Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo Shines At Gladiator Challenge

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Combat Sports, UFC
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By Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Olympic gold medalist and feel good story Henry Cejudo continued his ascent into the MMA world by winning his second professional fight in very impressive fashion. At 125 lbs his wrestling is already at the top of the division (in any promotion), but as you will see in the video it was his striking that was on display early.

Cejudo utilized his superior athleticism to counter his opponents long range, with effective movement and foot work. Often moving in and out of striking range, to delivery punches.

Then of course there was the take downs. Every time Cejudo was able to secure a leg, the fight went to the ground. Once there, Cejudo did well to avoid getting caught in any submissions. He will need to work on his guard position though, as he seemed more comfortable in half guard, very much like other wrestlers such as Randy Couture.

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After a late take down, Cejudo was able to land some heavy ground strikes that put his opponent on dream street. After a few academic shots, because the referee was late to stop the action, Cejudo’s hand once again was raised.

This performance solidifies Cejudo as a legitimate threat in the 125 lbs division. Now 2-0 as a professional his pedigree in MMA seems to be familiar. Like many of the wrestling legends before, Cejudo’s future with a big promotion seems to be only a few Gladiator Challenge wins away!

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