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KOTC 12.4-26

By: Jonathan M. King The Clinch Report

Photos By John Walsh The Clinch Report

Fight 1: Marlen Magee vs. Jay Pinto     155lbs   3X5


Rd 1: Both fighters start off with an incredible exchange that damages both fighters. McGee instigates the clinch  but ends up on bottom. Pinto pops his head free from the guillotine. Both fighters stand up and Pinto again lands in top control as McGee falls on the middle kick. Good first round. 10-9 Pinto

Rd 2: Again both fighters swinging heavy. Magee rocked early but able to survive. Pinto in control after 2 rounds on our cards 10-9

Rd 3: Very tough round to score, both fighter exhausted. Pinto had control of MaGee’s body for a good portion of the frame, but Magee was the only one scoring with strikes. We score the round for Magee. 10-9 but the fight for Pinto (29-28)

Decision: Winner via UD Marlon Magee (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Fight 2: Chase Gibson vs. David Hernandez   145lbs 3X5

Rd 1: Gibson starts out very busy. Nice head kick and body kick from Gibson find a home. Hernandez charges forward with a multiple punch flurry. Nice judo toss from Gibson finds him in side control. Now in North South position, Gibson looking to get busy with the ground and pound. Quickly Gibson transitions to the back where he secures the tap.

Winner: Chase Gibson via RNC Rd 1:

Fight 3: Chris Culley vs. Kevin Michel   149lbs 3X5

Rd 1:Chris Culley controls the fight from the opening bell. Great strikes at range, but not many of them. Culley picking his shots has Michel in a bad position up against the cage. Nice transition to the back from Culley who seems to have the choke deep, and he does. Michel taps ending the fight!

Winner: via RNC Chris Culley 4:45 Rd 1

Fight 4: Dominick Reyes vs. Jose Rivas  198lbs (Catchweight)  3X5

Rd 1: Rivas lands right away with a nice middle kick but eats a few nice knees from Reyes in the clinch. Reyes moving well, as Rivas appears to be tiring already. Reyes systematically picking Rivas apart. Crisp jab from Reyes finding their mark. Diverse arsenal of strikes from Reyes, who lands with kicks and punches to the body. Straight left hand from Reyes, followed by another and another. Rivas drops and that is the end of the fight.

Winner: via TKO Dominick Reyes 3:23 Rd 1

Fight 5: Todd Willingham vs. Joshua Aveles   170lbs 3X5

Rd 1: Both fighters feeling each other out, as each are throwing single shots. Aveles keeping that right hand cocked but not letting it go yet. Willingham giving as god as he is receiving so far! Willingham wearing some damage already as hid right eye is leaking. The eye is closing rapidly. Left hook upper cut from Aveles starches Willingham.  Body kick from Aveles rocks Willingham backwards. Nice right hand from Aveles as well.  Willingham appears to be on borrowed time  Left and right  huge upper cut from Aveles and that is the end of the fight!

Winner: Joshua Aveles via TKO Rd 1

Fight 6: Alex Reyes vs. Victor Meza   155lbs 5X5 (For KOTC 155lbs Title)

Rd 1:Both fighters working out of the orthodox stance as the trade middle kicks. Reyes flirts with the spin kick but misses. Meza looking to establish the jab, then flurries forward with the 3, 2. Reyes lands some heavy punches but Meza circles away effectively. Neither fighter looking to set anything up at this point, all home run shot to this point. Meza lands a nice uppercut but Reyes quicly obtains position and buries Meza into the cage. Both fighters work free to the center of the cage. Reyes working out of the clinch lands  to the body but Meza returns with a head kick as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Reyes

Rd 2: Reyes landing with some power to the body, then changing levels to the head before exiting clean. Reyes now attacking the legs of Meza, whose output and movement have slowed. Nice rght hand from Reyes before taking the clinch and slamming Meza to the mat. Meza back to his feet lands a nice right on the exit. Back to the middle of the cage now. Meza standing practically still. Reyes circling around him. Reyes doubles up on the jab before changing to the body. Left hook right leg kick from Reyes. Meza attempts the head kick but blocked effectively by Reyes. Meza looking for a guillotine but Reyes pops his head free, and looks for an arm in choke but he releases it before landing a nice combination to the body. Both fighters throwing and even Herb Dean catches one! 10-9 Reyes

Rd 3: Reyes lands a big leg kick and Meza is hurt. Meza pinned against the cage as Reyes keeps the relentless pressure applied. Reyes now in Meza’s open guard. Reyes with a knee as they both stand. Meza appears to be moving better. Both fighters starting to tire. Reyes again with the take down. Nice elbows from the top as Meza is in trouble again. Knees to the body from Reyes. Straight left from Reyes. Reyes looks to transition to the back, but Meza shrimps free to side control. Both fighter stand as the round comes to a close.

