King of The Cage Restitution Live UPDATES!

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Combat Sports


King of The Cage: “Restitution”

#1    JOSHUA MIRANDA                  155 LBS  3X5               MARCELO MAFRA

Referee: Mike Beltran

RD 1: Fighters start out pawing jabs at one another, as Mafra lands a big left hand that drops Miranda about a minute into the frame. From there Mafra controls dominate position often landing in North South position. Miranda defending well, but not much offense by either fighter. 10-9 Mafra

RD 2: Mafra lands a big takedown right away and again keeps Miranda on his back landing in side control. Mafra’s corner calling for knees to the body, but Miranda is defending well. Using the cage to counter the north south position. Miranda looking to tie up an arm from the bottom. Mafra gets his arm free and lands some elbows to the side of Miranda’s head. Mafra can’t seem to create enough space to land. Again the fighters are in the north south position. Mafra looking for the kimura but losses control of the arm. Referee Mike Beltran stands the fighters up, and Miranda immediately looks to land hands, as Mafra once again brings the fight to the mat. Round ends with Mafra in Miranda’s guard. 10-9 Mafra

RD 3: Round 3 starts with Miranda instigating the clinch. Mafra jumps on his back, looking for the standing submission, and Miranda drops him on his back. Mafra spins to mount, but Miranda controls the posture very well. Still in mount, Mafra is unable to land any shots as Miranda keeps him close. Again Mafra stands and looks to penetrate the guard of Miranda, who seems content on his back. Mafra again achieves mount but is immediately pulled tight. Mafra finally able to create some space. The last ten seconds of the fight, Mafra finally able to posture up to land some decent ground and pound. 10-9 Mafra.

Marcelo Mafra via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

#2    DANIEL HERNANDEZ            185 LBS  3X5                KENNY ENTO

Referee: Herb Dean

RD 1: Hernandez starts off by landing a big leg kick, followed by a left that briefly drops Ento. Ento looks to jab, as Hernandez shoots. Hernandez able to drop Ento with a big take down, that he immediately parlayed into a guillotine. From his back, the choke looks deep. Ento taps at 1:20 of the very first round!

#3    CARLOS ORTEGA                    170 LBS  3X5                CHARLES LEE

Referee: Big John McCarthy

RD 1: Ortega lands a big left hand that has Lee on his bicycle, Lee gets clipped again with a heavy right hand and drops supine to the mat. Ortega follows reigning some lefts and rights from the back mount. Big John steps in at :38 seconds into round 1.

#4    MANNY MURILLO                   185 LBS  3X5               VINCE ALAALATOA

Referee: Mike Beltran

RD 1: Alaalatoa starts out by using his reach to land effective jabs. And drops Murillo with a big right hand. Murillo able to get back to his feet, where the clinch begins. Alaalatoa flurries again with rights and lefts, and Murillo circles away. Murillo’s right eye is severely swollen. Murillo is also cut above the right eye. Alaalatoa is able to secure a take down from the clinch, but Murillo is able to sweep and land in half guard. Big elbows from Murillo rain down. Alaalatoa is able to get back to his feet, and the fighters seperate. Leg kicks from Murillo land, on the outside of Alaalatoa’s right leg. Big flurry by Murillo as the round comes to an end. Close round, that started one way, and ended another. Murillo 10-9 with the late flurry. Both fighters appear gassed. Murillo explodes with ones and twos, pushing Alaalatoa against the cage, and lands a heavy right hand before clinching. Another flurry by Murillo is stopped by a stiff Alaalatoa jab. More leg kicks by Murillo, as Alaalatoa counters with the jab effectively.  We see another round for Murillo 10 -9.

RD 3: Alaalatoa starts out with a big right hand, that pushes Murillo backwards. The fighters clinch briefly and trade punches on the break. Alaalatoa secures a single leg that he is unable to keep. Murillo pushes Alaalatoa against the fence and the two begin hand fighting for control. Murillo in control as the referee calls for action and gets some. Big knees from Murillo in the clinch, as Alaalatoa reverses position, but is unable to land. Murillo misses a big spinning back fist, as both fighters begin to trade shots. Big right hand from Alaalatoa has Murillo rocked, Murillo is on his bicycle with ten seconds left. Both fighters throwing as the round ends. The late flurry for Alaalatoa stole the round 10-9.

(29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Manny Murillo via split decision.

#5    ALEJANDRO GARCIA           145 LBS  3X5                  ROBERTO VARGAS

Referee: Big John McCarthy

RD 1: Vargas begins pawwing with the jab. Garcia with a big leg kick. Right hand by Garcia. Vargas looking for his range eats another jab from Garcia who is stalking confidently. Superman punch from Garcia lands, followed by a 3 punch combination that Vargas has no answer for. Garcia fakes the take down and lands a big right hand that drops vargas momentarily. Garcia with a leg kick right hand combination. Vargas appears frustrated. Another vicious leg kick to the left knee of Vargas. Garcia kicks Vargas’s leg out from under and follows with several right hands to Vargas’s head. He appears out, as more punches land Big John steps in to prevent anymore damage.

Winner: Alejandro Garcia via KO 3:54 round 1


#6    JOSH AVELES                          170 LBS  5X5                  SAM LIERA

Referee: Mike Beltran

RD 1: Fighters touch gloves, and Liera immediately catches an Aveles kick and drops him with the takedown. Liera takes Aveles back who stands. Liera looking for the suplex, instead uses a full nelson to bring Aveles down. Aveles able to get back up, where Liera looks again for the take down. Big right hand from Aveles, and Liera is hurt, one more and he is out! Josh Aveles again with a vicious knockout! Liera is out cold!

Winner: Joshua Aveles via KO at 1:29 RD 1


 KOTC MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE BOUT                                   

#7    BILL ALBRECHT                      170 LBS  5X5                      SEAN STRICKLAND

Referee: Herb Dean

RD 1: Albrecht starts off the agressor, as Strickland looks to counter. Leg kick by Strickland lands, as Albrecht counters with the jab. Both fighters seems to be landing single shots, not able to string to gether any ominatios But Strickland lands a one, two and immediately secures the take down. The Champion now working in side control. He transitions to the mount and begins the onslaught of ground strikes. After Albrecht “turtles”, Herb Dean steps in to halt the bout at 2:41 seconds of the first round.

Winner: Sean Strickland via TKO RD 1: 2:41



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