UFC 151 Cancelled.

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Combat Sports, UFC
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Video of Jones calling Hendo out for TRT

For the first time in promotion history, the UFC will be cancelling an event. Dan Henderson was scheduled to fight Jon Jones for the light heavy weight title, but due to a partial tear of his MCL in his right knee. According to White the injury originally occurred a few weeks ago, and continued to worsen as he trained. The event was almost saved when Chael Sonnen agreed to take the fight on short notice, but Jones declined. “Greg Jackson is a Fucking sport killer” White said. According to White Jackson advised Jones that taking the fight with Chael would be the biggest mistake of his career. “It has never happened before, a champion turning down a fight!” White said.

Plans are that Lyota Machida will now face Jon Jones at the next pay per view which was originally supposed to be UFC 152, but will now be promoted as 151, since this event was cancelled. “This is gonna cost us a shit load of money!” White said. “Me and Lorenzo are both disgusted.” he later lamented with regard to his relationship with Jon Jones. “This is a selfish disgusting decision that effects alot more than Jon Jones.” White went on to point out that many people who are involved behind the scenes of a fight, and the under-card fighters are the ones who will be hurt by Jones’s decision

According to White, Chael Sonnen was pumped to take the fight, even calling Jones a “mental midget”, and continued saying “there will be no spinning back fists in this fight, I’ll be him mentally and physically!” Sonnen said according to White.  “Sonnen is a lunatic…but he is willing to step up and fight and I really respect that!” White said. The lost of revenue for the lost event has yet to be figured, but with the prelims airing on FX and the lost pay per view buys, the UFC has ever right to be angry with their paper champion.

Dana White also had some choice words for Jon Jones famed trainer Greg Jackson’s advice to stop the fight: “I dont give a shit what Jackson thinks the guys a fucking weirdo, Greg Jackson should be interviewed by a psychiatrist!” Obviously there is some major issues between the sports largest promotion, and one of the sports best camps.

The frustration in White was obvious, he discussed his limited options: “Being a fight promoter I can’t make a fighter fight, you are either a fighter or your not!” White said. “I can’t make you fight, but its probably not a good idea for you not too!” With the event this weekend now scraped, and the fight agree ment with Machida yet to be signed , White warned.”He ain’t turning down the Machida fight!

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Big hit to Jon Jones’ image, but I can kind of see it from his point of view too!


    • Champions are supposed to represent the company. which he failed to do. After the DUI, you would think he owes the UFC. In my eyes, it was a cowardly move!


      • jumpingpolarbear says:

        No doubt, but 8 days preparation in a sport where you risk your life is not much. And Sonnen is not the one with the belt, so he has nothing to lose. Seems like most people agree with Dana though, and it will be interesting to see where Jones goes from here!


      • You make a very valid point, however with Sonnen coming off a vicious knockout, and having to come up in weight on short notice, he would certainly be at a disadvantage, and with Jones training for a wreslter, it shouldnt have been that big of a switch! Jon Jones is showing how difficult and manipulating people have been saying he is. I would not be surprised to see Machida beat him!


  2. DavidC says:

    I already thought low of Jones but had no reason except behind the scenes whispering, but now feel validated. Jones should have had no problem with a smaller similar styled fighter to the one he had prepared for stepping in to save a fight, Jones has the luxury of picking his fights, for now, but for the journeymen fighter who maybe makes 10k a fight and is lucky to get 3 or 4 fights a year this is his living and his chance to come up. Jones is a selfish child and I cant wait for another man child, like gustafson or anyone else to snatch the belt. Then JJ can go live in big brother Arthur’s basement and talk about what he once had and how he squandered it. Crashing Bentleys is not cheap and he’ll regret this among many other poor decisions.


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