Rd 4: Meza coming to life in this 4th round. Reyes still in control, but Meza lands with a huge uppercut. Reyes again working the clinch, but Meza works free. Now Meza stalking.Reyes lands a right and Meza slips into a choke. Meza works free as Reyes fails to take his back. Reyes again buries Meza into the cage. Leg kick floors Meza as Reyes swarms. Meza able to survve so far but now the choke is in and it is deep! Meza taps!

Winner: via RNC submission and NEW 155lbs KOTC Champion Alex Reyes 4:43 Rd 4

Fight 7: Will Noland vs.  Daniel Hernandez 185lbs 5X5 (for KOTC 185lbs Title)

Rd 1: Hernandez takes a hold of an missed middle kick and parlays it into the first take down. Guillotine from Hernandez but Noland works free and to his feet. Another take down from Hernandez this time a trip. Noland back to his feet again. Nice knees from Noland in the clinch but again Hernandez grounds the fight. Somehow Hernandez gets an arm and secures the tap!

Winner: via Armbar rd 1 And Still 185 lbs Champion Daniel Hernandez

The middle

The middle

We are streaming the results for King of The Cage ‘Terrified’ Live from the San Manuel Indian Casino in Highland, CA.

The main event will feature current 170lbs champion Joshua ‘El Rey’ Aveles vs Kris Armbrister for the vacant 160lbs King of the Cage title. Also featured as the co main event is Jerod Spoon vs. Henry Corrales at 145 lbs.

Preliminary Bouts:

Fight #1 Bobby ‘The Kid’ Sanchez v Keith ‘Danger’ Carson 135 lbs 3 X 5

Rd1: Big John McCarthy is the third man in the cage. Carson starts with the jab, and Sanchez looks for the take down, then pulls guard. Sanchez holding on to the single leg, as Carson presses him against the cage. Nice knee to the body from Carson. Sanchez back to his feet, again looking for the single leg. Sanchez seems hurt, Carson landing hammer fists to the head, three unanswered and Big John stops the fight.

Winner: Via TKO Rd 1 Keith ‘Danger’ Carson (2:38)

Fight#2 David Evans v David Mitchell 170 lbs 3 X 5

Rd1: Referee Mike Beltran is in charge of the action. Big right hand from Evans prompts the shot from Mitchell. Evans pressing the action as he has Mitchell against the cage. Mitchell looks for a single leg, but Evans able to defend momentarily before being dragged to the mat. Mitchell landing soft rights from Evans closed guard. Beltran calling for action, looking to stand them up. Mitchell starts to work, only to be tied back up promptly. Evans controlling the posture well, as Mitchell cant seem to do any damage. Ref stands them up, and Mitchell immediately looks for the take down again, and has it. Nice right hand lands for Mitchell. Not alot lading bu enough action to keep the stand up away. Nice flurry from Mitchell, rights and lefts reign down. Again Beltran stands them up. Round comes to a close. 10-9 Mitchell.

Rd2: Big front kick from Evans lands, and Mitchell immediately draws tight.  Big shots from Evans, as Mitchell is hurt. Mitchell back to his feet, looks for the take down only to be reversed. More punches from Evans, Mitchell is leaking. Mitchell finally gets the take down, and the momentum back. Now in mount, Mitchell looking to posture up, and he slips off. Both fighters back on their feet. Nice knee from Evans, Mitchell again down. But again back up! It is all about the take down for Mitchell. Even though he is telegraphing it, it is still working. Evans controlling the posture well. Nice ground strikes from Mitchell, are scoring bu not doing much damage. Mitchell looks for a leg, but Evans stands only to be slammed back to the mat. round comes to a close with Mitchell again in top position. 10-9 Mitchell with the late control and take downs.

