Bekman Soylybaev Dispatches Jose Gomez via Surgical TKO

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Combat Sports
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By: Jonathan M. King

Photos By: Blanca Garcia

The evenings only boxing event ended showcasing one of the best young amateurs in recent history. Now 4-0 as a pro Khazakstan’s Bekman Soylybaev is quickly backing up his stellar amateur pedigree and doing so with surgical precision.

Jose Gomez did his best to withstand the power of Soylybaev, at times firing back like a cornered animal. However he only at best had a punchers chance. At times it appeared as if Soylybaev was toying with his opponent. Often times smiling and dropping his hands in hopes of engagement.

Late in the third round Soylybaev cracked Gomez to the body, then changed levels and finished on his dome. The last shot inspired Gomez to turn away prompting a warning from referee Tom Taylor. ย Smelling blood Soylybaev again resumed his clinic. Refusing to go down, perhaps too tough for his own good Gomez again turned away, forcing referee Tom Taylor toย call a stop to the bout.

Boxing fans are going to have to keep an eye out for this kid.


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