Elbows Turn The Lights Down Low Enough to Call Them Out!

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By Jonathan M. King

Photos By: Blanca Garcia

Your Winner Ron Scolesdang

Your Winner Ron Scolesdang

Going into Lights Out Promotions/Bash Boxing Friday Fight Night, many of those in the know,expected the first fight to be a good one. However no one could have expected the gorgeous destruction that ended the fight.

Early on in the fight it appeared that Ron Scolesdang (2-2 MMA) was the crisper of the two fighters. His undefeated opponent Christopher Fajardo (1-0 MMA) didn’t seem to have the same pep on his strikes. When Fajardo would land, the strikes were already past their prime, or Scolesdang would simply walk through them. Scolesdang however caused a reaction with every shot from his opponent and the crowd.

Consistently Scolesdang landed the middle kick to the body, and appeared to do damage with every strike. Fajardo did his best to stand tough, but it became apparent it wasn’t going to be his night.

Almost 3 minutes into the first frame Scolesdang rocked Fajardo with a right hand that had him covering up against the ropes. Refusing to go down, Fajardo was rewarded for his efforts with about bakers dozen standing elbow strikes that went unanswered, and eventually forced the referee to step in. The finish electrified the crowd as the fight served as the ‘curtain jerker’ for the event, and a sign of things too come!

The win now brings the Team Oyama product on the north side of .500, and the win could carry some serious momentum.

For more information about these events, contact: Lights Out Promotions or Bash Boxing

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