Systems Training Center Quietly Making A Lot of Noise: Part 3 ‘The Beards’

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Combat Sports
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By: Jonathan M. King The Clinch Report

Filmed By: Bob Fisher and John Walsh The Clinch Report

Wearing only 4oz gloves, knockouts in MMA are hardly a rarity. Chins get tested often and exposed regularly. How durable a fighters jaw, or ‘beard’ is an intangible that can excuse the mistakes a young fighter makes.

Dmitry Gerasimov is a fighter that embodies that quality. Not only does he posses the literal beard, as his last fight proved, he has the figurative one in spades as well.

Facing Chinzo Machida at RFA, Gerasimov was expected to loose. Machida, the elder brother of UFC contender Lyoto, was highly touted entering the bout as a top prospect in the 145 lbs division. Everyone in attendance, including myself expected Machida to plow through his opponent.

Unfortunately for Machida, but to my delight someone forgot to inform Gerasimov of his stepping stone expectations. From the opening bell, Gerasimov matched Machida’s movement and output.  By the second round ended, Machida clearly seemed frustrated with Gerasimov, and it was apparent we all underestimated him.

For three rounds Gerasimov attacked Machida. Often times walking through multiple punch and kick combinations to secure the take down. For three rounds, Machida looked for a highlight reel finish, and each time he tried Gerasimov returned fire.

Although he lost the fight by unanimous decision, Gerasimov earned the respect of everyone in attendance. Now back training, the Russian from Minnesota is helping his Systems Training Center teammates prepare for their fights. He continues to stay in shape, which is something Southern California promoters need to keep in mind. A guaranteed exciting fight, is only a phone call away.


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