UFC 153 Silva vs Bonnar Main Card Recap!

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Combat Sports, UFC
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UFC 153 in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

by Jonathan King The Clinch Report


Round 1: On paper, this is the classic match-up, ‘Wrestler vs. Grappler’. Demian Maia aggressively looks to take down Rick Story, who uses his wrestling defense to avoid the takedown, but once elevated, Maia throws him to the ground, landing in mount. Story defends, however Maia secures a neck lock, and applies a tremendous amount of pressure. Story taps ending the fight at 2:30 of the first round. Winner by Submission (neck-crank) Demian Maia 2:30 rd 1.


Round 1: Phil Davis is looking to use his distance and set up his shot, As Wagner Prado stalks. Davis attempts to grab a hold, but Prado shrugs off the attempt. They continue to feel each other out, pawing jabs at one another. Davis in  tight, is able to secure the takedown. Quickly Davis is transitioning to the back.Prado able to return to his feet momentarily before being slammed back to the mat. Davis landing several strikes on the ground. Prado defends with a whizzer, but is again dragged down. More right hands by Davis. Everytime Prado is able to stand, Davis slams him back to the mat. Round one ends with Davis on top. Clearly a decisive first round for Davis.

Round 2: Prado much more cautious of the takedown, as they circle. Davis able to secure a single, off a flying knee attempt and is able to secure yet another takedown. Davis landing decent body shots, as they return to the standing position. Prado lands a nice leg kick. Davis again picking up Prado and slamming him to the canvas. Immediately Davis transitions to side control. Looking to mount, Prado defending somewhat efficiently preventing any mount. Davis looking to secure an arm triangle, Prado escapes and momentarily get back to his feet before being snapped back down by the neck. Davis has the anaconda locked in. Its all over!  Winner by Submission (neck-crank) Phil ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Davis 4:29 rd 2.


Round 1: Silva dancing, Fitch looking more relaxed. Silva almost mocking Fitch as he throws a knee, Ritch grabs hold and takes him down. Do not underestimate Jon Fitch. Fitch looking to secure both hooks, is landing punches from the back. Back to the feet, Fitch is looking secure a standing arm triangle  Silva breaks the hold, and escapes. Looking to strike, Silva lands a huge right hand, and pushes Fitch back to the fence. Silva lands a good elbow, as they separate. Silva fighting like a arrogant karate fighter, hands down. Fitch secures a hold, and is able to once again takedown the brash youngster. Back standing Fitch grinding along the cage, is landing decent rights. Fitch transitions to the back, and is able to secure one hook as the round ends. Somebody in Silva’s corner better tell him to knock off the nonsense. It cost him the round!

Round 2: Silva again dropping his hands throws a spinning backfist, that Fitch ducks under and counters with a nasty uppercut. Big shot from Silva, and Fitch is down. Silva secures the back, and reigns down big shots, as Fitch returns to his feet. Once again both fighters trade strikes, with Fitch landing a nice knee to the body. Fitch bullies Silva to the fence, and begins to grind again. Looking to drop down, Fitch eats a Silva elbow. Silva reverses, and takes down Fitch. Securing the back Silva looks to secure the choke. Fitch is in deep trouble as the choke looks deep. Fitch is able to separate the hands, and appears safe for the moment. Fitch looking to sweep, and he does. Fitch takes the top and is landing. Fitch quickly transitions to the back, and secures an armbar. Silva escapes as time elapses. Great round!

Round 3: Silva looks exhausted as the round begins. Fitch takes Silva down again. Landing at will Fitch is pummeling the youngster, once again taking the back. Silva is eating several shots. Silva is in tough spot, but is able to escape. Now Silva secures an arm in guillotine. Fitch gives the thumbs up, and breaks the hold. Fitch again takes Silva’s back. And is relentlessly landing shots. Digging to the body, Fitch is looking to continue the punishment. Both hooks in, he flattens out Silva, and is battering his head. Now to the mount, Fitch is pounding Silva. Now landing elbows! Silva is being beat senseless. Silva escapes, but time runs out. Erick Silva is not as cocky as he was before the fight. Jon Fitch looked amazing! Winner via unanimous decision Jon Fitch


