Marcos Bonilla and Christian Bizaretty In A Back And Forth War!

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By: Jonathan M. King

Photos By: Blanca Garcia

What a beautiful dance it was! Taking turns leading the destructive tango both Marcos Bonilla (2-1 MMA) and Christian Bizaretty (1-2 MMA) each had their moments. The two fighters traded kicks early and often in a scrap that ended up being one of the most competitive fights of the evening.

Bonilla appeared to be landing the cleaner, more powerful strikes. However Bizaretty absorbed everything and still kept moving forward. Moving well behind his jab, Bonilla kept the pressure on and appeared to be clearly ahead on points. Bizaretty was able to score with a quick take down but was never really able to threaten from a dominant position. While on his back, Bonilla was very active and attacked with an nice arm-bar that he ended up using to sweep back to a neutral position.

Even a  foul (grounded head strike) that cost Bonilla a point was only enough to make the score close. Bonilla was awarded with the majority decision. One judge scored the fight a draw, but he was overruled by the other two ring side officials who scored the bout for Bonilla.

The win for Bonilla reaffirms his recent signing to Bellator MMA. His first fight for the promotion has been signed and with this win he will carry some pretty good momentum into the biggest fight of his life. The loss although tough to digest for Bizaretty will not define him as a fighter. He will certainly be back better than ever.

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