BAMMA USA BadBeat 12 Live from The Commerce Casino

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Combat Sports, UFC


Preliminary Card:


Steve Kozola (1-0) v Tommy Gavin (1-2) 163 lbs

Rd1: Gavin controlling with the clinch before Kozola’s body shots force the fight to the mat. Gavin reverses but Kozola able to get the neck momentarily. Gavin on top, but cant posture. Gavin now gets the mount. Gavin looking to isolate an arm, but Kozola is able to sweep.  Kozloa with elbows as the round ends.

Rd2: Kozola charges forward but lands a low knee. Referee Maylan Ayers gives Gavin some time and he is ready. Both fighters are landing bombs. Huge left right from Kozola and Gavin is out.

Winner: Steve Kozola via TKO rd 2 :44

Paul Gemmati (0-3) v Justin Jones (1-0) 185 lbs

Rd1: Jones pressing the action early. Gemmati lands a nice knee after he spins Jones against the cage.  Big flurry from Jones, lefts and rights land, prompting Gemmati to shoot unsuccessfully.  More big shots from Jones as he takes Gemmati back to the mat. Gemmati eats another big shot from Jones, and turns his back as he seeks refuge in the cage. Both fighters breathing heavy, but Jones still the fresher of the two. Gemmati throws back with a vicious upper cut, and follows with a nice back fist before the round ends.

Rd2: Jones again pressing Gemmati into the cage, after landing a flurry. Both fighters breathing through wide open mouths, as exhaustion is starting to set in. Jones appears to have a guillotine momentarily before letting go. Nice trip from the clinch finds Jones on top of Gemmati working out of side control. Gemmati able to close the guard. Both fighters stand and trade with heavy punches. Round comes to a close, with Gemmati controlling from the clinch.

Rd3: Jones able to grab a hold of Gemmati’s neck, with a standing guilotine. It looks deep, and Gemmati is forced to tap.

Winner: Justin Jones via Standing Guillotine Rd 3 :22


Kory Kelly (0-3) v Christian Aguilera (1-0) 170 lbs

Rd1: Kelly lands some nice punches as he presses the action. Aguilera moving well, but eats a big right and drops. Both fighters looking for leg locks before the stand. Aguilera lands with some nice straight rights, but Kelly  with some vicious elbows has Aguilera flailing about. Huge left and right from Aguilera staggers Kelly, more hooks land and floor Kelly. Aguilera with a huge come from behind TKO.

Winner: Christian Aguilera via TKO Rd 1

Misha Nassiri (1-0) v Kyra Batara (0-0) 110 lbs

Rd1: Batara looking for the take down, but unable to get it. High crotch from Batara leads to a sweet slam. Nassiri is in trouble, as Batara gets to the mount. Quick transition to the arm bar. Batara defends with her leg, but is forced to tap.

Winner: Kyra Batara via Armbar Submission Rd 1 2:35

Benji Gomez (1-1) v David Duran (2-1) 125 lbs

Rd1: Gomez with a leg kick. Duran stalking with the right, and misses with the head kick. Deep leg kick from Duran. Gomez got clipped, and seemed to stumble but appears to have his wits. Gomez able to achieve the take down, and is working in Duran’s guard. Both fighters back to their feet, before Gomez again scores with the take down late.

Rd2: Both fighters start trading leg kicks and jabs.  Gomez able to take Duran down, but only for a moment. Duran continues to stalk and misses with the flying knee. Gomez keeps circling away from Duran who drives forward only to be taken down. Gomez may have stolen the round late.

Rd3: Noce counter jab from Duran backs up Gomez. Again Duran lands with the single shot, as Gomez backs away. Duran needs to land more than just one at a time. Neither fighter willing to commit to a flurry at this point, Duran flirts with the head kick. Gomez charges forward and lands with the one, but misses with the two. Leg kick from Duran gets stuffed, and he eats a counter for his trouble. Big right hand from Duran, but Gomez escapes. Both fighters let their hands go with 5 seconds left, neither lands significantly.

Winner: Via UD Benji Gomez (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Kevin Bostick (3-3) v Chris Pena (2-1) 155 lbs

Rd1: Both fighters come out blazing. Bostick with the early clinch, that leads to a take down. But Pena quickly sweeps, avoiding the armbar and moves to side cross. Bostick able to get back to his feet, but quickly gets dragged back down. Pena back up, and delivering knees from the plumb clinch. Big head kick rocks Bostick, but her responds with a huge upper cut that leaves Pena supine.

Winner: Via KO Kevin Bostick Rd 1 4:47

Paul Song (2-1) v Greg Parker (3-0) 170 lbs

Rd1: Song starts with the leg kick then lands a few hooks before Parker brings him down. Song trying to get back to his feet, but Parker gets his back and is looking for the choke. Song fighting the hands and turns in momentarily, but Parker is relentless on his back. Song turns in and is back to his feet. Parker catches the leg and slams Song back to the mat. Song working nice elbows from the bottom. Parker has the choke again, and this time its under the chin. Song is forced to tap.

Winner: Via RNC Submission Greg Parker Rd 1 4:00

 Main Card:

Paul Karsky (11-22) v Lateef Williams (2-1) 205 lbs

Rd1: Liver kick from Karsky is caught by Williams who slams him too the mat. Williams landing some right hands, as Karsky turtles up in defense. Karsky is in trouble as Williams found his neck.

