Richard Leroy vs Brandon Hastings: Comeback of the Year?

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By: Jonathan M. King The Clinch Report

Photos By: Blanca Garcia

In the main event of the Lights Out Promotions/Bash Boxing card in Studio City, two fan favorites went at it for nearly 14 minuted to the delight of the crowd. Utilizing superior movement, and an effective game plan Brandon Hastings clearly had the advantage on the score cards going into the third frame. Richard Leroy seemed to be baffled by Hastings movement, often lunging with punches that Hastings easily avoided and countered with ferocity.

Going in to the final round, Leroy was bloodied and bruised but still moving forward. Continually moving, Hastings  took control of the round and once again left Leroy guessing. About halfway through the round, Hastings began to slow slightly. Charging forward Leroy saw an opening inspired by Hastings hands being low, and dropped him with a lighting fast combination that felled Hastings. Hastings did his best to weather the storm, but referee John McCarthy was forced to call a stop to the bout.

The incredible finish left the raucous crowd spellbound. With the win, Richard ‘Mr” Leroy remains undefeated as a professional at 3-0. While in defeat an extremely tough Brandon Hastings falls to 3-2. Although the fight obviously weighed heavy on the fighter, it was nice to see a huge crowd of people remaining long after the event ended, just to support their friend. Hastings may have lost the fight, but he certainly did look impressive. A rematch may certainly be in order!

For more information about these events, contact: Lights Out Promotions or Bash Boxing




  1. Richard LeRoy sr says:

    We are very proud of our son for never giving up Friday night. He has always been a warrior and showed it by hanging in there, and being patient enough to keep looking for his opportunity and taking it when it presented itself. He is a very humble person and it is an attribute that I believe is the mark of a champion.

    Both fighters showed exemplary sportsmanship and is something that should never be overlooked. We TIP OUR HAT to Brandon Hastings for giving it his all and hope to see him in the ring/cage again.

    A huge thank you to all of his fans for the support and love you show him and a very special thank you to everybody at Sityodtong for the preparation and dedication you give him to step in the ring and be fully prepared to handle himself.

    Richard and Tina LeRoy


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