Rd3: Mitchell quickly achieves another take down,Evans throws a sweep and is now in top position. Mitchell able to get the body lock, and return to his feet. Evans sprawls away from another attempt at his legs, and lands a nice elbow. Mitchell throws a switch and achieves top again, big right hands find there mark, but Evans pulls Mitchell near again. Mitchell slips again looking for the back, and Evans ends up in his guard. Short elbows from Evans grind away at Mitchell. Both fighters are completely gassed. Referee Mike Beltran stands them up. Nice knee to the body from Evans, and another that lands a little south of the border. Beltran calls time. Mitchell will have up to 5 minutes to recover. Mitchell is ready. Another take down attempt by Mitchell is left unsatisfied as the fight comes to a close. 10-9 we have him winning 30-27

Winner: Via Split Decision (29-28 Evans, 29-28 Mitchell, 29-28 Evans) David Evans 

Fight #3 Terrion ‘Flash’ Ware v Kevin Michel 135 lbs 3 X 5

Rd1: Referee Mike Beltran is again the third man in the cage. Michel looking to establish the jab. Ware countering over the top with the right hand. Ware doubling up on the jab. Michel lands a leg kick. and a nice counter right hand. Ware pumping that jab, and Michel is already bruising up. Nice leg kick from Michel. Knees from the clinch land for Ware, and now upper cuts. Michel can’t escape Ware’s thai clinch. Knees to the body now for Ware find a home. Michel leaking as more knees find a home. Ware now looking for the back, but Michel holds a single leg. Hammer fists from Ware find there mark. Michel momentarily gets the trip, but Ware quickly gets back up.  Ware throws up his legs, and sets up the triangle, it looks deep, but Michel alive for now. Ware adjusts the hold, and sinks it deeper. Michel taps.

Winner: Terrion ‘The Flash’ Ware via submission (triangle choke) Rd 1 (4:26)

Fight#4  Eric Moon v Vince Alaalatoa 170 lbs 3 X 5

Rd 1: Big John McCarthy in charge of the action. Alaalatoa with a sizable reach advantage. Nice jab lands on the face of moon. Nice take down from Moon, but Vince gets back to his feet promptly. Both fighters trade lefts, with Moon getting the worse of the two. Nice body shot from Moon., as he changes levels and looks for the single leg.  Finally he gets it, but Alaaltoa quickly stands and takes Moon down. Vince looking to transition to the back is softening up moon with punches. Both hooks in, as he tries to flatten him out. Lefts from Vince, find Moon’s temple. Vince looks like he might have injured his knee, but he is still game to trade punches. Now Moon has Alaalatoa’s back and the choke looks deep, it is and Vince is forced to tap.

Winner:  Eric Moon Via Submission RNC (Short choke) 

Fight #5 Melvin Costa v Johnny Cisneros  185 3 X 5

Rd 1: Mike Beltran in charge of the action. Nice left hook from Cisneros finds its mark, but Costa presses Cisneros against the cage, before he circle off. Nice take down off the leg kick for Cisneros, and he is looking to mount. Big left hands from the back, have Costa in trouble against the cage. Halfway between mounts, Cisneros lands big punches.  Both fighters now trading shots, Costa is a bloody mess already.  Big power double leg from Cisneros drives Costa back into the cage, on on his back.  Costa kicks Cisneros away, but Cisneros throws the legs to the side before landing a big hammer fist. Now in side control, Cisneros trapping an arm, begins to reign down again. Costa back to his feet, but Cisneros puts him back on the mat. Round comes to a close. 10-9 Cisneros.

Rd 2: Costa starts out backing up Cisneros, feigning the jab.  Cisneros again takes the fight to the ground. Right hands from Cisneros land to the temple of Costa as he struggles to get back to his feet. Cisneros again back in control on the ground, but he allows Costa to his feet before he again slams him to the mat. Cisneros working from side control. Now in back mount, with both hooks in Cisneros looking for the choke. Costa rolls to his back, before Cisneros stands. Working in Costa’s guard Cisneros looking to posture up. Rude elbows from Cisneros make their introduction to Costa’s face. Left to the body, and right elbows bring the round to a close. Cisneros in charge 10-9.

