Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller eats Uriah Hall right, after Racist taunts!

Posted: October 26, 2013 in Combat Sports, UFC
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While awaiting a photo op at Bamma USA, several celebrities and fighters began making there way into the cage for photos. At some point, Uriah Hall and Jason Mayhem Miller began a heated confrontation. I was literally right next to Hall. By now a bunch of fans had surrounded, and the commission, MMA Interviews Spencer Lazara, a few security guards and myself began creating distance between the two. When more guard arrived, Mayhem leaned in and called Uriah a “Bitch as N^GGA!” at least 6 times. Each one more venomous, each one more taunting, and flinching at Uriah with his head. After the sixth racist line, Uriah who can easily say Miller was acting aggressive and belligerent, responded to one of Millers movements with a glance Right hand, that did make contact! Uriah was beside himself.

He had every right to be angry. I really Hope the UFC doesn’t suspend Uriah Hall, he was put into a corner by a complete lunatic, one that I can say I was a huge fan of, but not anymore. Jason Mayhem Miller has decided to remain relevant by hating on those who actually are! Very disappointing. I am actually filled with mixed emotions, because again Mayhem is obviously at rock bottom. In fact, he is just Jason Miller, his rascal-like Mayhem, is long gone. In its place, all that is left is a bitter, ex jock, who is burning every bridge he comes across. He will not be allowed back at Bamma USA. And this comes straight from the top!

  1. juju says:

    Really? since when was using the word nigga a racial slur? I understand if he used the word ending in er but nigga is used by everyone whites blacks hispanics… If it is a racial slur then why do black people use it? I’ll tell you why, nigga is the equivalent of “dude”. Nothing less nothing more. If everyone but white people can use it then that is racist!


    • Since when? Really. If that is the case, then why didn’t he say “dude”? Because he was trying to be a hurtful prick. I feel sick about this. Mayhem was one of my favorite all time fighters. You say it’s not a racist term, well maybe sometimes it’s not. But were you there? Did you witness the behavior? I did! I was pulling Hall away, saw the whole disgusting display! Maybe you should read the accounts before making half assed statements. But the great thing is, this is not a public forum for you to make racial assumptions. So that will be your last post on this site. I appreciate you stopping by, would would be even more thankful when you leave!
      Good day! Sir!
      Learn history!


  2. hacken2013 says:

    This is the first I’m hearing of this and I’m sad and disappointed as well. As for you, it is one thing to read it, another to be standing right there…I can imagine how truly disgusted you are.


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