best days were behind him, and maybe they are, but make no mistake Tony Lopez is not done fighting. He is motivated again, and that makes him a very dangerous animal.

More often than not hindsight is very cruel to the older fighter. Hanging on too long leaves bitter memories that are hard to shake away. Those cautionary tales are usually punctuated with a once granite chin now fractured. Guys like Chuck Liddell who once took a freight train to the jaw, now crumbled as if a button had been pushed.

You can’t paint Lopez with that brush though. Sure he has lost a few fights and those fights are the reason he is still lacing them up. “I have really messed up my career with the last few fights, and now I want to put together a win streak and end on a high note.” Lopez said. Refreshingly honest from a man who at one time was a fighter no one wanted to face.

At 6’5 and near 225 lbs, Lopez has fought in pretty much every weight class between 185 and super heavyweight. His fantastic stand-up, defensive wrestling, and iron jaw made him a nightmare of a prospect for even the most seasoned opponent. Lopez at one time held three King of The Cage Titles concurrently (Super Heavyweight, Heavyweight, and Light Heavyweight),  and has notable wins over UFC veterans Wes Combs, Kyle Kingsbury, Darril Schoonover, and Joey Beltran.

For Lopez his career is coming full circle. Now back with his original coach Colin Oyama, Lopez has his weight where he wants it to be, and appears to be in prime form. In his way is heavy-handed striker Chase Gormely.

Gormley is hungry and looking to get back to the UFC. A win over Tony Lopez would certainly be a feather in his cap. However Lopez is not ready to be a stepping stone, and if Gormely is gonna add his name to the win column he is certainly going to have to earn it.

“I know Chase, he is going to come out and bring the pressure from the start.” Lopez said. “He is gonna try to get me against the fence or take me down, so I have to remember not to give up good positions, and it should be my fight all the way”

For Lopez the chance to right the ship in his own back yard is priceless. His last fight in California although a victory was marred with controversy, when Lopez held a choke too long after the referee tried to stop the fight. A contrite Lopez accepted his suspension, paid his fine and re-applied for a license, which he was granted.

With his past transgression as his only blemish in a otherwise amazing career Lopez deserves this shot at redemption. A measured redemption. One not rewarded with gold belts, but with the honor and dignity that a warrior like Tony Lopez deserves. Who knows when his fighting days will end? He already has another fight lined up in Hawaii after this bout. With his chin intact, and his ticket selling striking style, Tony Lopez will continue.

Warriors like Tony Lopez don’t fade away into obscurity, they ride off into the sunset, of their own accord!


Tony would like to thank his wife, whom he credits as both his inspiration and his motivation.


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By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Inside the confines o f a steel cage, anything can, and often does happen. Knockouts appear out of no where, submissions transition with blinding speed, and many times the impossible happens. When the cage door closes, all talk and hype is removed and all that is left is the purity of two combatants. Two fighters entered the King of The Cage last night. One left with the belt, the other left disappointed; however everyone else bore witness to an amazing fight.

Former King of The Cage welterweight Champion Joshua ‘El Rey’ Aveles has been on the bottom before. Loss is something that Aveles not only understands, but he literally wears it. On his arm is a tattoo that pays tribute to his brother Stephen who passed away a few years ago. The loss is something that clearly still festers, like an open wound that just wont heal.

The loss of his brother devastated Joshua, but that devastation soon transformed into motivation. Aveles rededicated himself to his craft, and began training full time with renewed inspiration. Then a funny thing happened. He started winning! After losing 7 of his first 10 fights (mostly by decision except for 1 stoppage), Aveles rattled of 10 wins in 12 total fights.

During that span he KO’d 185 lbs stalwart Johnny Cisneros, and also knocked out Sam Liera to capture the KOTC welterweight title. Then Aveles ran into David Gomez for the first time. Gomez the former champion was looking to regain his title, and did so by squeaking out a highly controversial split decision win in April.

Aveles then defeated Carlos Ortega by decision last month, solidifying his #1 contender spot, and setting up the rematch: “Gomez v Aveles II”, which did not disappoint.

Much like the first fight, David Gomez utilized his superior wrestling to control the smaller Aveles for most of the fight. Gomez was able to take his opponent down at will, however once there he had problems landing any effective strikes. A credit to Aveles jujitsu game. Using his closed guard, Aveles was able to stifle the attacks of Gomez, prompting several stand ups form referee Mike Beltran.

At the end of the third round, Aveles was able to rock the champion with a combination to the body. However again, Gomez grabbed a hold of Aveles and was able to finish the round pressing Aveles into the fence.

