MMA Two Weeks Away from MSG?

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Combat Sports, UFC


By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Finally ZUFFA (The company that owns the UFC) lawyers were able to achieve a major break through with regard to the legalization of MMA in the State of New York. By exploiting a loop-hole the UFC  could begin staging events at the Combat Sports Mecca Madison Square Garden within 2 weeks. The loop-hole allows certain promotions that were grandfathered in, to sanction events. The UFC would have to partner with one of these promotions, but could do so within 2 weeks.

Its not an ideal situation for the UFC, to have to partner for a New York event.  However it is a start. Zuffa has been embroiled in a long standing battle of attrition with leaders of the Culinary Union over the allowance of union employees in the Zuffa owned Station Casino franchise. Basically a politically strong union is using its clout to prevent an entire sport from being legal, because of a personal beef with one organizations ownership group. This gross and obvious cave in to a powerful lobby forced several fighters and the UFC to file suit against the State of New York’s Attorney General.

Not only was this loophole exposed, allowing for MMA in New York, the judge ordered the UFC and the district attorney to settle their issues. Leaving many to speculate that legalization is likely in the near future. For now though, it seems likely that these loopholes will be exploited in the meantime.

This is great news for all MMA organizations, and fighters. Madison Square Garden or MSG for short has been the combat sports capital of the world for years. The marquee has spotlighted boxing and wrestling champions that have defined generations. Men like Hulk Hogan, Mohammed Ali, Jake LaMotta, Bruno Sammartino went from headliners to lunch box covers, and commercial spokesmen. With boxing, pro wrestling, amateur wrestling, and martial arts tournaments already showcased, the State commissions influence is an obvious repulsion of politics. Even the most naive UFC fan, knows that crooked politicians in New York are the reason why MMA is illegal.

Basically this is Zuffa beating both the crooked New York politicians and the disgusting Culinary Union Administrators at their own game.  By punishing an entire organized sport, because of one organizations outside policies (when its not obviously an abhorrent policy, they don’t allow unions, like many other companies!) this political pool of pis-ants, have created a tremendous stench. One that exposes their very practices.

If you care to view the entire documentation of the judgment you can check it out here!

Click to access 2012-09-24-DE034-First_Amended_Complaint.pdf

  1. Hope this finally becomes a reality. It makes no sense that UFC can run events in New Jersey but not New York. MSG wants them there.


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