Rd 3: Costa able to stuff Cisneros’s first take down attempt, only to be dropped with the second. Cisneros is relentless with the ground assault.  Now in side control, Cisneros uses some shoulder shrugs and short elbows to stay busy. Cisneros fighting for mount, but Costa doing well enough to prevent the transition. Now Costa sweeps, and ends up on top momentarily.  Cisneros again scores with the take down. Big Hammer fist echoes from Cisneros, as Costa thought about the triangle. SO far this fight is all Cisneros. Referee Mike Beltran stands them up, but Cisneros finishes the fight and the round with another take down. 10-9 CIsneros

Winner: Johnny Cisneros via UD

Fight #6 Joseph Condon v Sam Liera 170 lbs 3 X 5

Rd 1: Condon counter the attacks of Liera well. Liera stalking, is moving Condon around the cage. Nice counter from Liera finds a home. Both fighters still feeling out the other. Liera attacking the legs well. Nice change of levels by Liera as he starts with the body shot, and exits on the right up stairs. Big right hand from Liera starches Condon, who is on his bicycle. Liera now on Condon’s back, and the choke is in deep. Condon is forced to tap.

Winner: Sam Liera via Submission RNC Rd 1 (3:39)

Fight #7 Jared Spoon v Henry Corrales for the Bantamweight Title 145 lbs 5 X 5

Rd 1: Both fighters take the center of the cage. Spoon looking to establish his range, but Corrales quickly lifts him and slams him to the mat. Spoon, may have a guillotine, but Corrales escapes. Nice right hand from Spoon, backs up Corrales. Corrales returns fire with jabs and leg kicks, that back up Spoon. Both fighters trade on the exit of a quick clinch. Spoon’s mid section showing signs of bruising. Corrales lands low with a kick, that stops time. Spoon will have up to 5 minutes to recover. After a short break, the fight resumes. Corrales with a nicely timed counter right hand, sends Spoon backwards. Another low kick from Corrales drops Spoon, and again time is called by veteran referee Big John McCarthy, who takes a point for the second infraction. Both fighters are ready, Spoon gets the momentary take down, but Corrales gets back to his feet, only to go for a ride again. Both fighters back up and in the center of the cage. Spoon bleeding from the nose. Nice leg kick from Spoon. Round comes to a close. 10-8 Spoon because of the deduction.

Rd 2: Nice leg kick from Corrales starts the second frame. Both fighters eating jabs. Corrales lands a nice one two, and Spoon appears staggered, but he is not. Corrales now backing up Spoon. Spoon ducks under a jab, takes Corrales leg and gets the take down. Corrales quickly back to his feet. Corrales throws a leg kick, and Spoon takes him down. Corrales reverses and gets back to his feet. Spoon can’t seem to keep Corrales down for very long. Spoon breathing heavy from his mouth, as Corrales looks to counter. Big exchange with Corrales landing the better shots. Spoon is able to secure a single leg, but Corrales is able to pull free. Spoon again with the single leg take down as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Corrales.

Rd 3: Corrales starts the third frame clearly as the aggressor, and drops Spoon with a leg kick.  Both fighters trade hooks. Once again Spoon works for the single leg take down, but Corrales again back to his feet in a flash. Low kick from Spoon this time prompts the stoppage from Big John. Corrales seems ready. Nice leg kick from Spoon buckles Corrales, who responds with a three punch combination. Nice combination from Corrales as he changes levels and delivers to the body first, then the head. Left hand catches Spoon but he says it didn’t hurt with a head shake. Corrales gets sloppy with his hands, and Spoon capitalizes and again brings the fight to the floor. Now in mount, Spoon looking to land ground strikes, but the round comes to a close. 10-9 Spoon in a round that could go either way.

Rd 4: Again Spoon looks for the take down, but Corrales avoids nicely. Chopping leg kick from Corrales, and then again. Spoon marching behind the jab, but unable to land clean. Corrales counter punching well. Spoon seems content to throw one strike at a time. Now he starts to open up with the hands, but Corrales is waiting with the counter right hand. Corrales cutting off the cage well. Nice left hand from Corrales stops the take down attempt. It works a second time as well. Nice one two from Corrales. Spoon is able to duck under though and again is able to slow the fight down. Working in half guard, Spoon looks to transition, but Corrales shrugs him off before returning to his feet. Round comes to an end. 10-9 Corrales.

