Post Fight Interview with Chris Honeycutt

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Video By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

Immediately following his Middleweight Title Fight against Manny Murillo, Chris Honeycutt took time to break down his performance, and his short career with The Clinch Report. Chris fights for Dethrone Base Camp in Fresno, famous for being the home of UFC veteran Josh Koscheck. Currently 3-0 as a professional Honeycutt is one of the sports top young prospects.



  1. Pamela Honeycutt says:

    Thank you!  You guys do a great job, really enjoyed the pictures from this weekend. Wish we could have spent more time with you.   take care, see you next time.   Pam



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