When the fourth round started Gomez appeared to be fading. He looked for a take down, but unlike every earlier attempt, Aveles was able to avoid the shot, and kept the fight standing. Then he landed a cirrhosis inducing liver shot, followed by an I.Q. changing uppercut that left  Gomez asleep, supine, and once again a former champion.

For Aveles the celebration will be a short one. His next challenger has been named and was on hand to watch the title change hands. Josh Hinkle will be the next to challenge for the belt in October. For Aveles, though the win is another slap in the face of those who doubt him. A group that after last nights nasty KO, will most certainly be dwindling in numbers.


King of The Cage: Validation San Manuel Indian Casino and Bingo

#1 Matt Ruiz v Daylin Murray 205 lbs

Rd1: Both fighters feeling each other out. Murray misses with a head kick.  Shot by Ruiz, is stuffed as he pushes Murray against the cage! Ruiz still looking for the take down, as Murray pommels and looks for the under hooks. Ruiz able to secure the take down. Ruiz looks for a Kimura, but Murray counters beautifully with one of his own. Winner: Daylin Murray via Kimura/Americana 2:47 rd 1.

Victor Henry v Kevin Michel 135 lbs

Rd1: Mike Beltran calling the action. Henry landing with kicks up the middle. big knee and Head kick also land for Henry. Michel stalking, as Henry stays busy with the feet. Another head kick lands for Henry. Michel lets his hands go landing a three punch combo before being chased back with kicks again. Michel lands a great counter right hand, followed by a vicious left. Henry, comes back pressing the action, and scoring a take down. Working from Side control, and then mount Henry postures, but Michel escapes back to his feet. Both fighters landing nice leg kicks, before Henry agains scores the take down. Now in side control, Michel looking to control the hands of Henry, as he continues to work for mount, and he has it. Nice sweep by Michel brings the fight back to the feet. Again Henry looking for the take down. Michel lands a big right hand,  but Henry walks through it. Liver kick by Henry lands, but he slips. Great first round! We have it for Henry 10-9.

rd 2: Henry starts out again busy landing a leg kick and right hand, before the clinch brings the fight back to the mat. Henry lands a big knee as they stand. More knees to the mid section of Michel, as Henry controls the fight. Blood pouring from the left eye of Michel. Again Henry scores the take down. Michel closes up his guard, but Henry again looking to posture. Back to the feet. Big left by Michel rocks Henry.  Michel posts an arm, as Henry lands a knee to the head causing a stoppage. One point deduction by Ref Mike Beltran. Henry again pushing the action, but Michel keeps looking for the right, but its not there. Again big knees land for Henry in the clinch.  9-9 with the deductions!

Rd3: Big head kick by Henry rocks Michel. Both fighters throwing bombs, and technique goes out the window. Michel sprawls away from a take down attempt, but Henry’s persistence pays off, as he scores with the second shot. Henry now takes Michel’s back and starts to soften him up with right hands to the temple. Henry now secures both hooks, but Michel defends well.  Nice elbow from Henry lands. Michel looks to shed off Henry, and lands in side control, before standing. Both fighters exchanging right hands. Liver kick by Henry lands, but Michel keeps charging. Henry again scores with the power double leg. 10 seconds left, as Henry stands and lands one last kick before the bell. 10-9 Henry. We have Henry 29-27. Winner Via UD rd 3: Victor Henry (29-27)

Leon Klee v Robert Otani 185 lbs

Rd1: Mike Beltran calling the action. Klee starts with a leg kick and another. Otani looks to counter, but immediately gets taken down. Klee takes the neck on a guilotine attempt, and lands several knees. Otani throws in side leg kick but gets his foot caught and dropped. back on their feet, Otani lands bigg knees from the clinch. Huge Knee again drops Klee, as Mike Beltran stops the fight, Klee continues to grapple the ref, he has no idea where he is! Great stoppage. Winner Otani via TKO rd: 1 (1:44)

Kenny Ento v Stephen Martinez 170 lbs

Rd1: Long feeling out process, as Martinez shoots and completes the take down. Ento closes his guard, as Martinez looks to posture. Martinez transitions to the half guard, and now has the mount, but Ento controls well. Martinez looks for the arm in choke, but Ento gives the thumbs up.  Martinez releases and moves to side control. Martinez looks for the Kimura but again Ento defends well.  Martinez finishes the round in  top position, and takes the round clearly 10-9.