Winner: VIA RNC Lateef Williams Rd1 1:06

Melanie Lacroix (2-1) v Brooksie Baynard (0-0) 135 lbs

Rd1: Both ladies y in the center and both throwing and landing simultaneously. Baynard with a clinch but Lacroix breaks free and lands a few hands before Baynard instigates another clinch. Nice knees from Lacroix, find Baynard’s mid section but she is still pressing forward. Both ladies giving as good as they get. Lacroix landing incredible knees, but Baynard’s pressure is relentless.  Lacroix able to break free as the round comes to a close.

Rd2: Both ladies start off where they left off, Baynard pressing Lacroix against the cage. Lacroix again looking for the thai clinch. Both fighters trading punches, Lacroix is bloodied but still throwing. Baynard changes levels but Lacroix able to defend the take down.  Big right hand from Baynard catches Lacroix flush, but back to the clinch. Lacroix landing on the exit, but Baynard still pressing forward. Three punch combination from Baynard but Lacroix fires back as the round ends. One hell of a fight so far!

Rd3: Big right hand from Baynard but Lacroix lands with three punches of her own, before the fight is back against the cage. Baynard looking to keep Lacroix pinned, but Lacroix can’t seem to circle away. Finally she escapes and eats a huge left from Baynard. Baynard again controling the action, but Lacroix explodes of the cage with a nice elbow and follows with the right, Baynard seems staggered for a moment. Lacroix throws Baynard to the mat as the fight comes to an end!

Winner: VIA (29-27, 29-28, 29-28) Decision Melanie Lacroix

Keith Carson (2-1) v Chris Beal (7-0) 135 lbs

Rd1: Carson moves forward to start but Beal lands a nice jab. Carson the busier of the two, as Beal seems to be looking for the counter. Nice flurry from Beal gets Carson’s attention. Carson digs to the legs with a snapping kick. Nice left from Beal rattles the chin of Carson. Big punches from Beal Another flurry from Beal has Carson looking for a take down, but Beal throws him aside and lands again with the straight left hand.

Rd2: Beal starts the round with more urgency, as he lands left to the body. Nice right hand stumbles Carson and a kick follows as he hits the canvas with Beal in his guard. Beal looking to posture but Carson effectively controling the posture for now. Nice elbow from Beal who is landing with spoty ground and pound. Both fighters too their feet, as Beal again lands on the exit. Stoppage for the Dr to look at Carson’s bleeding eye. Both fighters ready to go, as the Dr gives the all clear sign. Beal catches him with a nice combination that spins Carson across the cage. Nice right hand drops Carson and that is it!

Winner: Chris Beal via TKO Rd 2 4:37

Main Event:

Terrion Ware v Eric Winston 135 lbs for 135 lbs World Title

Rd1: Ware starting with the jab, as Winston circles to his right. Nice right hand counter from Winston. Ware responds with a two punch combination. Ware’s left eye appears swollen. Right hand over the top from Ware finds a home. Winston looking for the clinch, but Ware lands with some heavy shots. Liver kick from Ware follows. Winston shoots, and gets the take down, and qucikly transitions to the back of Ware. Winston looking for the choke, but Ware appears ok for now. Winston still trying to cinch in the choke. Ware sweeps and ends up in Winston’s guard. Nice right hand from Ware and knees to the mid section as the round ends.

Rd2: Nice right hand from Ware lands as he paces Winston. Winston also lands with the right. Now pursing another take down, but this time Ware defends and keeps his feet. 2 punch combination from Ware. Nice right to the body from Ware, who is utilizing excellent head movement. Ware with a knee, but falls to his back, and Winston pounces. Ware back to his feet. Ware lets Winston back up, and immeditaly digs to the body. Ware landing at will now. Winston backed up against the cage. Nice two punch combo from Ware. and again. Right to the body left hook upstairs again lands for Ware. Both fighters scramble to the mat,as Ware again stands and walks away.  Ware drops Winston with nice body shot, and Winston is hurt. Now Ware takes Winston’s back as the round comes to a close.

Rd3: Ware starts again with the same left right combination that has worked the entire fight. Winston paws with the jab, but Ware is just counter off of it with the uppercut, and the left to the body. Winston caught Ware, and he is hurt. Ware seems ok, as Winston brings the fight back to the mat. Winston seems to want the take down more than the finish. Ware seems to have recovered fully, and is now trying to transition to Winston’s back. Ware in the mount now, but transitions to side control. Nice left elbows from Ware find the side of Winstons grounded head. Nice switch from Winston has him back on top and working out of Ware’s guard. Both fighters back to their feet, Nice jab cross from Ware finishes the round.

Rd4: Right hand from Ware turns Winston’s head violently to start the fourth frame. Winston scores with another take down, as he countered Ware’s jab. Ware reverses into mount, but is controlled by Winston. Ware breaks free and stands up forcing Winston to do the same. Ware stalking his prey, as Winston backs away. Both fighters methodically picking their shots, Winston again shoots but Ware sprawls away. Both fighters are gassed, but Ware appears to have more snap on his punches. Winston eats a crisp uppercut, and throws back but their is not much on his punches. Another take down from Winston. Ware working the closed guard. Now using his butterfly guard Ware is looking to sweep.

Rd5: Ware looks to be rejuvinated. Alot of bounce in his step. Nice front kick lands, and a right hand follows. Winston again relentless with the take downs scores again. Working in Ware’s open guard Winsotn looking to trap an arm, and settles for some right hands instead. Ware landing some nice elbows from the bottom. Winston smothering from top position, preventing any movement from Ware’s hips. Referee Mike Beltran stands them up. Nice body kick from Ware. Right hand follows, and leaves an impression on Winston’s face. Flying knee from Ware just misses as the round and the fight comes to an end.

Winner: Via  Decision Terrion Ware and New BAMMA USA 135 lbs Champion


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