Joe Daddy Stevenson Calls Out Hollywood: “Our show can beat up your show!”

Posted: August 31, 2015 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By: Jonathan M. King The Clinch Report

Winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 2, Joe ‘Daddy’ Stevenson is known for being one of the most resilient and relentless fighters in mixed martial arts history. A former King of The Cage Champion, Stevenson plowed through the UFC lightweight rankings.  Amassing a 5-1 record Stevenson earned himself a title shot against then  champion, now legend, B.J. Penn (Former 170lbs and 155 lbs champion, also a UFC hall of Famer). That fight will forever be remembered as one of the bloodiest battles ever witnessed inside of the Octagon. A shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.

Although Stevenson has yet to close the door on his fight career, currently he just doesn’t have the time. Himself the owner of a gym in Victorville, CA Stevenson is consistently coaching both in the morning and in the evening. For lunch he drives all the way to Los Angeles, where he works as the Fight Coordinator for the hit television series ‘Kingdom’, which by the way is currently number 1 on iTunes for television dramas.

‘Kingdom’ which airs on DirectTV is centered around a Venice Beach gym monikered “Navy Street”. Owned and operated  by former fighter played by Frank Grillo. ‘Alvey’ manages a roster of colorful fighters which includes his two sons played by Nick Jonas, and Jonathan Tucker. Jonas, plays a talented prospect trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations, while Tucker plays the hot headed renegade, who has yet to earn his pedigree. Matt Lauria plays the part of the gym protege, a legitimate contender fresh out of prison, looking for redemption.

Stevenson’s mark is not hard to notice. The show puts a heavy emphasis on creating a true-too-life gym atmosphere complete with the clashing ego’s, intense training sessions, which very often mirrors the constant conflict and reconciliations that accompany every families journey. The actors all regularly train with Stevenson, alternating between his gym in Joe Stevenson’s Cobra Kai in Victorville, CA and the one they built on set. “Everyone got better as a fighter between season one and two!” Stevenson said. “Matt Lauria is a better athlete than I am, Jonathan Tucker can out lift me, and Nick Jonas has amazing hand eye coordination.”  Stevenson said.

The efforts pay off in a true to life portrayal of a very difficult sport to capture on film. Jonas, Grillo, Lauria and Tucker all put forth eager performances that make the viewer feel almost involved with the characters lives. Watching the show, you can’t help but feel like you are part of the team. The realism, is perhaps what Stevenson prides himself on. “I train these guys to fight, not to act like they can fight.”

In fact, cast members of some other Hollywood shows better be careful as they enter the Highly competitive TV Celebrity Softball Circuit. Stevenson is prepared, perhaps criminally so…. “I wish we could fight other shows!” So take notice ‘Modern Family’, ‘The Daddy’ has no intention on sliding!

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