Rd2: Nice left from Martinez starts the round. and again he shoots successfully putting Ento on his back. Martinez lands a few hammer fists, but Ento again does a decent job control the distance. More hammers land but there is not much behind them. Herb Dean stands them up. Nice head kick by Martinez lands. Ento looking to load up on the left, as again Martinez shoots. Ento momentarily resists, before being again dragged to the mat. Methodically Martinez works in the closed guard of Ento. Another round ends with Ento on his back. 10-9 Martinez

Rd3: Low blow at the onset calls a stop, as Herb Dean gives Ento some time. Action returns, with Ento looking to move to avoid the take down. However, once again the fight finds it way to the ground. Martinez looking for the neck, as he sets in one hook. Ento is in trouble, as Martinez looks to secure the choke. Martinez looks for the choke, and he has it. Winner via Submission RNC rd 3 (4:33)

Matt Lagler v Daniel Hernandez 185 lbs

Rd1: Hernandez misses with a leg kick. Lagler lands one of his own. Hernandez avodis the take down, and ends up on top. right hands from Hernandez land, and now the left. Lagler trying to hold on but Hernandez again lands this time with elbows. Big flurry from Hernandez, must have landed 30 shots. Lagler is still trying to control Hernandez, but is unable too. More ground and pound from Hernandez, but nothing is landing clean. Lagler has a guilotine from the bottom and it is deep! Winner Lagler via submission arm triangle rd 1 (3:51)

Carlos Ortega v Joshua Aveles 170 lbs

Rd1: Referee Mike Beltran in charge of the action. No touch of the gloves. Immediately Ortega shoots and scores the take down, but Aveles lands a few nice elbows. Ortega rolls, looking for a heel hook, but Aveles defends, and stands. Leg kick by Aveles lands. .Another shot by Ortega, but Aveles defends well. However Ortega eventually scores the take down. Ortega lands a one two. Aveles looked for the arm bar, but its not there. Both fighters again to there feet. Flying knee by Aveles lands after the inside leg kick, but Ortega again reverses position putting Aveles against the cage! Another take down by Ortega, as he is completely smothering the former champion. 10-9 Ortega

Rd2: Aveles again goes back to the leg kicks. Aveles slips, and Ortega lands leg kicks. Butt scoots by Aveles, as Ortega wont let him back to his feet. Aveles able to pop back up and lands a nice combo, before eating a knee. Big right hand by Aveles has Ortega rocked. Vicisous knees in the clinch by Aveles, as Ortega takes a big breathe. Nice body shots by Aveles, and he scores the take down. Working in side control Aeles looking for positioning, but Ortega closes the half guard. The round comes to a close with Aveles stealing it 10-9

Rd3: Ortega starts off by pushing Aveles against the cage. Aveles lets his hands go, and lands a 3 punch combo. Aveles looking to land to the mid section, as Ortega is clearly covering up. Ortega throwing single punches, and breathing heavy through his mouth. But Aveles cans seem to flurry. Aveles landing lefts and rights, as both fighters are completely as the round comes. We have Aveles winning the round 10-9 and the fight (29-28)

Winner via UD rd 3 (29-28) Aveles

Cooper Gibson v Henry Corrales 145 lbs

Rd1: Low blow lands on Cooper prompting a stoppage. As they restart Cooper immediately lands a inside trip, but Corrales is able to get back to his feet. Nice single leg by Corrales is parlayed into a double and brings Gibson to the mat. Gibson closes his guard, as Corrales lands a single shot. Herb Dean stands them up. Nice 3 strike combo by Gibson, but Corrales responds. Gubson goes for a throw, but Corrales defends well. Nice counter left by Corrales starches Gibson, and immediately forces the retreat. Corrales institutes the clinch, and pushes Gibson back against the cage. Head kick by Gibson lands. Round comes to a close. Close round but we have Corrales edging it out! 10-9 Corrales.

Rd2: Leg kick by Gibson opens the frame.Big counter left again by Corrales. Both fighters trading kicks in the center of the cage, and then some dirty boxing. Nothing clean landing. Gibson alternating on leg kicks. And scores again with the counter left hand. Gibson has significantly slowed his pace. Another take down by Corrales, and immediatley transitions to the back. Gibson stands, and shrugs Corrales off his back. Hip toss by Gibson, momentarily brings Corrales down, but again he pops back to his feet. Gibson rolls through looking for a leg, but Corrales avoids it well. Elbows from the top land for Corrales.  Corrales 10-9

