Alfred Khashakyan vs Anthony Paredes Engage in An Instant Classic

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Combat Sports

Videoed and Edited By: Arin Ian

For those who witnessed the fight, Alfred Khashakyan vs. Anthony Paredes will not soon be forgotten. Not only was the underdog winning the fight, he was thoroughly dominating the bout. For the first two rounds, Paredes pretty much stifled Khashakyan with his relentless wrestling attack, grinding him down, slowly removing his will. At first frustrated, and later exhausted, Khashakyan could hardly muster the strength to answer the bell in the third round.

However he did, and what happened next was pure magic. A few minutes into the round, Khashakyan was able to land in succession to the body of his foe, forcing Paredes to retreat in an attempt to buy time to recover. Sensing blood in the water, instinctively Khashakyan stalked his prey before unleashing a barrage that left Paredes hugging the referee, removed of his senses.

What an amazing fight by both athletes, with an unbelievable ending that almost seemed scripted. A fight that stood out, on a card that was stacked from the beginning to the end.

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