Michael Chandler: Blue Collar Champion

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Combat Sports, UFC
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by: Jonathan King

Video by: John Walsh

To be great at anything one must spend quite a bit of time practicing. The strategy is simple, and yet extremely difficult. The “10,000” hour rule according to Malcolm Gladwell is the key to being great. In order for anyone, to be great in any field, they must simply perform that task for 10,000 hours.

Well over 10,000 hours ago Michael Chandler began walking this path in Missouri as a high school wrestler. Even now years later, this desire is still what fuels him. For many the title is the goal, to become a champion. What makes Chandler different is that he doesn’t measure himself by the gold around his waist,

For Michael Chandler, its about another page, another chapter, each one consisting of another 10,000 hours of discipline. For Michael Chandler its not about who you fight for, but how you do it, that defines greatness. Its about a consistent effort that rewards not only himself, but everything he represents.

This ‘blue-collar’, humble, work ethic, and wholesome attitude is as genuine as the ass-whooping he dishes out, so don’t be fooled. Michael Chandler is a fighter first, and as a champion, he plans on becoming one of the best ever!

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