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By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Video By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Immediately following his Middleweight Title Fight against Manny Murillo, Chris Honeycutt took time to break down his performance, and his short career with The Clinch Report. Chris fights for Dethrone Base Camp in Fresno, famous for being the home of UFC veteran Josh Koscheck. Currently 3-0 as a professional Honeycutt is one of the sports top young prospects.



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By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Before UFC featherweight contender Cub Swanson dismantled Denis Siver at UFC 162, he told a reporter that he wanted to display “Beautiful destruction”, Swanson said. That is exactly the picture he painted. Siver was outmatched by the aggressive Swanson who seemed to consistently be in his opponents face. That athletic, intelligent form of aggression is something as a fighter Swanson thrives on. As a coach, and one of California’s best young developers of MMA talent, that is what he demands.

UPC Unlimited 16 at the Agua Caliente Resort and Spa, featured several of Swanson’s TRU MMA fighters.  Both Dionisio Ramirez and Jaime Sierra brought that consistent pressure and aggression that is eerily reminiscent of their coach. Ramirez landed a jab that sent his opponent staggering, and then like Swanson, Ramirez utilized unrelenting pressure to take his opponents back and secure the choke, early in the first frame.

Jaime Sierra also won in dominating fashion. Sierra utilized his tremendous wrestling skills to dominate position, and immediately had Alex Guitierez in trouble. Once he was able to posture up, Sierra unleashed a swarm of stinging ground and pound that forced the stoppage at just 1:18 of the opening round.

With Ramirez and Sierra making waves with the UPC unlimited organization, and with older brother Steve at (12-1 MMA) the future looks pretty bright for TRU MMA. With Swanson racking up wins in the UFC, the present looks pretty solid too!

All Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Cage Side Video By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

UPC Unlimited 16 took place at Agua Caliente Casino and Resort on July 20, and crowned the first ever promotional champion. Top MMA prospect Chris ‘The Cutt” Honeycutt utilized his wrestling pedigree to smother the heavy hands of Team Quest’s Manny Murillo in the evenings main event. The 5 round title fight was everything the fans expected it to be.

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Below you will find video of rounds 1-4. Round 5 will be added later.

The End of Round 5, sorry about the video issues.

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Amateur Bout #1

Sonny Sweet v Daniel Gonzales  145lbs

Sweet landings heavy hands and drops Gonzales. Sweet swarms, and takes the back sinks the choke, and forces the tap.

Rd 1 :38

Winner: Sonny Sweet Rd 1 via RNC :38

Amateur Bout#2

Jeremy Osborne v Arthur Powell 155 lbs

Rd1: Jeremy Osbourne scores a take down and pulls guard. The choke is in, but Powell escapes. Both fighters land hands. Powell lands a big right hand as he is poked, but Osbourne is out.

Winner rd 1 TKO Arthur Powell via TKO 1:50

Tim Quiroga v Alex Natividad 155lbs

rd1: Big hands from Quiroga have Natividad rocked, but he gets back to his feet, and both trade in the center of the cage. Now Natividad instigates the clinch, and presses Quiroga against the fence momentarily. Big body shot but Natividad, but both trade. Natividad lands some nice shots in the clinch.

Rd2: Back and forth exchange starts the round. Quiroga warned for a high knee. As the action restarts Natividad landing the better blows, and pressuring Quiroga against the cage. Natividad explodes off the cage with wild body shots that land. Rd comes to a close with Natividad in control.

Rd3: More dirty boxing in the clinch from Natividad. Quiroga looks gassed. His corner is pleading with him to get off the cage but he cant get away from Natividad. More pressure see Quiroga escape the fence, and land with a jab. Ten second left both fighter trade. Natividad gets caught and appears out, but it is after the bell.

Winner via UD Tim Quiroga Rd 3

Amateur Bout#3

Adam Lobatos v Tom Eaton 185lbs

Great takedown by Eaton, and he starts to soften up Lobatos with punches. Eaton looks to mount but as soon as he does Lobatos sweeps into guard and begins landing ground and pound. Round ends with byt shots from Lobatos.

Rd 2: Lobatos immediately lands with heavy hands, Eaton is hurt. Eaton able to grapple.  Eaton scores the take down, but he is cut badly. Eaton now in control, but he is bleeding badly. Rd comes to an end with Eaton in top position.