Rd 5: Big right hand shows some urgency by Spoon, but it misses its mark. Both fighters being very cautious. Neither wants to commit to a combination. Leaping lead right hand from Spoon, is partially blocked. Corrales beginning to find a home with the jab. Nice counter right hand from Corrales answers a Spoon left. Nice jab from Spoon snaps Corrales head back. Corrales ducks under a jab, returns with the right, and looks for the take down. Spoon circles away. Spoon’ mouth wide open as he takes a deep breath. Push kick from Corrales presses Spoon back, but he immediately shoots in and gets the take down at the end of the round. 10-9 Spoon

Winner: Via Split Decision Henry Corrales (Crowd very disappointed in the decision) And New KOTC Bantamweight Champion of the World

Min Event:

Joshua ‘El Rey; Aveles v Kris Armbrister for vacant KOTC 160 lbs World Title. 5 X 5

Rd 1: Leg kicks from Armbrister, but a short right hand from Aveles drops him. Aveles swarms with elbows to the body. Mike Beltran has seen enough.

Winner: Joshua Aveles via TKO rd 1 (0:20) And New KOTC Jr Welterweight Champion of the World.


By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report

The King of The Cage: Vindication recently took place at the San Manuel Indian Casino. The card featured several bouts that were supposed to lead to title shots. One panned out, the other ended in upset. Former 170 lbs champion Joshua Aveles survived a very tough opponent in order to secure his rematch with current champion David Gomez. That fight takes place next month at the same location.

For Daniel Hernandez unfortunately things did not go according to plan. After dominating the early minutes of round one with his trademark ground and pound, his opponent Matt Lagler (who came in 11lbs over weight) was able to lock in a rolling guillotine, and forced Hernandez to tap. The loss erases a possible title shot against KOTC middleweight champion and promotional stalwart Sean Strickland, who is currently undefeated.

The main event featured Nick Piedmont vs Seth Dikun. Piedmont came into the fight riding a winning streak that most recently saw him defeat Cleber Luciano for Bellator MMA in under 1 minute. Unfortunately for him, Dikun proved to be quite a tough opponent who stayed right in Piedmonts face for the entire fight. Piedmont although maintained the clear edge with effective striking and cruised to a unanimous decision victory. When asked what was next Piedmont replied “I think Bellator MMA is coming back so I’ll probably get a fight with them, we will see!”

These pictures are owned by The Clinch Report LLC, all rights are reserved. If you care to use them for any publication you must ask permission first.


By Jonathan King And Karisa Winett

Live the action from San Manuel Indian Casino.
Fight Card to be updated AFTER Each Round.

#1 135 LBS Justin Cook vs. Kevin Michel
rd1: Early take dwon stuffed by Michel after landing some knees he transitions to the back. Cook looses his hooks and is swept by Michel. Michel Now looking to posture and reign down ground and pound.Cook defending well from the bottom, looking for triangle and arm bars, but none work out. Michel now wtih a guilotine. Cook parlays a single leg into a double leg, and takes Michel down fiercly. Cook looking again to transition to the back. But again is swept into guard as Michel slides in and out of side control. Cook looking again for a triangle but eats a heavy right hand. Again Michel takes the back, but once again is swept into guard, Michel with heavy ground punches, Ref steps in with just seconds as Cook taps out due to ground strikes!

Winner RD 1 Submission Tapout due to strikes Kevin Michel 4:58

#2 170 LBS Charles Lee vs. Gabe Lopez
rd1: Body Kick by Lopez cracks Lee, as the fight goes to the mat. Knee to the body by Lee puts Lopez on his back. Lee looking to posture up. Lopez tries to get back to his feet, but Lee grabs a neck crank. Lopez wall walks back to his feet, as Lee lands body shots and Knees. Big knee from Lopez drops Lee. Lee looking for the back, but falls back into Lopez guard. Now Lee in side control. Big uppercut from Lopez as they stand. Lee instigates the clinch but gets dropped again momentarily  Lopez drives for a take down, but lets it go. As Lee has his back against the fence, he lands a few knees to the body of Lopez.  Both fighters are gassed. Right on the break lands for Lopez. Big left hand by Lopez. Close round but we give it to Lopez based on aggression 10-9

rd2: Both fighters are tired. Lee throws a body kick that misses. Lope lands a combination. Body kick by Lopez. Knees from lee puch Lopez back. Now back in the center of the cage, Lopez looks to land with the hands. Both fighters missing often. Fighters trade left hands with Lopez getting the better of the exchange. Front kick from Lee lands. Left hook from Lee lands. Lopez landing with the one two combination often now. Lopez landing with heavy right hands, but Lee is stoic. More lefts and rights, but Lee keeps moving forward. Lopez bleeding now from his right eye. Very close round, we are going Lopez 10-9. Both fighters are exhausted!