Rd3: Another take down by Corrales finds him in side control. Now back in full guard. Gibson utilizing a rubber guard, but to little effect. Gibson trying to land elbows from the bottom, but they have very little power. Herb Dean stands them up. Nice combo by Corrales on the break, with Gibson also landing, Another take down for Corrales, but Herb Dean is calling for action. Corrales stands momentarily before diving into Gibson’s guard. Gibson looks for an arm bar, but its not there. Gibson tries to return to his feet, but again gets dragged back down. Corrales finishes the fight in top position, again we have him winning the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27

Winner Via UD rd 3 Corrales (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Nick Piedmont v Seth Dikun 145 lbs

Rd1: Referee Mike Beltran in charge of the action. Piedmont lands a leg kick to start, and now has Dikun n trouble against the cage. Over hand by Dikun misses with a big overhand left. now Dikun is throwing in bulk, but missing mostly. Piedmont driven back against the cage. More ones and twos from Piedmont. Piedmont has the single, but Dikun defends well. Now Piedmont presses Dikun against the cage. Big upper cut by Piedmont rocks Dikun, as both fighters trade the round comes to a close. 10-9 Piedmont in a close round.

Rd2: Both fighters exchanging jabs, as Dikun swings and misses with the leg kick. Good boxing from Dikun as he doubles up the jab, but eats a kick to the pills, prompting a stoppage. Both fighters ready. Piedmont with a short jab lands. And again with a right cross. Dikun bleeding from the nose, as Piedmont slams him to the mat for a moment. Now both standing. Dikun charges forward with a Griffen-esqu jab cross. Nice right hand from Piedmont clears the blood from Dikun’s nose. Dikun countering well, but Piedmont gets the better of the exchange before forcing the clinch. Both fighters exchange in the clinch. As the round comes to a close we have Piedmont again winning a very close round 10-9.

Rd3: Both fighters step to the center. As the round begins both pugilists are gassed. Dikun looking to be busy, as Piedmont seems content to counter. Another quasi take down from Piedmont. Dikun back to his feet, but immediately pressed against the cage. Both fighters separate and throw heavy shots, with Piedmont maybe getting the best of the exchange. Again Piedmont separates and lands with heavy hands before returning to the grind. Dikun lets loose as the round ends, We have Piedmont 10-9 winning the fight as well.

Winner via Decision (29- 28, 29-28, 30-27) Nick Piedmont


By Jonathan King And Karisa Winett

Live the action from San Manuel Indian Casino.
Fight Card to be updated AFTER Each Round.

#1 135 LBS Justin Cook vs. Kevin Michel
rd1: Early take dwon stuffed by Michel after landing some knees he transitions to the back. Cook looses his hooks and is swept by Michel. Michel Now looking to posture and reign down ground and pound.Cook defending well from the bottom, looking for triangle and arm bars, but none work out. Michel now wtih a guilotine. Cook parlays a single leg into a double leg, and takes Michel down fiercly. Cook looking again to transition to the back. But again is swept into guard as Michel slides in and out of side control. Cook looking again for a triangle but eats a heavy right hand. Again Michel takes the back, but once again is swept into guard, Michel with heavy ground punches, Ref steps in with just seconds as Cook taps out due to ground strikes!

Winner RD 1 Submission Tapout due to strikes Kevin Michel 4:58

#2 170 LBS Charles Lee vs. Gabe Lopez
rd1: Body Kick by Lopez cracks Lee, as the fight goes to the mat. Knee to the body by Lee puts Lopez on his back. Lee looking to posture up. Lopez tries to get back to his feet, but Lee grabs a neck crank. Lopez wall walks back to his feet, as Lee lands body shots and Knees. Big knee from Lopez drops Lee. Lee looking for the back, but falls back into Lopez guard. Now Lee in side control. Big uppercut from Lopez as they stand. Lee instigates the clinch but gets dropped again momentarily  Lopez drives for a take down, but lets it go. As Lee has his back against the fence, he lands a few knees to the body of Lopez.  Both fighters are gassed. Right on the break lands for Lopez. Big left hand by Lopez. Close round but we give it to Lopez based on aggression 10-9

rd2: Both fighters are tired. Lee throws a body kick that misses. Lope lands a combination. Body kick by Lopez. Knees from lee puch Lopez back. Now back in the center of the cage, Lopez looks to land with the hands. Both fighters missing often. Fighters trade left hands with Lopez getting the better of the exchange. Front kick from Lee lands. Left hook from Lee lands. Lopez landing with the one two combination often now. Lopez landing with heavy right hands, but Lee is stoic. More lefts and rights, but Lee keeps moving forward. Lopez bleeding now from his right eye. Very close round, we are going Lopez 10-9. Both fighters are exhausted!

