Spar Star MMA Friday Night Fights Live from The Hollywood Park Casino

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Combat Sports, UFC


By Jonathan King and Megan Parducho

Photos: Care of Bob Fisher from

Fight #2 Dustin Blevins v Alexis Cardona 3×2 rounds at 125 lbs Fkyweight

Round 1.) Blevins scores an immediate take down, but Cardona back to his feet. Blevins looking for another, but eats a nice knee from Cardona. Body shots from Cardona, as Blevins again attempts the double, and he gets it. Cardona finishes the round landing some nice shots to the ribs.

Round 2.) Blevins starts out aggressive but misses a few heavy shots leaving him open for Cardona’s counters.  Knee from Cardona in the clinch, but Blevins scores again with a nice slam. Blevins again lands on top position as the round comes to a close.

Round 3.) Cardona’s strikes again instigate another take down from Blevins. Blevins now in side control, looking for an arm, then transitions to the back where he falls off. Cardona now with a chancery and landing shots to the ribs. Blevins holding a single leg, but he is eating shots from Cardona as the round and the fight comes to a close.

Winner: Via Split Decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 Dustin Blevins

Fight #3 Elias Lopez v David Dill 3×2 Rounds 230 lbs

Round 1.) David Dill achieves a take down, and is throwing in volume but not many land cleanly. Lopez is being smothered as Dill is having his way on the ground. Dill again with volume, but only a few find there home as the round comes to a close.

Round 2.) Lopez able to keep on his feet for a little while, but Dill eventually brings the fight back to the mat. Dill in top position, but Lopez ties him up just enough to avoid the stand up. Nice knees to the body from Dill, and the round comes to a close!

Round 3.) Lopez finds a home for a few punches, but Dill again slams him back down. Lopez to his feet momentarily but dragged back into deep water. Dill finishes the fight in top position.

Fight #4 Jordan Harris v Albert Morales 3x 2 Rounds 135 lbs

Round 1) Morales ends up on top after a brief exchange. Harris is looking to bring his legs up, but Morales defends well and lands a few ground strikes.  Harris is taking a few shots but ties up Morales as the round comes to an end.

Round 2) Harris flirts with the head kick, and spins but misses. Morales lands in control, on Harris back. A brief choke attempt is thwarted, but he is still looking for it. Both hooks in, but Harris defends well enough to survive for now. Morales flattens him out, and cinches in the choke!

Winner: Via RNC Albert Morales 1:24 Rd 2

Fight #5  James Miyagishima v Jose Lopez  3×2 Rounds Super Heavyweight

Lopez pressing the action, as he puts Lopez up against the cage. Big flurry from Lopez as Migayishima is not responding. Referee Mike Bell prompts him, but he has seen enough.

Winner: Jose Lopez via TKO Rd 1

Fight #6 Brad Zager v Anthony Gonzalez 3×2 Rounds Lightweight

Results: Winner: Anthony Gonzalez via TKO Rd 2 1:42

Fight #7

Albert Veloz v Charles Rizzo 3×2 Rounds Featherweight

Results: Albert Veloz via TKO 1:59 Rd 2

Fight #8 Stephanie Salazar-Chronister v Paola Ramirez 3×2 Rounds

Results: Winner: Paola Ramirez TKO Rd 3 1:24

Fight #9 Daniel Gonzalez v Daniel Alvarez 3×2 Rounds Featherweight

Results: Winner: Daniel Gonzalez Rd 3 Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Fight #10 Jessica Pryor v Tatiana Suarez 3×2 Rounds 135 lbs

Results: Winner: Tatiana Suarez Via UD

Fight #11 Jonell Kimbrough v Julian Waterbury 3×2 Rounds Lightweight

Results: Winner: Kimbrough via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Fight #12 Eric Castodio v Marcus Bonilla 3×2 Rounds for Vacant 145 lbs Title.

Winner: Marcos Bonilla

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