rd3: Lopez starts with a left hook, that backs Lee up. Lee fights out of the corner well, as Lopez adjusts his attack. Chopping leg kicks from Lee. More combinations from Lopez. Low Blow from Lee in the clinch prompts a stoppage from Big John. Restart see Lopez landing a kick to the body, as Lee stalks forward. Lopez with some hard body shots in the clinch. Lee secures a take down, and is now IN Lope open guard. Lee Postures and Lands a heavy igh ad. Lopez looking to stand, and does. Both fighters are in slow motion. The last ten seconds sees a flurry by Lopez but nothing lands cleanly. Have to score the last round 10-9 for Lee with the take down! We have Lopez winning 29-28

Winner via Split Decision Gabriel Lopez (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

#3 149 lbs Catch Weight Mike Christensen vs. Henry Corrales

rd1: Corrales takes down Christensen immediately and rides the close guard. Both fighters get back momentarily to their feet, before Corrales again takes down his opponent. Christensen defends well, but Corrales in clear control. Intermittent round and pound keeps the ref at bay, but no significant strikes land. Corrales finishes the round on top. 10- 9 Corrales

rd2: Again Corrales scores an early take down, he is looking to secure an arm, and he does. Kimura looks deep and Christensen taps. Winner Henry Corrales 1:03 rd 2 via Verbal Submission Kimura

#4 265 LBS Lolohea Mahe vs. Rob Jackson

rd1: Heavy hands from both fighters. Jackson looks to kick, but Mahe defending and counter punching well. Mahe ricks Jackson with a beautiful combination, And keeps throwing. Jackson is on weak legs, as Mahe pours it on, the corner throws in the the towel, but it may be too late. Winner Lolohea Mahe via TKO (1:37) RD 1

#5 185 LBS Johnny Cisneros vs. Daniel Hernandez

rd1: Take down from Hernandez starts the fight, as he has Cisneros pinned agaisnt the cage. Hernandez looking to mount. Cisneros scrambles back to side position. Hernandez lloks strong as he wont let cisneros stand. Smothering attack so far by Hernandez.  Hernandez transitions to the back, but Cisneros scrambles now he is mounted, but sweeps. Xisnerso now in control. Hernandez grabs an armbar, it looks deep. Cisneros taps.

Winner: Daniel Hernandez Rd 1 via Submission Armbar

#6 160 Lbs KOTC Jr Welterweight Title Fight Lowen Tynanes vs. Kris Armbrister

rd1: Leg kicks traded to start the bout. Big right hands land almost simultaneously. Armbrister moving well. Tynanes instigates the clinch, and takes Armbrister down with a single leg. Tynanes in side control. Tynanaes in control, as Armbrister can escape from bottom. Tynanes lands a big right hand, and then drags Armbrister back to the ground. Short elbows from side control land for Tynanes. Armbrister back to his feet, but Tynanes lloks for the guillotine  and then switches to guard. Tynanes again in side control, landing short right hands and elbows to Armbrister’s head.

Winner via arm in triangle Lowen Tynanes New Jr Welterweight Champion Rd 1(4:30)

#7 David Gomez vs Joshua Aveles* For Welterweight Title (* Champion)

rd1: Both fighters trading jabs. Aveles landing leg kicks. Gomez and Aveles trading in the center of the cage with Aveles winning the exchange. Big leg kick by Aveles floors Gomez, who quickly springs back to his feet. Aveles instigates the clinch, but breaks with a right hand on the exit. Gomez is cut over the left eye. Rd ends with both fighters landing combinations. 10 – 9 Aveles

rd2: More jabs from Aveles set up leg kicks. Gomezt lands his own and keep circling out of Aveles power range (to the left). Gomez starting to tire, as Aveles continues to land. 1’s and 2’s for Aveles. Followed by more leg kicks. Gomez lands a big right hand, but Aveles keeps the pressure on. Gomez lands a right hand as the round comes to an end. Aveles 10-9