rd3: Lopez starts with a left hook, that backs Lee up. Lee fights out of the corner well, as Lopez adjusts his attack. Chopping leg kicks from Lee. More combinations from Lopez. Low Blow from Lee in the clinch prompts a stoppage from Big John. Restart see Lopez landing a kick to the body, as Lee stalks forward. Lopez with some hard body shots in the clinch. Lee secures a take down, and is now IN Lope open guard. Lee Postures and Lands a heavy igh ad. Lopez looking to stand, and does. Both fighters are in slow motion. The last ten seconds sees a flurry by Lopez but nothing lands cleanly. Have to score the last round 10-9 for Lee with the take down! We have Lopez winning 29-28

Winner via Split Decision Gabriel Lopez (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

#3 149 lbs Catch Weight Mike Christensen vs. Henry Corrales

rd1: Corrales takes down Christensen immediately and rides the close guard. Both fighters get back momentarily to their feet, before Corrales again takes down his opponent. Christensen defends well, but Corrales in clear control. Intermittent round and pound keeps the ref at bay, but no significant strikes land. Corrales finishes the round on top. 10- 9 Corrales

rd2: Again Corrales scores an early take down, he is looking to secure an arm, and he does. Kimura looks deep and Christensen taps. Winner Henry Corrales 1:03 rd 2 via Verbal Submission Kimura

#4 265 LBS Lolohea Mahe vs. Rob Jackson

rd1: Heavy hands from both fighters. Jackson looks to kick, but Mahe defending and counter punching well. Mahe ricks Jackson with a beautiful combination, And keeps throwing. Jackson is on weak legs, as Mahe pours it on, the corner throws in the the towel, but it may be too late. Winner Lolohea Mahe via TKO (1:37) RD 1

#5 185 LBS Johnny Cisneros vs. Daniel Hernandez

rd1: Take down from Hernandez starts the fight, as he has Cisneros pinned agaisnt the cage. Hernandez looking to mount. Cisneros scrambles back to side position. Hernandez lloks strong as he wont let cisneros stand. Smothering attack so far by Hernandez.  Hernandez transitions to the back, but Cisneros scrambles now he is mounted, but sweeps. Xisnerso now in control. Hernandez grabs an armbar, it looks deep. Cisneros taps.

Winner: Daniel Hernandez Rd 1 via Submission Armbar

#6 160 Lbs KOTC Jr Welterweight Title Fight Lowen Tynanes vs. Kris Armbrister

rd1: Leg kicks traded to start the bout. Big right hands land almost simultaneously. Armbrister moving well. Tynanes instigates the clinch, and takes Armbrister down with a single leg. Tynanes in side control. Tynanaes in control, as Armbrister can escape from bottom. Tynanes lands a big right hand, and then drags Armbrister back to the ground. Short elbows from side control land for Tynanes. Armbrister back to his feet, but Tynanes lloks for the guillotine  and then switches to guard. Tynanes again in side control, landing short right hands and elbows to Armbrister’s head.

Winner via arm in triangle Lowen Tynanes New Jr Welterweight Champion Rd 1(4:30)

#7 David Gomez vs Joshua Aveles* For Welterweight Title (* Champion)

rd1: Both fighters trading jabs. Aveles landing leg kicks. Gomez and Aveles trading in the center of the cage with Aveles winning the exchange. Big leg kick by Aveles floors Gomez, who quickly springs back to his feet. Aveles instigates the clinch, but breaks with a right hand on the exit. Gomez is cut over the left eye. Rd ends with both fighters landing combinations. 10 – 9 Aveles

rd2: More jabs from Aveles set up leg kicks. Gomezt lands his own and keep circling out of Aveles power range (to the left). Gomez starting to tire, as Aveles continues to land. 1’s and 2’s for Aveles. Followed by more leg kicks. Gomez lands a big right hand, but Aveles keeps the pressure on. Gomez lands a right hand as the round comes to an end. Aveles 10-9

rd3: Gomez more aggressive. Landing a big right hand that backs up Aveles temporarily. Gomez again lands the right this time to the body. Aveles still pushing forward, Gomez now playing the counter puncher. Upper cut leg kick from Gomez lands. Aveles chopping with the leg kick. Aveles jabbing Gomez at will. Gomez now jabbing, but Aveles lands a push kick to back him off. Aveles landing crisper shots now. Big Flurry fpr Gomez who lands a uppercut, elbow and a knee before the round ends. 10-9 Gomez

