Spar Star MMA To Make History with WMMA Bantamweight Tournament

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By: Jonathan M. King The Clinch Report

Spar Star MMA Promoter Tony Padilla and Matchmaker Mel Robles Valenzuela have once again rewritten the local MMA playbook by booking the first ever CAMO  sanctioned WMMA bantamweight tournament. Four local women will stake their claim in the opening round of the tournament on Oct 11th at The Hollywood Park Casino.

The winners of each fight will move on to face each other in the finals, in late November, culminating in the first ever Spar Star MMA bantamweight champion. The first fight will feature Aiko Ewing vs. Farren Romero, and the second pits Danielle Mack against Paola Ramirez.

As the sport of mixed martial arts continues to proceed into the mainstream, it is the women who have recently picked up the torch and really turned heads with some of the best fights in recent memory. Supporting this progression at the grassroots level is what will ensure the long term success of Women’s MMA.  Promotions like Spar Star MMA recognize the need to feed the sport.

Continually showcasing talent such as Ashley Evans-Smith, Albert Morales, Andre Nickelson, Matthew Spencer and many others; the promotions relentlessly scouts local talent that consistently make waves in the pro ranks. By offering these fighters a chance, Spar Star MMA not only entertains it ensures the sports future. Make sure you come out to support some of Los Angeles’s finest local amateurs.

Oct 11th Spar Star MMA Hollywood Park Casino

The event will also be Streamed Live on the Internet for those who wish to watch from home!

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