Rd3: Eaton starts out landing but Lobatos counters well and grabs a neck momentarily but Eaton breaks free. Eaton scores the take down, and starts landing from side control, then from north south. Lobatos pinned against the cage. Eaton looks for the choke, but Lobatos turns in. Now Eaton has the back. Round ends.

Winner Tom Eaton via UD Rd3

Amateur Bout#4

Sam Morales v Sammy Morales 145lbs

Rd1: Sammy Morales starts landing a flurry after a long feeling out process. He floors Sam with a leg kick. Sammy with an impressive two punch combo finished nicely with a leg kick. Sam Morales is able to land a few shots in the clinch, and draws blood from the mouth.  But we have Sammy landing the more effective strikes.

Rd2: Immediately Sammy lands a 1, 2. Just misses with the flying knee. Nice body kick by Sam. Sam starting to land a little more, but eats a few knees to the body.  However Sammy continues to land the more effective shots. More jabs and right hands from Sammy land. Rd comes to an end.

Rd3: Nice leg kicks from Sam start off the round, but Sammy responds with a knee to the body. Big kick to the body by Sam. Immediately lands a knee to the mid section, but its called low. Referee Larry Landless gives him a few minutes. Off the re set Sammy lands a nice counter body kick. Another right hand from Sammy. Nice left hand from Sammy lands stiff as the round comes to a close.

Winner via Split decision 29-28 Sammy, 29-28 Sam, 29-28 Sammy Morales 

Pro Bout #1

Miguelito Marti (1-0) v Gareth Del Cruz (2-1)

Rd#1 Veteran referee Larry Landless calling the action. Martil lands a jab as Del Cruz lands a nice leg kick, walks through a big shot, and takes down Marti. Marti back up. Del Cruz attacks the legs. Big shots from Del Cruz to Marti’s body, and hi pulls the guillotine from guard. Marti is out.

Winner: Del Cruz via Submission Rd 1 Guillotine 1:09

Pro Bout #2

Mike Ryan (1-2) v Steve Stryker (1-1)

Rd1: Referee Jason Herzog in charge of the action. Stryker immediately countering leg kicks with big right hands. Ryan very busy with the legs, but Stryer contnuews to starch him with the jab. Nice knee by Stryker. Ryan busted open.  Stryker lands a big left hand, and Ryan backs away, he has had enough.

Winner: Stryker via Submission due to strikes rd1 :59 

Jared Muir (0-0) v Dionisio Ramirez (5-?)155 lbs

Rd1: Larry Landless gives the last minute instructions. Dionisio  Eats a jab and a leg kick befor exploding with a left hand that sends Muir across the cage. Clinch by Ramirez, and he slams Muir to the mat. Now in side control, Ramirez works some elbows. Nice sweep by Muir, but Ramirez throws the switch and starts reigning down punches and elbows. He takes the back, Muir stands, but the choke is in he falls. Winner Ramirez.

Winner Ramirez via RNC rd 1 

TJ Davis v Adrian Cabral 155lbs

Rd1: Cabral lands a big right hand but eats a huge left. Davis is swarming. Cabral busted wide open. Bleeding from the nose rather. Davis grimacing as he throws, but here comes Cabral. Davis is on dream street. Big knee from Cabral. Both fighters are gassed as the round ends.  Great Round!

Rd2: Cabral comes out determined, and lands a big right hand that has Davis on his bicycle. Cabral takes the clinch, and starts landing big knees. Davis seems out on his feet. But he is still firing shots, and landing. Cabral lands forcing Davis to the mat, Punches reign down, and referee Jason Herzog has seen enough.

Winner Adrian Cabral via TKO rd 2 

Alex Gutierez v Jaimie Sierra 145 lbs 1:18

Rd1: Larry Landless is the man in charge. Sierra immediately lands heavy hands that have Guitierez scrambling.  Sierra takes him down, and slams him again. Gutierez is in trouble. Sierra swarming with shots. And the fight is stopped at 1:18 of rd 1.

Winner via TKO Jaimie Sierra rd 1 1:18

Donald Palmer v Everett Cummings 205 lbs

Rd1: Cummings aggressive at the bell landing a nice right hand, and immeditaely takes Palmer to the mat. Palmer tries to control the posture, but Cummings is dropping bombs. Referee Jason Herzog has seen enough.

Winner Everett Cummings via TKO rd 1 0:31

Manny Murillo v Chris Honeycutt 185 lbs Title Fight

Video will show later.

Winner Chris Honeycutt via UD 49-46 on all cards and is now The UPC Middleweight Champion of the World.