rd3: Gomez more aggressive. Landing a big right hand that backs up Aveles temporarily. Gomez again lands the right this time to the body. Aveles still pushing forward, Gomez now playing the counter puncher. Upper cut leg kick from Gomez lands. Aveles chopping with the leg kick. Aveles jabbing Gomez at will. Gomez now jabbing, but Aveles lands a push kick to back him off. Aveles landing crisper shots now. Big Flurry fpr Gomez who lands a uppercut, elbow and a knee before the round ends. 10-9 Gomez

rd4: Aveles starts out with more jabs, and leg kicks. Gomez lands a kick of his own. Head kick from Aveles lands, Gomez immeditaly fires a jab back. 3 punch combination for Gomez, who takes Aveles down to the mat. Now in Aveles guard Gomez looking to posture up, but Aveles ties him up. Gomez landing single punches, in between getting tied up by Aveles. Still in Aveles closed guard, Aveles right eye is starting to close, the ref stands them up. Attempting take down by Gomez falls short. Both fighters trade jabs. Big overhand left from Gomez. Knee from Gomez pushes Aveles back. as the round comes to an end. 10-9

rd5: Big take down by Gomez. Aveles defends well, but eats a few ground strikes. Gomez working out of Aveles’s closed guard. Aveles having a hard time controlling Gomez this time. More ground strikes land, before the tie up Ref Mike Beltran calls for action and then stands them up. Gomez lands a big right hand and immediately brings the fight back to the mat. 10 seonds to go, and Gomez rides the fight out in top position, but stands right before the bell. 10 -9 Gomez

Winner via Split Decision David Gomez ( New Welterweight Champion) 

#8 Tony Lopez vs. Nick Rossborough

rd1: Both fighters landing leg kicks and jabs. Lopez controlling the pace, but Nick lands a big right hand. Lopez looking to o work with his kicks, as he keeps feigning. Now Rossborough with a leg kick. Big right hand from Rossborough, but Lopez lands a big body kick. Now Rossborough pusjes Lopez against the cage. Lopez escapes, One two from Rossborough lands. But now its Lopez on the attack. Blood from Lopez’ nose. Jab right cross drops Lopez and Rosborough moves in for the finish. Lopez uses a single leg to get back to his feet. Big Knee from Rossborough on the exit. Lopez in trouble. However he hangs on as the round comes to an end. Very close to be a 10-8 round, but we will give it 10-9 Rossborough.

rd2: Lopez looks out on his feet. Push kick from Rossborough starts off a very lethargic rd 2. Upper cut lead into a one two combination has Lopez in trouble. But again he walks out. Lopez lands to the body with two push kicks. Rossborough again with the lead right hand, Big combination from Lopez his best work  of the fight so far. Left to the body by Rossborough. More action from Lopez.  Early action has us scoring the round for Rossborough. 10-9

rd3: Both fighters trading kicks, As Lopez is looking to control the distance with his length. Rossborough now breathing out of his mouth. Rossborough lands a big left to the body, but Lopez responds with a left. 1 ,2 combination lands flush from Rossborough. Big left hand from Rossborough lands off of the counter. Rossborough landing straight shots that have Lopez in trouble . Knees land from Rossborough as the round comes to an end. Lopez is in big trouble. 10-9 Rossborough

rd4: Kicks from Lopez push back Rossborough with little effect. Clearly in control Rossborough seems content to pick his shots. Inside trip by Lopez slmost sets up a choke. Big elbows from Lopez, this guy has no quit. Lopez attempting to pick Rossboroughs ankle. Now Lopez transitioning to the back. Both hooks are in as he is looking to finsih the fight. Lopez riding Rossborough, back to the mat. Now in side control, Lopez looking for a choke. Big Knees to the body of Rossborough. Big round from Tony Lopez as he comes back to dominate the round. Could very well be a 10-8 round in his favor.

rd5: Round starts with a head kick from Lopez that lands. And immediately he shoots for the take down. Rossborough escapes. John McCarthy stops the action as Rossborough gets poked. Restart Lopez lands a big combination and a leg kick. Again Lopez with an inside trip, now looking to mount. Lopez landing but nothing heavy as Rossborough controls the posture of Lopez. Back in the guard, Lopez looks to transition back to the mount. Big combination from Rossbourugh, but Lopez responds. Now Rossborough looks for a take down, but Lopez defends with a kimura.  Rd comes to an end. We have Lope 10-9

Winner (49-45, 48-45, 49-44) Via Unanimous Decision Nick Rossborough (New Heavyweight Champion)