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By: Karisa Winett The Clinch Report

UFC Lightweight Bobby ‘King’ Green was on hand to witness his teammate Nick Rossborough win the King of The Cage Heavyweight Title. Rossborough won a unanimous decision over MMA Legend Tony Lopez.

Green is currently preparing for Team Alpha Males Danny Castillo. Those two will square off in July in what is sure to be a war. Green won the submission of the night bonus in his UFC debut win over Jacob Volkman. A win that turned many heads including UFC president Dana White.

An impressive win over Castillo could vault Green to contender status.

By Jonathan King The Clinch Report

The long hard life fighters lead is extremely different from fighter to fighter. Back-rounds vary, stories differ, however one goal remains true for most fighters; and that is a contract with the UFC. Andre Fili took one more step closer to that goal last night with a unanimous decision victory over a very game Enoch Wilson at Tachi Palace Fights 15 in Lemoore California.

Utilizing his superior length Fili was able to open up the fight by frustrating Wilson with his jab. After eating a few head turning shots, Wilson was¬†able¬†to secure a¬†take-down¬† but was unable to keep position as Fili was able to reverse into a dominant position and land strikes from Wilson’s guard.

The second round was very similar to the first, however about halfway through the frame Wilson caught Fili with a whiplash like spinning¬†back-fist¬†that immediately gave Wilson confidence to continue attacking on his feet. Even though he was able to close Fili’s eye with a right hook, once on the ground Fili was able to control most of the round, with the only offense from Wilson being a failed kimura attempt from bottom.

With his eye completely closed, and fight seemingly in his favor Fili could have just cruised to a majority decision. However he began the round like a fighter behind, with excellent distance striking and counter punching. Fili was even able to secure a round securing take-down late, that enabled him to sap the last of the fight from Wilson.

Winning 30-27 on all score cards Andre Fili is hoping to make his way to the UFC soon, where he would join his team Alpha Male brothers Urijah Faber, Joseph Benevides, Chad Mendes, and Danny Castillo who are already on the roster.

Fighter Analysis: At 5-10 the Sacramento native is extremely long for 145 lbs. Very range established striker, with¬†deceptively¬†good ground game. Strong athlete, with excellent agility. Able to establish range with both hands and feet! With 11 wins and only 1 loss that was due to a knee injury, he has the record and the pedigree to make the big stage in his very next fight. Andre Fili is a can’t miss prospect in the 145 lbs division, with an established team supporting him I would not be surprised to see him in the UFC by the middle of next year!


Many people think Chael Sonnen to be the greatest talker in MMA. However, this is a subject that is up for debate. Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping (22-4 MMA, 12-4 UFC)¬†also has the gift of gab. For some reason though, his banter never receives the attention, or the results that the affable Sonnen does. For many Bisping is easy to hate. He is brash, he talks smack, he is unapologetic and at times just a horses ass, but he has been a middleweight contender for five years now so his skill must be respected.

Bisping exploded on to the scene during the Ultimate Fighter by winning the season 3 light heavyweight tournament, and then later enforced his status as a coach against Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller season 14. The exposure on television provided ‘The Count’ with a stage. His heel character seemed to develop naturally. Unlike the Sonnen who at times appears charming, Bisping’s antics seem to infuriate fans. He has started numerous feuds. Even recently with the entire Alpha Male team on twitter:

Bisping @bisping
@ufc urijah favour,Joseph benavidez and the rest of the munchkin crew talk s‚ÄĒ cos theyre stuck in the body‚Äôs of pre pubescent boys
and I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with smug faced little shit any time.

Faber then responded:

Urijah Faber @UrijahFaber
Thought we were buddies @bisping I know u can dish it out but can’t take it back @ufc ur like a spoiled 3rd grader. Grow up.

Then later on he decided to take aim at the rest of the middleweight division. With Chris Weidman being declared the #1 contender the¬†British¬†fighter was vexed.¬†“He knocked out a fat Mark Munoz, who was out of shape and coming back off a long layoff because of injury,” Bipsing recently told ¬†“He elbowed a fat Mark Munoz and now he’s the great white hype? Just because he elbowed an out-of-shape fat man? ” Only Bisping can anger two¬†legitimate¬†contenders with one sentence.

Apparently, Bisping embraces his role as the most hated fighter in MMA. However he never seems to get the shot. Other trash talkers such as Josh Koscheck, and Chael Sonnen were able to parlay their hype-based talk into title shots. Why has Bisping been unable too? The answer is simple. His brash attitude lacks the jovial charisma that the other fighters possess. Sonnen’s ridiculous claims, fake title belt, and Ali-like rhyming schemes make people laugh. His over the top claims are impossible to believe, yet charming. Josh Koscheck’s seems to enjoy the hate, and that in itself is charismatic. He acts like the Ric Flair of MMA, and his skills and mouth have earned him the title shots.

Unlike those two, Bisping comes off as a bully. His brash talk and unapologetic manner are not endearing to fans, or fight makers. Simply put, he is a tough guy to like. However his skills cannot be denied, his record against the best fighters in the world enforces his claims. Maybe he should close his mouth and earn the fight the old fashioned way. One has to wonder if it would have already happened. had he done so earlier in his career.


The new Flyweight division is set to kick of on March 3, 2012. Beginning with a 4 man tournament, the UFC will eventually crown the winner the first ever Flyweight champion.  The initial fights will see Ian McCall in his octagon debut against former bantamweight contender Demetrious Johnson(14-2 MMA). The winner of this fight will square off against the winner of Joseph Benevides vs.  Yasuhiro Urushitani (also making UFC debut) .

The 125lb limit weight class, will be on display for a  worldwide audience. The flyweight division will be featured as part of the UFC on FOX 2 which is still without a venue.  Johnson was initially scheduled to fight Eddie Wineland at bantamweight, it is unclear who, or if  Wineland will fight on that evening, now that Johnson will be competing in the tournament.

Ian McCall(11-2 MMA), is widely regarded as the best flyweight in the world. He enters the octagon for the first time, as the current Tachi Palace Fights Flyweight Champion. The 27-year-old is undefeated (4-0) since dropping down in weight.  Yasuhiro Urushitani at 35 years old may be making is UFC debut, however he is no stranger to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Urushitani (19-4-6 MMA) is currently riding a five fight win streak, and is the current Shooto Champion.

Joseph Benevides (15-2 MMA) is looking to solidify himself as a champion. His only two losses came to current Bantamweight Champion, and Team Alpha Male slayer Dominick Cruz. With Cruz set to fight Alpha Male teammate Urijah Faber, and Jose Aldo set to defend his Featherweight Title against Chad Mendes, Benevides is looking to solidify his teams dominance in the lighter weight divisions.

The flyweight division will offer fight fans, fast paced fights, that feature extraordinary technique.