The Enigmatic Nick Diaz MMA’s Polarizing Magnet

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Combat Sports, UFC
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Nick Diaz is without a doubt one of the worlds most talented fighters. He has fought every big name in his weight class, has never once in his career appeared to be outmatched. Questions regarding the Stockton California native have never been with regard to his ability. The Ceasar Gracie fighter has made headlines for both his amazing fighting skills, and also his strange behavior. Including his absence from press conferences, his involvement in a post fight brawl with Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller during a nationally televised Jake Shields fight, the notorious incident in a Las Vegas emergency room where he and Joe Riggs had to be separated after punches were thrown, Post fight brawl with K J Noons’s Father, then of course the two positive drug tests, for Marijuana metabolites.

Certainly those incidents would drive any employer to the point of firing him. Taken on these incidents, the elder Diaz is easily pegged a thug, or a bad sport. However,  those who know the soft spoken fighter, say the exact opposite. Nick Diaz is consistently sought out by fighters to train with, and more often than not he accepts those invitations. Recently even assisting Ronda Rousey prepare for her last two fights. Odd behavior for a bad ass who only thinks of himself. For those who take the time to know this enigmatic fighter, his personality and work ethic are magnetic. Heavyweight contender Roy Nelson has been training recently with the Diaz brothers at Roger Maywether’s Boxing Club, and he considers Nick to be a hard working, devoted training partner. Even his arch nemesis Georges St. Pierre considers Diaz to be an intelligent fighter, who knows how to play the game. Using intimidation, and attitude
to both control and to sell the fight.

Currently Nick is training full time with his younger brother Nate, who has a title fight coming up against Benson Henderson. Being the consummate teammate Diaz is always assisting Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, and his brother Nate prepare for their bouts.  After toying with the idea of retiring following the Condit fight, Diaz again tested positive for a Marijuana. He was summarily suspended from competition until February of 2013.  Once eligible, he will immediately become an instant contender for the title again. With St Pierre v Condit scheduled to happen in November the winner of that fight should be ready to go again around the time Diaz returns to action. Weather or not he deserves an immediate shot is debatable, however in a division that has no shortage of talent, Diaz should have no problem booking an exciting return fight.

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