Round 1: Two heavy handed Brazilians are ready to go to war in front of their hometown crowd. Big left hook by Teixeira drops Maldonado. Glover transitions to the mount and lands big elbows. The ref is looking in, as more elbows come. Maldonado is looking to escape, but Teixeira keeps the mount and lands again. Huge left hands, and Maldonado is able to take them. More elbows from the mount. Maldonado is a bloddy mess, looking to escape he gives up an arm. Teixeira is looking for the triangle, arm in, and its deep. Maldonado is able to survive, somehow. But more ground and pound is his reward. Glover is dominating, landing more elbows. Vicious ground and pound, but Maldonado gets up. Maldonado lands a big left hook. Teixeira is picking him apart. Big left hook by Maldonado, and another. Teixeira is rocked. The round ends as they clinch. Teixeira is wobbled.

Round 2: Maldonado is a swollen mess, as Teixeira secures another takedown. Quickly Glover is able to transition to the back, however Maldonado shrugs him off and returns to his feet. Maldonado is looking to land that big left hook, but is eating several jabs. Another takedown, into full back mount for Teixeira. Who again softens up Fabio looking for the triangle. More elbow, and Maldonado’s face is looking nothing like it did before the fight. More elbows. Now in side control, Teixeira is visibly exhausted but maintains position. More I.Q. changing elbows from Teixeira. Maldonado is defending well, but still getting busted up. Ref stands them up. Doctor comes in to look at Maldonado. Who lets the fight continue. Back at it after the brief stoppage, Maldonado is still looking to land that one big left hook. Big right hand from Glover, and the round ends. How is Maldonado standing? He came in to Rocky music by the way. OH NO, DOCTOR IN THE CORNER, and the FIGHT IS OVER! Winner via TKO Glover Teixeira rd 2 5:00.


Round 1: The building erupts as Big Nog, enters the arena to ‘Come with Me’ by Puffy Combs and Jimmy Paige. Herman starts with kicks, as Nogueira looks to take him down. Herman wants nothing to do with Big Nog on the ground and quickly stands, and forces Nog too as well. Noguiera catches a leg, and Herman is able to avoid the takedown. Both fighters pawing jabs, looking to set up a big punch. Up against the fence, Nog lands a few big shots, but Herman defends well as the crowd begins to chant. Nice right hand by Herman momentarily backs of Big Nog. More kicks to Noguiera’s surgically repaired arm (the Mir injury). Herman utilizing his Team Quest pedigree to avoid the takedown again. Big Nog lands a one-two combination as the first frame comes to an end.

Round 2: Round two begins the same way round 1 ended, both fighters exchanging ranging jabs. Big shot by Nogueira, and he passes immediately to half guard, as the fight goes to the mat. Big Nog, is looking for a submission. Americana is hooked in, but gives it up for the mount. Herman looking to reverse. Nog takes the back, but is very high. Very close to an armbar for Minotauro. Herman defends with is leg, and Big nog losses the hold. Back to their feet, Herman looks to establish the range, and lands a big takedown. Landing right into Big Nog’s guard. Then stands up, not wanting to stay in Nogueira territory. Both stand as Nogueira opens up with the hands, and lands another takedown. Full mount, again looking to spin into the armbar. Herman defends well. Herman flip, but Nog holds the arm, and thats it. Dave Herman taps. The crowd is going absolutely bonkers. As Dave Herman learns that Jujitsu does in fact work! Winner by Submission (armbar) Antonio Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira rd 2 4:31.


Round 1: An immediate slip by Silva gives, Bonnar the chance to press the fight agaisnt the cage. Looks to secure the single, but drpops the leg and goes to knees. Silva underhooks and grabs plumb, turning the large Bonnar as the seperate. Bonnar again pressing against the cage, Silva seems to have a plan as he stands on the cage, and Bonnar again presses the action. Silva is standing against the cage, for some reason.Bonnar shoot a single again and eats an elbow. Big one two by Bonnar as Silva drops his hands and showboats. Bonnar happy to oblige again lands, as Silva responds with a right hand of his own. Silva now pushes bonnar against the fence and swarms with a vicious knee drops Bonnar. Right hands to the head land as Bonnar turtles up. Ref looks in, its all over folks. Winner by TKO(Knee and Punches) Anderson Silva rd 1 4:40

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Anderson is out of this world. Glad Nog got the sub, and I hope Erick get’s back better than ever!


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