Chris Honeycutt MMA Prospect and Dethrone Base Camp Fighter

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Combat Sports, UFC
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by:Jonathan King

Wrestling in MMA, may be the strongest of all bases for an athlete to excel in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. As UFC commentator Joe Rogan has pointed out several times. The MMA ranks are littered with  former collegiate  wrestling champions. As Rogan pointed out the competitive wrestler is a different breed, an animal-like humanoid who literally starves for competition. This rare mentality translates poetically to the organized violence that is MMA. Simply put, wrestlers know what it takes to win.

Chris Honeycutt (Dethrone Base Camp) is cast in the familiar mold that several current and former champions originated from. As an NCAA finalist, Honeycutt announced his intentions to pursue a career as a mixed martial artist. Immediately making him one of the hottest sought after prospects in the sport. After a short tryout, he signed on to become a member of Dethrone Base Camp in Fresno California, alongside fellow Edinboro alumni Josh Koscheck.

Koscheck’s transition from wrestler to striker is legendary, his protege Honeycutt’s athleticism should translate similarly. In his debut, at UPC Fights Honeycutt was dominating the early exchanges with powerful shots, and only resorted to his wrestling pedigree once he caught a kick parlaying the defensive move into a single leg take-down. Once on the mat, Honeycutt’s transitions were extremely sharp. Taking his opponents back he ended the fight with a barrage of strikes to his opponents head.

With his debut in the rear view mirror, Chris Honeycutt is well on his way to a successful career. However the transition from prospect to contender is never a guarantee. So far he has made excellent choices with regard to his team and training partners. Under the watchful eyes of Bob Cook, Josh Koscheck, and DeWayne Zinkin his path is well lit. However its his foundation as a wrestler, the work ethic instilled since childhood, that will assure his success.





  1. nicholas joshua shifflett says:

    i know that guy that ran off sadly he’s my brother i can answer question bout him


    • Wasn’t passing judgement on the man, just thought it was odd for a fighter to leave with his gear still there. When everyone got pissed, i asked if anyone knew if he was “ok” meaning was there was an emergency. But no one knew. Not a character assault or anything!


      • nicholas joshua shifflett says:

        na it’s cool im not offended….. its just he lied about it, made a huge story up about the fight saying he was disqualified. my brother was never a fighter and for him to try and be one just shames my last name. anthony was and always has been a runner when in situations. which is sad on his part for him to put this big ass front on who he really is


      • Im sure he doesnt intend to shame. I have trained for a long time, and do not consider myself (DO NOT) a fighter! Im sure he had the best intentions, but when i did fight amateur, it was scary as shit. Worse than a street fight. Nerves can do crazy things to a man. Doesnt make him any less of a man, just as you said less of a fighter! I really appreciate the input. It was very nice of you to take the time to clear up the issues. Thanks!


      • nicholas joshua shifflett says:

        i fully understand and agree. i myself am training to become a mma fighter and go perform these fightes but don’t want people to think any less of me for having the same last name. so for him to lie to his family what really happen is sad we love him think nothing less of him. we just know thats how he is, and hopefully this would hurt my chances of being sponsored due to his actions


      • In the fight game, you make your own name. (many examples available) Your brothers work ethic and fight pedigree may open a door, but I doubt very seriously it would close one for you, if your a fighter, and good at what you do, and respectful with the business side, than the doors will swing open for you. If not, let me know Ill write about your fights!


      • nicholas joshua shifflett says:

        much thank and maybe one day i too will be able to join the world of professinal fighting


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