UPC 15: MMA Returns to Fresno

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Karisa Winett (video) and John Walsh (photos)

UPC Unlimited returned to Fresno for an outdoor MMA event that left the fans extremely entertained in the hot dessert air. UPC 15 featured a unique blend of  amateur talent and young professionals trying to make a name for themselves in the blood and bruise business.

The hot air seemed to cool once the fighters took to the cage, as if the humidity itself was a spectator. After a few entertaining amateur fights, the pro fighters began their gladiator march to the steel circle.

Dethrone Base Camp was represented heavily and Geroge Zuniga (0-0) started the evening off with a dominating three round decision over Mike Ryan (0-0).  Zuniga utilized relentless pressure and  instigated the clinch often where he landed vicious knees in succession.

Continuing the Dethrone domination, Nick Bustamante made a successful pro debut, defeating Augy Garcia (1-4) via submission in round two. Bustamante was clearly the crisper fighter and was able to control the pace from the start.  He and fellow Dethrone Base Camp teammate Chris Honeycutt are two of the sports best young fighters.

Honeycutt (1-0) continued to raise the teams stock as he defeated Richard Blake (11-22) in the first round, via rear naked choke. Honeycutt was able to walk through a few kicks from Blake, landing a heavy superman punch before reverting to his pedigree and wrestling Blake to the mat. Once grounded, Blake was at the will of Honeycutt’s lightning fast transitions  and after a few rolls, and a failed arm-bar, Honeycutt secured the choke midway through the first round.

With the win Honeycutt has earned a UPC title shot in July at the next UPC event at the Agua Caliente casino.

The co-main event featured Tim Eastom (1-0) vs Tony Rios (3-2). The heavily favored Eastom started the fight in control and seemed to be cruising until an IQ-changing knee from Rios seemed to put Eastom on dream street. Once he realized Eastom was rocked, Rios transitioned to the back, where he secured a standing choke. Eastom valiantly resisted but eventually fell backwards as the choke took his air.

Although the loss is a setback, the knee that landed would have knocked out a polar bear.  You can be sure Eastom will be back stronger than ever.

The Main Event was as advertised. Two very talented, savvy veterans beat the living hell out of each other for three rounds. Billy Evangelista (11-2) took on a very game Zac Bucia (10-4) as both fighters made very loud statements about their fighting futures. Evangelista utilized superior movement and angled his striking well to counter the aggressive Bucia, who seemed hell bent on bringing the fight to the ground.  However it was the striking of Evangelista that won the debate, at least in the eyes of the cage side judges, as the score was unanimous for Evangelista.

UPC Unlimited seems to be growing exponentially, and for one very simple reason. They put a high value on the entertainment of the fight itself. Many regional promotions pretend to be the UFC or Bellator or worse yet, the second coming of Pride. Promoter Jason Weiner has ignored that failed model, and instead created a simple yet effective promotion that delivers big name fighters and big fights on a consistent basis.

For information on their next event go to: http://www.upcunlimited.com/

  1. John King says:

    Again, well done. I especially liked that “blood and bruise business” business. Your gladiator
    reference was spot on.


  2. John King says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing.


  3. Tom K says:

    In regards to theWhy is someone who has been called one of the top mma prospects fighting someone who has a record of 11-22 (although it says 15-22 in the video). No disrespect to either fighter and obviously experience is a plus, but just speaking as a fan, no expert, this is a strange fight to schedule.


    • Tom K says:

      *in regards to the honneycutt fight*


      • It was his 2nd FIGHT! The guy is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Its not smart to reward pedigree with a trip too the wolves! There is a reason he is signed to Zinkin, and at Dethrone. If you dont think he is a top prospect, because of the record, that is your opinion. Look at his third fight, where he decimated Manny Murillo from Team Quest for the 185 lbs UPC title. Ask Sean Shelby if he thinks Honeycutt is a top prospect, see what he says!


  4. Tom K says:

    I DO think he’s a top prospect, I have seen him wrestle in person. That’s not what I meant at all.
    I just think it’s odd for him to fight a fighter with only 11 wins in 33 fights. Was just wondering if there was some story behind it or if someone dropped out.
    Props to the other guy though. I can’t imagine keeping the nerve to get back in the cage 33+ times when I’m getting beat 2/3 of the time, but I guess that’s another reason I wouldn’t be a good fighter..
    I’ll definitely have to check those other fights out later though!


  5. […]  His bas is very solid.  He has been able to secure back mount with ease.  He also looks to have decent submission skills.  He still looks like a wrestler on the mat.  I think once he gets more comfortable and gains […]


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