Thor Skancke: A Wolf off the Chain!

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By: Jonathan M. King The Clinch Report

Photos By: John Walsh The Clinch Report and Bob Fisher

If you have seen Thor Skancke (5-5 MMA) fight, than you already understand. After witnessing him scrap, you comprehend what the casual onlooker can’t possibly understand simply looking at his record. Skancke is one of the most entertaining fighters decorating the Southern California landscape. Win or lose he is a throwback of sorts, resembling a likeness to his heroes more than to the mixed martial artists of today. However if you look beneath the surface you will find not only a fighter with a really cool name, but a man who does a whole lot of good for the neighborhoods and people around him.

“Growing up I watched a lot of Wanderlei Silva and Igor Vovchanchyn in Pride and just like them I’m not trying to win safely!” Skancke said.  The owner of some vicious hands, ‘TNT’ throws them early and often with the intent to end the fight quickly. Sometimes this aggression gets him in trouble, but Thor refuses to change what he believes defines him. ” I won’t comprise myself as a fighter, and I understand most of the big shows really value your record. I don’t give a shit about my record.” Skancke said. “There are alot of guys who fight ‘not too loose’, I am not one of them. I want to be known for putting on battles.” Which is exactly what he is known for. Just ask promoter George Bastmajyan “He loses fights better than most guys win them!”

Inside the cage he is a dog off-the-chain, a wolf if you will. Outside of the cage, however Skancke is a pack animal looking to not only feed himself, but those around him as well. While driving home one day, Skancke saw a sign that was about the cost of a meal for someone who was without the means to provide for themselves. The signs message resonated deeply, “Growing up, there were times my mom had to go to the church to get food!, I understand how bad things can be. I understand how quick life can turn and how quickly someone can become homeless or down on their luck.” Skancke said.

Giving money was the first step. Next he set up a charity that had clients donate money to hit pads with him. For over 8 straight hours, Skancke stood in a ring with the mitts on as a hoard of donors took their turn, their round to knockout hunger. After receiving a check from Skancke and his team,  the folks at the San Fernando Rescue Mission sent him a picture at Thanksgiving of several homeless people eating their meals with the caption “You paid for over half of these!

Next Skancke, who by trade is a carpenter decided to use his other skill set to continue his efforts. “I actually just got back from Mexico” Skancke said. While there he helped build two houses for families that were without means. While there Skancke began to realize that although materially poor, these people were rich beyond belief with a sense of love, charity and community.

The journey may have inspired Skancke, but it certainly did not soften his resolve. Reinvigorated, Skancke claims to be training harder and smarter than ever. April 17, will mark his return to the ring when he takes on Daniel McWilliams at ‘Fight Night’ from The Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City. For Tickets go to: or call 626-388-8888


McWilliams, a journeyman with nearly 40 fights under his belt has alternated wins and loses in last three and at nearly 6’2 will maintain a notable size advantage. “He is a big guy!” Skancke said. ” I don’t really understand how a guy that big is going to make weight, but that is his problem. I don’t really worry about my opponent much, I just know what I am going to do and that is knock him out in the first round. If I don’t knock him out in the first round, then I will knock him out in the second. If I don’t knock him out in the second then I will knock him out in the third!”

Thor ‘TNT’ Skancke would like to thank his friends, family, sponsors and management for always supporting him. Specifically Kris Buckner and George Bastmajyan. He would also like to thank his sponsors Bottle N Pint, Investigative Consultants, Nutrishop of Woodland Hills, and LAVO Beard oil. Make sure you show support for your local fighters by checking out the people who sponsor them!

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