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By: The Clinch Report Jonathan King

Mike Ricci -280    v    Colin Fletcher 240

Analysis: Mike Ricci is coming off of a very impressive showing on ‘TUF’, and will be looking to win in front of his hometown Montreal crowd. Standing in his way is an extremely unorthodox submission fighter Colin Fletcher who himself is coming off of a loss. With the UFC’s current spate of roster cuts, it would not be far from the imagination to think the loser of this fight might be handed his walking paper.

Prediction: Ricci via Decision (UD)

Chris Camozzi -105    v     Nick Ring -115

Analysis: Both fighters are looking to stick to their winning ways in the UFC. Nick Ring is looking to build off a win over Court McGee, while Camozzi is in the midst of a 3 fight winning streak that includes 2 stopages (1tko 1sub). For Camozzi a win will certainly move him close to the top ten in the division, while Ring will look to make a name for himself by betting a fighter of that caliber.

Prediction: Camozzi via Decision (UD)

Jake Ellenberger -165    v    Nate Marquardt 145
 Analysis: Jake Ellenberger has transitioned very well from a grappler to a striker.  His wrestling ability, will most certainly be needed against the very heavy handed Nate Marquadt. For Marquadt, this will be his first fight back in the UFC, since his first stint ended rather unceremoniously, due to a failed drug test. In his last fight, Marquardt lost the now defunct Strikeforce title to Tarec Saffedine in a surprising upset.  He will certainly be looking to make a statement at the expense of Ellenburger. However, Ellenberger should be able to utilize his wrestling to keep the strikes of Marquardt relegated to the ground.

Prediction: Ellenberger via TKO rd 3

Carlos Condit 115    v    Johny Hendricks -135 Co Main Event

Analysis: This is the most interesting match up of the night. Both fighters are well versed on the ground, however both prefer to stand. Johny Hendricks may maintain the edge on power, but Carlos Condit has more diverse striking, more experience, and one hell of a chin! Hendricks will certainly be looking to land that trade mark ‘Big Rig’ left hand, but if he telegraphs it, or loads up too much he could very easily get picked apart. Condit, is known for being very difficult to track down, as in he was in the Diaz fight.

Prediction: Condit via Decision (Split)

Georges St-Pierre -550    v    Nick Diaz 425 

Analysis: Finally MMA fans around the world will get to see the fight they have been waiting for, for over 3 years. With the feud coming to a head at the press conference and the weigh in, both fighters seem to be chomping at the bit to get at each other. This kind of behavior is nothing new for Nick Diaz, but the outbursts and anger are something new for the normally reserved champion GSP. Diaz has apparently succeeded in getting under St. Pierre’s skin, and if he can goad him into a slug fest he actually has a very good chance of winning! If GSP decideds to grind down the brash challenger with his wrestling, he will not be free from danger either, as Diaz is an accomplished Brazilian Jujitsu Black Belt under Cesar Gracie, and has 8 wins via submission in his career, many of those were from his back. For St. Pierre, he will need to rely on his athleticism, to move in and out of the slower Diaz’s range. If he can use his jab, and his take downs the way he did against Josh Koscheck, Nick Diaz is in for a very long and frustrating night.

Prediction: GSP via Decision (UD)

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report


Rumors in the MMA world were bouncing like crazy this week, when TMZ prematurely reported that Ronda Rousey became the first ever woman fighter signed to the UFC. In a way, TMZ was correct but not in the traditional sense. The truth is Ronda Rousey is and has been signed under the Zuffa umbrella for quite some time.

In March 2011 Zuffa purchased the struggling California-based promotion, most believed the company would be folded in immediately, as was the WEC previously. However, Zuffa maintained the separation of both entities when Dana White was unable to negotiate a new television deal with Showtime; which consequently expires in February. After cancelling the last two events it was obvious that Zuffa’s red-headed step child was going to soon be left for dead. One obvious question beams. What happens to the fighters like Rousey, who are already under contract with Strikeforce.

The answer is still being debated, however several sources in China for the UFC of FUEL TV 6 event have confirmed that the UFC will not need to ‘sign’ any of these fighters, because they are already signed. They simply have to continue honoring their end of the deal. since Zuffa is the parent company for both entities, the UFC will simply pick and chose the fighters they want to keep, and fold them into to the current roster. Those that the UFC brass deem not to be ready, or worthy will surely be bought out of the remaining time left on their contract.

Is this large influx of talent good for the UFC? Unlike the WEC buyout(which brought two new weight classes), most of the upper echelon fighters in Strikeforce will be entering already congested waters. For fighters such as Luke Rockhold, Gilbert Melendez, Nate Marquardt, and Daniel Cormier there is not much to worry about. As the top dogs they will certainly be brought into the UFC realm. The women’s division  it seems would also be safe, as the UFC will need someone for Rousey to fight!. However the rest of the roster, aside from a few big name contenders are left in limbo.

Any infusion of talent should lead to more exciting fights. However, with the roster already swollen more events must result. Another interesting thought will be the importation of fighters into the Bellator tournament format, which is in need of a talent infusion.

All of this remains “unofficial” for now Strikeforce has one event left on their docket, but the writing is on the wall. Strikeforce’s imminent demise will certainly allow some other promotion to rise from the depths of obscurity. Rumors are already swirling that Showtime and CFA are in talks to pick up where Strikeforce left off. One man gathers what another man spills!