rd4: Aveles starts out with more jabs, and leg kicks. Gomez lands a kick of his own. Head kick from Aveles lands, Gomez immeditaly fires a jab back. 3 punch combination for Gomez, who takes Aveles down to the mat. Now in Aveles guard Gomez looking to posture up, but Aveles ties him up. Gomez landing single punches, in between getting tied up by Aveles. Still in Aveles closed guard, Aveles right eye is starting to close, the ref stands them up. Attempting take down by Gomez falls short. Both fighters trade jabs. Big overhand left from Gomez. Knee from Gomez pushes Aveles back. as the round comes to an end. 10-9

rd5: Big take down by Gomez. Aveles defends well, but eats a few ground strikes. Gomez working out of Aveles’s closed guard. Aveles having a hard time controlling Gomez this time. More ground strikes land, before the tie up Ref Mike Beltran calls for action and then stands them up. Gomez lands a big right hand and immediately brings the fight back to the mat. 10 seonds to go, and Gomez rides the fight out in top position, but stands right before the bell. 10 -9 Gomez

Winner via Split Decision David Gomez ( New Welterweight Champion) 

#8 Tony Lopez vs. Nick Rossborough

rd1: Both fighters landing leg kicks and jabs. Lopez controlling the pace, but Nick lands a big right hand. Lopez looking to o work with his kicks, as he keeps feigning. Now Rossborough with a leg kick. Big right hand from Rossborough, but Lopez lands a big body kick. Now Rossborough pusjes Lopez against the cage. Lopez escapes, One two from Rossborough lands. But now its Lopez on the attack. Blood from Lopez’ nose. Jab right cross drops Lopez and Rosborough moves in for the finish. Lopez uses a single leg to get back to his feet. Big Knee from Rossborough on the exit. Lopez in trouble. However he hangs on as the round comes to an end. Very close to be a 10-8 round, but we will give it 10-9 Rossborough.

rd2: Lopez looks out on his feet. Push kick from Rossborough starts off a very lethargic rd 2. Upper cut lead into a one two combination has Lopez in trouble. But again he walks out. Lopez lands to the body with two push kicks. Rossborough again with the lead right hand, Big combination from Lopez his best work  of the fight so far. Left to the body by Rossborough. More action from Lopez.  Early action has us scoring the round for Rossborough. 10-9

rd3: Both fighters trading kicks, As Lopez is looking to control the distance with his length. Rossborough now breathing out of his mouth. Rossborough lands a big left to the body, but Lopez responds with a left. 1 ,2 combination lands flush from Rossborough. Big left hand from Rossborough lands off of the counter. Rossborough landing straight shots that have Lopez in trouble . Knees land from Rossborough as the round comes to an end. Lopez is in big trouble. 10-9 Rossborough

rd4: Kicks from Lopez push back Rossborough with little effect. Clearly in control Rossborough seems content to pick his shots. Inside trip by Lopez slmost sets up a choke. Big elbows from Lopez, this guy has no quit. Lopez attempting to pick Rossboroughs ankle. Now Lopez transitioning to the back. Both hooks are in as he is looking to finsih the fight. Lopez riding Rossborough, back to the mat. Now in side control, Lopez looking for a choke. Big Knees to the body of Rossborough. Big round from Tony Lopez as he comes back to dominate the round. Could very well be a 10-8 round in his favor.

rd5: Round starts with a head kick from Lopez that lands. And immediately he shoots for the take down. Rossborough escapes. John McCarthy stops the action as Rossborough gets poked. Restart Lopez lands a big combination and a leg kick. Again Lopez with an inside trip, now looking to mount. Lopez landing but nothing heavy as Rossborough controls the posture of Lopez. Back in the guard, Lopez looks to transition back to the mount. Big combination from Rossbourugh, but Lopez responds. Now Rossborough looks for a take down, but Lopez defends with a kimura.  Rd comes to an end. We have Lope 10-9

Winner (49-45, 48-45, 49-44) Via Unanimous Decision Nick Rossborough (New Heavyweight Champion)

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Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Story By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report


Once again all hell broke loose at The San Manuel Indian Casino(follow @SanManuelCasino on Twitter), during The King if The Cage Restitution event. The fighters performances shadowed a late minute main event cancellation that threatened to put a damper on the evening. Nick Rossborough injured his back in training and was unable to compete against heavyweight champion Tony Lopez. Unable to find a replacement, the bout was scraped leaving the fight card one title fight short.

However once the show started and the fighters took control, the performances produced a virtual highlight reel of fight footage. In the opener Marcelo Mafra utilized his dominating wrestling and ground game to control a very game Joshua Miranda who was on the defensive and his back for most of the fight. The effort earned Mafra a unanimous decision victory.