Rd1: Larry Landless in charge of this 5 round title fight.




UPC Flyer

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

A fighters bravado can ultimately be attributed to necessity. Mohammed Ali mastered the art of winning the fight months before the event, not in the ring but with his mouth. In mixed martial arts young fighters often need to voice that confidence, because otherwise they recognize the chance that they may loose. For some fighters, that possibility is crippling. For others, its part of the game.

For Manny ‘Seargant’ Murillo (5-1 MMA) its just part of the journey. Murillo found his way to the sport, like many others first as a fan. Then one day he decided to give it a try.”I started going to some of the smaller gyms in the area, and did really well on the first day against some of there best guys.” Murillo said.

The sport appeared at first to come easy to Murillo, until that is he found his way to the doors of Team Quest. It was an eye opening first day “Once I got there, I couldn’t move anybody.” Murillo said. “They were on a whole different level!”

With Dan Henderson as a coach and sparring partner the results are staggering. “Its really different with Dan.” Murillo said. “Standing toe to toe with him, is like having a lion charging at you.” Working with the former two division champion has improved Murillo’s game steadily. “Dan shows you something new each time you work with him, weather its a position, a technique, or correcting your posture, he has so much knowledge.” Murillo said.

Murillo is going to certainly need to channel his in inner ‘Hendo’ when he takes on Chris Honeycutt for the vacant UPC Middleweight title at “Up and Comers 16” July 20th at The Agua Caliente Casino and Spa. Honeycutt is a former NCAA finalist as a wrestler, and is widely regarded as one of the sports biggest prospects. Murillo though, seems prepared.

“I am sure his wrestling is going to come into play.” Murillo said. “We have been working specifically on that.” However, its not only Honeycutt’s wrestling that concerns Murillo. “Even though I’m sure he is gonna try to take me down, I think it is going to be more of a back and forth fight.” Murillo said.

Although Honeycutt has the clear edge in the wrestling department, Murillo is the more experienced striker. Murillo also maintains a huge experience advantage as far as cage time. Murillo will undoubtedly be relying on this to carry him through any tough situations, should Honeycutt obtain a positional advantage. “No one wants to say they are going to loose and neither do I, but in reality it comes down to who lands the better blows, and who can hold the better positions.” Murillo said.

Although this may be the biggest fight of Manny Murillo’s career, it by no means defines him. For Murillo it is just another stop on the journey. Faith is what defines Manny Murillo, not wins or loses. “I’m just thankful to be here.” Murillo said.








UPC Flyer

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Every amateur mixed martial artist anticipates the day when they will turn pro. The idea of finally being paid, as an athlete, is the type of career highlight that each fighter shares. However the path that leads to this decision is often quite individualized. Sometimes in life need arises that forces the decision, other times false confidence plays a role.

However, once you turn pro it counts. Amateur records can be excused but professional losses are difficult to over come. They can be especially debilitating early on in a young fighters career. This is why it is crucial for a young fighter to have a coach, or set of coaches that he can trust with essentially his livelihood.

Lucky for Jaime Sierra (0-0 MMA 5-0 Amateur Record), he has coaches that not only care about him, but they have garnered his total trust. “Cub Swanson is the man, he is my head coach, and I do whatever he says.” Sierra said. “He has been in this game a long time, and I want to be like him as a fighter, aggressive and always in your face!”

Many fighters have and are currently in the same exact position as Sierra, but according to his coach, he posses an intangible that very few fighters have. “He has that toughness, that you don’t always see in a fighter.” Cub Swanson said. “Jaime takes shots, but keeps moving forward.” This according to Swanson is something that can’t be taught. “He has good instincts.”

Recently Swanson said he has been working with Sierra on preparing for going the distance. “We have to train for a 3 round fight, so I want him to be patient.” Swanson said. “But I like my guys to finish, so I’d like to see a TKO!” The coach said with a chuckle.

Sierra will need to rely on those instincts when he takes to the cage on July 20th. “UPC is a big show, they have like two thousand people at their shows” Sierra said. The event will be held at the Agua Caliente Casino Resort and Spa, which is a larger than most of the regional venues.  “But I think I will be able to block it out.” Sierra said.

Sierra will be fighting on the same card as teammate Steve Swanson so the hometown crowd will definitely support his efforts, However once that cage door closes, it will be all up to him!

UPC 16 will be held JULY 20, at The Agua Caliente Resort in Palm Dessert. For more information on the event go to: