Nick Diaz v Carlos Condit Analysis UFC 143 Title Fight!

Posted: January 30, 2012 in UFC
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Nick Diaz versus Carlos Condit for the interim Welterweight Title,  is almost here. Waiting, and watching is Georges St. Pierre as he rehabs following successful ACL surgery. Once healed, St Pierre will fight the winner of Saturday’s bout to unify the UFC welterweight title, and create the undisputed champion of the 170lbs division.

Carlos Condit, has looked dominate lately, winning his last four fights. Three of which were knockouts of highly ranked fighters (Dan Hardy, Rory MacDonald, Dong Hyun Kim). Condit possesses a unique combination of skills, coupled with a strong jaw. Comfortable on his feet, or on the mat Condit’s ferocious striking can end the fight instantly, and from any position. “The Natural Born Killer”, trains with Greg Jackson in New Mexico, where he has learned the art of defense, counter striking, and fighting a patient smart fight.  His wrestling is superb, and his power translates congruently with stamina. In other words, he can knock you out in the 1st round, or the the last.

Nick Diaz evokes many emotions from fight fans.  Popularity, was never the goal for the Stockton, California native. Nick Diaz only cares about one thing, winning big fights. The last time we saw Diaz, he thoroughly pounded and out classed a very tough BJ Penn. The win was not a surprise to some, as Diaz is naturally the larger fighter, however the beating he dished out was one BJ Penn has never tasted. Diaz absorbed Penn’s best shots, and used his stamina and boxing skills to just out strike the Hawaiian Legend. Possessing great boxing skills, and a world class jujitsu game, Diaz is one of the most well-rounded fighters in any division.


Both fighters are not afraid to stand fight. The stand-up battle presents a classic style contrast with Condit’s Muay Thai  against Diaz’s precision boxing, and counter punching style. The ground battle offers a equally interesting contrast with Condit’s wrestling against Diaz’s jujitsu. On paper the fight is virtually even. Both fighters are in their prime, and equally hungry to wear the belt.

This is a fight that either corner, could easily win. This fight could be a back and forth 5 round war that will require changing strategy and game-planning. Both Cesar Gracie(Diaz) and Greg Jackson(Condit) will be very vocal in between rounds, instructing on the fly, in order to inspire adaptability.


If Nick Diaz can utilize his boxing, and force Carlos to shoot, he should have the advantage.  Diaz jujitsu is at its best when used as a counter attack to a shoot. His triangles, gogoplatas, and kimuras are extremely strong and can be locked in instantly from many positions.  The first few rounds of this fight will be spent primarily standing, with Diaz maintaining the advantage. Forcing Condit to be overly aggresive, trying to take the fight to the ground. Once there, the fight will end with him tapping, to a submission.

Outcome: Nick Diaz rd 4 submission

  1. They are doing this live in 3D at some movie theatres, I might go check it out…Should be cool


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    Fight is coming Up! Have you made your predictions?


  3. Alex ufc crazy says:

    either condit will win by ko or diaz will take the decision if it goes all the way


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