Daniel Hernandez needed only 1:20 to secure a guillotine choke submission victory over Kenny Ento. After an aggressive take down by Hernandez, Ento exposed his neck allowing Hernandez to pull a chancery position that he parlayed into the choke. Hernandez has looked dominant in past few fights. His dominant wrestling and heavy hands have to be drawing some stares from fellow 185lbs contenders.

The third fight was over in a heartbeat. Carlos Ortega landed a huge left hand that immediately staggered Charles Lee. Lee on his bicycle, tried to create space to regain his composure but Ortega swarmed. A heavy right hand from the stalking Ortega dropped the wobbled Lee, forcing the referee to interrupt some rather academic ground and pound.

After a few quick KO’s, Vince Alaalatoa and Manny Murillo change the dynamic by treating the audience to a tightly contested battle that left both combatants bruised, bloodied, and swollen. In the end, Murillo utilized his clinch game, and dirty boxing to secure a tightly scored split decision. Alaalatoa valiantly rallied late in the third round, with a flurry of straight lefts and rights, that staggered Murillo who seemed to be on the balance beam when the final bell rang.

After that grueling fight things returned to form as Alejandro Garcia needed only 3:54 to knockout heavily favored veteran Roberto Vargas. Garcia frustrated Vargas from the opening bell, and snapped cracking leg kicks one after the other keep Vargas out of range. After a right hand, leg kick combination Garcia reset, and unleashed a devastating leg kick to Vargas’s front leg that swept him off his feet. Garcia pounced on the downed Vargas, and took his back. Once he flattened Vargas out he began to pummel the sides of his head with left and right hooks, from the back mount. A big right hand sapped Vargas, and the referee stepped in stopping the fight. A huge win for Garcia, and a tough loss for the journeyman Vargas.

In the co-main event, Joshua Aveles survived and early take down from welter weight champion Sam Liera, by quickly popping back up to his feet. Liera still with his back, unsuccessfully attempted to suplex Aveles back to the mat, however Aveles broke free and returned to his Muay Thai foundation. Surviving another clinch, and brief take down Aveles stood and landed a huge left hand on the exit that had Liera out on his feet. The right hand that followed ended all doubt as Liera fell prone to the canvas clearly unconscious.  The win earns Joshua Aveles the KOTC Welterweight Title, and adds to his impressive highlight knockout reel.

Sean Strickland maybe The King of The Cage’s pound for pound champion. Coming off his first title defense, Strickland was set to face off with veteran striker Bill Albrecht. Both fighters appeared wary of the other. Neither was willing to commit to any sort of combination. Strickland pushed the pace landing a jab, right hand combination that he followed with a take down. Albrecht tried to defend against the mount, but Strickland swiftly transitioned to the mount and began landing powerful strikes that forced Albrecht to cover up. The referee stepped in stopping the fight at 2:41 of the very first round. Strickland continues his undefeated streak, and remains the KOTC top prospect, and Middleweight champion.

Ground and Pound DSC_7091 DSC_7228 DSC_7292 DSC_7296 DSC_7299 DSC_7408 DSC_7478 DSC_7595 DSC_7649 DSC_7736

Liera secures the take down

Liera secures the take down

DSC_7802 DSC_7822 DSC_7828 DSC_7856 DSC_7885 DSC_7923 DSC_7945 DSC_7979 DSC_8013 DSC_8045 DSC_8054

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

King of The Cage is set to put on another outstanding night of fights at the San Manuel Indian Casino. Two title fights are set to highlight a spectacular card with several talented young fighters, including Sean Strickland, Joshua Aveles, and Sam Liera. Tony Lopez was scheduled to face Nick Rossborough in a re-match, however confirmation has been given that the fight is scratched, no reason was given. Lopez was set to defend his title, after winning a very controversial split decision in their first bout.

The shows at the San Manuel Casino are always exciting, fighters tend to shine under the bright lights. Many former participants have moved on to successful careers in the UFC and Bellator. Once again it appears the partnership has produced an extremely entertaining fight card.

