BAMMA USA BADBEAT 11 Live from The Commerce Casino

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Combat Sports

Live From The Commerce Casino

BAMMAUSA Badbeat 11:

Preliminary Card:

Justin Governale (0-0) v Chris Pena (1-1)

Rd1: Early take down by Pena, as he tries to pass the guard, Governale stands, but is eating ssome heavy elbows and kbees against the cage. Governale circles out, eats a kick and attempts his own take down. Governale finally able to secure the take down. Pena back up and eats a nasty low blow, time is called and Pena is not moving, in obvious pain.  After a long delay the fight resumes, Governale momentarily had Pena down, but Pena got back up before the end of the round. Pena rd 1

Rd2: Pena starts out nicely slipping the jab, but Governal again instigates the clinch, but Pena reverses and delivers a few knees. Goveranale with a nice combination, finishing on the leg. Both fighters trading sincgle shots, Nice leg kick by Pena, but Governale returns nicely with a 5 punch combination. Both men clearly tiring. Nice take down, by Governale as the round ends, Which may have given the rd1. Governale 10-9

Rd3: at leg kicks from Pena land early, but Governale returns with the hands. Both fighters are trading moments.  Nice body kicks from Pena find a home, an he backs Governale against the cage momentarily before they start throwing again. Pena looking for the take down, but Governale defends well, and is able to secure guard. Hammerfist from Pena, as the bell ends the fight. Very close fight. Very close rd. We have Pena 10-9 and the fight 29-28.

Winner via Decision (Unanimous) Chris Pena

Benji Gomez (0-0) v Shai Lindsey (0-0)

Rd1: Benji Gomez starts out pawing with the jab, and looking for the right hand. Lindsey moving well to avoid the power hand of Gomez. Lead left hook from Gomez fails to find a home, Lindsey getting busier with his hands, and is still moving real well. Both fighters spent their time picking single strikes, neither was able to land anything all that significant. Gomez 10-9 based activity.

Rd2: Gomez showng more urgency as the round begins. Lindsey takes the center of the cage and  moves away from any danger, before landing a leg kick and a lead left hook. Both fighters thrwg th little connections, but a nice knee from GZ FINDS A HOME> Nice lead right hand from Lindsey baks up Gomez, Gomez with a nice body kick, and immediately instigates the clinch! Lindsey reverse position and is able to sink in the standing guillotine. It looks deep and that its!

Winner via standing guillotine rd 2 (2:42) Shai Lindsey

Blake Belshe (0-1) v Christian Aguilera (0-0)

Rd1: Mike Beltran is the third man in the cage. Aguliera landing with the jab, and doubling up nicely. Nice combination from Belshe. Aguilera again slipping the jab effortlessly. Left hook counter by Aguilera. Nice right hand from Belshe, but he eats a counter on the exit. Aguilera lands a nice combination but is take down by Belshe after a brief clinch. Belshe again slams the standing Aguilera who quicklu returns to his feet. Belshe pressing the action, keeping Aguilera up against the cage. Great finish by Belshe who steals the round. 10-9 Belshe

Rd2: Nice jabs again from Aguilera start the round, Whistling jab after jab now, each one finding a home. Belshe charges but eats a counter right hand. Aguilera again pressing forward.  Nice upper cut from Belshe lands. Aguilera returns to his range and again starts pumping the jab. Starching left hand from Aguilera gets Belshe’s attention and he immediately starts circling away. Another left from Aguilera who is clearly finding a groove.

Rd3: Aguilera sticking with his bread and butter, as the jab again frustrates Belshe.  Belshe looking for a single leg, but looses it. Now Belshe is stalking  Aguilera, and again looks for the take down. This time he has it. Aguilera quickly back to his feet and circle free. Lead left hok finds its mark for Aguilera. Agulera using a little decption feigning well, and landing with Belshe’s reaction.  10-9 Aguilera. 29-28 Aguilera on our cards.

Winner: Via Decision (Split 29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Christian Aguilera 

Joe Cisneros (0-0) v Tommy Gavin (0-2)


Rd2:  Tommy Gavin via RNC Rd 2

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