MMA Prospect Andre ‘Touchy’ Fili One Step Closer to The UFC

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By Jonathan King The Clinch Report

The long hard life fighters lead is extremely different from fighter to fighter. Back-rounds vary, stories differ, however one goal remains true for most fighters; and that is a contract with the UFC. Andre Fili took one more step closer to that goal last night with a unanimous decision victory over a very game Enoch Wilson at Tachi Palace Fights 15 in Lemoore California.

Utilizing his superior length Fili was able to open up the fight by frustrating Wilson with his jab. After eating a few head turning shots, Wilson was able to secure a take-down  but was unable to keep position as Fili was able to reverse into a dominant position and land strikes from Wilson’s guard.

The second round was very similar to the first, however about halfway through the frame Wilson caught Fili with a whiplash like spinning back-fist that immediately gave Wilson confidence to continue attacking on his feet. Even though he was able to close Fili’s eye with a right hook, once on the ground Fili was able to control most of the round, with the only offense from Wilson being a failed kimura attempt from bottom.

With his eye completely closed, and fight seemingly in his favor Fili could have just cruised to a majority decision. However he began the round like a fighter behind, with excellent distance striking and counter punching. Fili was even able to secure a round securing take-down late, that enabled him to sap the last of the fight from Wilson.

Winning 30-27 on all score cards Andre Fili is hoping to make his way to the UFC soon, where he would join his team Alpha Male brothers Urijah Faber, Joseph Benevides, Chad Mendes, and Danny Castillo who are already on the roster.

Fighter Analysis: At 5-10 the Sacramento native is extremely long for 145 lbs. Very range established striker, with deceptively good ground game. Strong athlete, with excellent agility. Able to establish range with both hands and feet! With 11 wins and only 1 loss that was due to a knee injury, he has the record and the pedigree to make the big stage in his very next fight. Andre Fili is a can’t miss prospect in the 145 lbs division, with an established team supporting him I would not be surprised to see him in the UFC by the middle of next year!

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