Keith Kizer Steps Down as NSAC Chair, How Long Until Belfort Applies for TUE?

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Combat Sports, UFC
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With the announcement that Keith Kizer, would be stepping down as the NSAC chairman it becomes apparent that this move will likely open the door for Vitor Belfort. Kizer has long maintained an ‘anti TUE exception’ stance for those fighters who had previously tested positive for steroids. Now over 40 years old, Belfort has received a therapeutic exemption in other states, and Brazil, but had avoided fighting in Vegas because of the refusal from the commission to allow his testosterone therapy.

Belfort recently stated he would fight without his TUE therapy, if he had too, although it would be “unfair”! Now that Kizer is out of the picture, it appears Belfort will at least receive consideration for his usage. The timing could not have been more perfect for the UFC (only a few weeks after naming Belfort the next in line for the 185 lbs title).

The debate will continue to rage as too the legitimacy of this therapy, but until a decision is made across the sports, it will probably toil around in a case by case basis. Allowing some, and refusing others will only fuel the fire. One way or another, the sport is going to have to commit eventually!


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