   FEBRUARY 7TH, 2013




                                       KOTC WELTERWEIGHT TITLE BOUT

#7    BILL ALBRECHT                    185 LBS  5X5                       SEAN STRICKLAND

                                       KOTC WELTERWEIGHT TITLE BOUT

#6    JOSH AVELES                          170 LBS  5X5                       SAM LIERA


#5    ALEJANDRO GARCIA           145 LBS  3X5                    ROBERTO VARGAS

#4    MANNY MURILLO                   185 LBS  3X5                    VINCE ALAALATOA

#3    CARLOS ORTEGA                    170 LBS  3X5                      CHARLES LEE

#2    DANIEL HERNANDEZ            185 LBS  3X5                      KENNY ENTO

#1    JOSHUA MIRANDA                  155 LBS  3X5               MARCELO MAFRA

Former King of The Cage Event Photos. By: John Walsh

All photos provided by John Walsh

All photos provided by John Walsh
























After over 4,000 bouts and 400 events one thing is certain, The King of The Cage promotion understands how to book exciting mixed martial arts fights. Last night reinforced that position. Over the years KOTC owner Terry Trebilcock, has featured some of MMA biggest names. Fighters such as: Forrest Griffin, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Rashad Evans, Krazy Horse, Keith Berry, Mac Danzig, Paul Buentello, Urijah Faber, Joe Stevenson, Diego Sanchez and Thiago Alves were all able to make a name for themselves under the KOTC banner. A banner that served them well by acting as the launching pad for those careers.

Taking place in a large banquet room at The San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Highland California, the fight card featured the promotions welterweight champion and rising star David Gomez in a title fight against Brad Burrick.  As well as KOTC stalwart, and crowd favorite Johnny ‘The Tattooed Terror’ Cisneros who pushed his unblemished record to 7-0 with an impressive unanimous decision win over former World Champion Brandon Hunt. Both fighters were able to land heavy handed shots, however ‘The Tattooed Terror’ was able to takedown Hunt almost at will.  Although consistently defending from bottom, Hunt was able to land a few big shots. One right hand seemed to stagger Cisneros who immediately shot in and took the fight to the mat. Everytime Hunt was able to get to his feet, Cisneros slammed him back down thunderously. Having controlled the entire fight Cisneros was awarded the 30-27 unanimous decision, thrusting him immediately into title contention.

Also featured was journeyman Tony Lopez who narrowly defeated Nick Rossborough via unpopular split decision. Lopez looked to establish his range early, but ate several big right hands from the much thicker Rossborough. Half way through the opening frame Rossborough timed a Lopez leg kick perfectly and countered with a right hand that dropped the heavyweight champion. For the rest of the round, it appeared Lopez was on rubber legs. For the rest of the fight, Lopez was able to dictate where the fight went, often pressuring Rossborough up against the cage as he delivered good shots to the body. However Rossborough continued to land the bigger shots. With the judges scorecards reading 29-28, 28-29, 30-27 in favor of Lopez, the entire room was wondering what fight one of those judges was watching. Terry Treblicock came over too press row immediately after the fight, blasting the decision and generously announcing that Rossborough was going to get his ‘win’ money as well.

Early on the card, both Joshua Aveles and Jason Walraven won in dominating fashion. Aveles systematically broke down a much stronger opponent Marcus Mowers with blood curdling leg kicks that echoed throughout the hall. After two rounds, Mowers was advised by doctors not to continue due to a obviously injured knee. Jason Walraven took control of Jason Ireland at the bell, utilizing his decided height advantage to land a vicious head kick, that he parlayed into a double leg takedown. Moving in and out of side control Walraven was eventually able to take Ireland’s back with both hooks in, Walraven secured the rear naked choke at 3:13 of the very first round.

Sam Liera 170 lbs contender secured his title shot with a big win over Scott Catlin. After being dropped early, Liera was able to utilize his dominant wrestling to control position clearly winning the first round. As the second frame began Liera was able to secure a single leg takedown, that he eventually worked to back mount. Once there a few left hands flattened out Catlin and the choke was applied. With the victory Liera immediately earns a title shot against David Gomez who completely dismantled Brad Burrick in less than two minutes. Utilizing his excellent wrestling pedigree Gomez was able to end the night, with a quick takedown and some vicious ground and pound that left Burrick near ‘dreamland’. With this impressive win, Gomez has secured himself as one of the promotions pound for pound champions.

With recent UFC fight controversies, and questionable match-ups it was refreshing to see a promotion that designs fights based on rankings and performances. In the UFC things don’t always make sense. Fights are based on popularity, and maybe even network ratings. The King of The Cage promotion in many ways makes more sense, fighters there have different motivations. Most are looking to make a name for themselves, to rise to the larger shows. Others are just trying to stay in the game, to remain relevant in some way. However they all seem to be loyal to Terry Treblicock, and to the promotion as a whole. That loyalty speaks volumes for the integrity of the business. In the vast world of MMA The King of The Cage is making incredible contributions to the sport, and has quietly become one of the most exciting promotions not just nationally, but globally.