The World Series of Fighting 4 Notes, and Photo Gallery

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Combat Sports, UFC
Spong with the straight right hand finding a home!

Spong with the straight right hand finding a home!

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

After this weekend, I found myself asking where The World Series of Fighting ranks as a promotion. In person, the fights were for the most part pretty exciting. Fighters like Brandon Hemplemen and Angel DeAnda refused to be stepping stones for their opponents and ended up surprising the hell out of those in attendendance.

Hemplemen was supposed to be just another notch on Marlon Moraes belt. At first and eventually he was, but in between he put up one hell of a fight. Moraes opened him up early, and also nearly removed his front leg with leg kicks, but Hemplemen refused to quit, and even began countering well in the third round. The crowd loved his warrior mentality.

Angel DeAnda also lost, as he was supposed too. However, no one told him. For 3 rounds DeAnda walk through everything Tyrone Spong threw at him. DeAnda out sized and out gunned; continued to stalk the kick boxing legend, and survived a vicious leg attack that at times knocked him to the canvas. Spong, who injured his hand threw everything he could at DeAnda in attempt to finish him, but was unable too in the end.

The main event was a great fight, however it was main card fighter Nick Newell who cracked the Sportscenter “Top 10 Plays of the Day” with his submission victory over a very tough Keon Caldwell.  Newell, who was born without half of his arm has made national news with his success in mixed martial arts.

Early on Newell seemed confused by Caldwell’s quickness, but a few nice Elbows from Newell may have changed the momentum. Shortly after, Newell was able to take Caldwell down, and submit him with a modified guillotine.

After the fight Newell, demonstrated the move for us. Once he was able to take Caldwell’s neck, he utilized his chest to pull down the head, and that is what sank the choke so quickly,

With the win, Newell hopes to be involved in the up coming lightweight tournament that has been announced to determine the promotions first champion in the 155 lbs division.

JZ Calvacante also hopes to be in that tournament. Calvacante was able to secure a controversial TKO victory over former UFC vet Tyson Griffin. Calvacante was clearly in charge, when in the third round after landing several unanswered strikes, referee Jason McCoy stopped the fight.

Upon watching the replay, he was justified to stop the fight. He can be seen warning Griffin several times to defend himself.  A notion Calvacante confirmed. “He told him like 3 or 4 times to fight back!” Calvacante said.

Gerald Harris also improved his stock with the company with a clear win over Jorge Santiago.  Harris, clearly won the first two rounds but seemed to slow in the third. After the fight, the reason was revealed, his hand was broken. Hopefully, Harris will be able to heal up and return soon. (He was issued a 180 suspension for the hand and must be cleared by an orthopedic)

Dave Huckaba is one of  my new hero’s. Not because he won his fight, but because he had the opportunity to fight his boss, and he not only knocked him out, but at one point he accidentally kicked him in the ‘family jewels’. How many people have fantasized about quitting in a hail of insults, and sealing the deal by kicking your boss in the pills on the way out the door? I can’t be the only one.

Huckaba who fought World Series of Fighting President Rey Sefo, won via TKO but not before Sefo hobbled him with some vicious leg kicks. With the victory, Huckaba will certainly be on a short list of possible title contenders for the promotions inaugural heavyweight title.

Also winning on the under card was local fighter and UFC veteran Jared Papazian. Papazian was able to outlast fellow Californian John Robles in a back and forth 3 round battle. With the win Papazian puts himself in a nice position with the young promotion.

The World Series of Fighting did many things right that night, but there is definitely room for them to grow. Based just on the fights, I would grade the night solid B+. After watching the broadcast it became obvious that they need someone else in the both with Bas Rutten that can keep him somewhat on point.

Also, as others have pointed out the product placement was more than just odd. When Tyrone Spong was handed the phone for his victory, I felt uncomfortable. It just seemed off pudding. The guy just finished fighting, do you really need him to be a pitch man?

These criticisms, are easy to correct. The hard part, the match ups was handled very well. And as long as you have good fights people will watch, especially if its on free tv.

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