2012 Poised to be a Breakout Year for Mike Bruno!

Posted: December 31, 2011 in UFC
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In the world of Mixed Martial Arts, only a handful of gyms have consistently maintained a stable of champion fighters. Ricardo Liborio’s American Top Team since its inception has been one of the best schools in MMA. known for producing champions, the roster of fighters is littered with strap-holders and contenders in all organizations , and at every weight class. It must be something in the air in Coconut Creek Florida, that creates mixed martial arts legends. This environment directed by Liborio, and Marcus “Conan” Silveira, enables young talented fighters to be baptized by fire against  savy veterans. Lightweight Mike Bruno, is currently one these fighters earning his degree daily.

Born in Bensonhurst Brooklyn’s rough streets, Bruno’s family moved to Boca Raton Florida following his father’s retirement from the NYPD.  As a precocious youngster, like most younger brothers toughness was instilled early on. Watching professional wrestling inspired Bruno to use this desire competitively. As a high school wrestler, the competitive drive was fueled by inspiration . ” As a family we ordered UFC 3 on pay per view”, Bruno said. Following that event Mike and his older brother Steve just started “Doing all of the moves we saw on pay per view. Ken Shamrock and Marco Ruas where my favorites during the mid 90s when I started watching. Then I fell in love with Frank Shamrock, Kevin Randleman and Kazushi Sakuraba.” Bruno said.

His biggest influence in the sport, is his brother Steve. Steve Bruno began fighting as a professional in 2000. The following year the elder Bruno was fighting in the UFC. While watching his older brother fight, Mike thought, “I want to do this and I can do this , that was at age 15.”  Bruno said. With his interest growing, High School wrestling gave Mike the venue to set his foundation. Distractions arose, inspiration faded, and Bruno finished his junior year with a humdrum 20-10 record. His senior year was much different. “Watching a video called  ‘The Competitor Supreme’ by Dan Gable is where I developed the drive from to become a top-level competitor.” Bruno said. “I saw it while I was in training for my senior year of wrestling in high school.” The results were remarkable. That year Bruno wrestled his way to a dominating mark of 35-3, setting the school record.

With his high school days coming to an end, at 17 years old, Bruno decided that he was going to join American Top Team. However, like anyone else he had to pay his dues first. ” I met Ricardo Liborio and told him I want to be a pro fighter, Bruno said. “He told me to come to the regular classes that the paying customers go too”. At American Top Team your pedigree may get you recognized, but your talent and work ethic is what earns your spot as a professional fighter. For Bruno, that did not take very long at all.  “I took one regular class and submitted everyone, then Mr. Liborio told me that I could join the pro team.”

Since 2004, the younger Bruno has amassed a 10-4 MMA record. He has fought all over the world, and with each performance his style and power continue to evolve. Currently signed to Fight Time Promotions in Florida, Mike is looking forward to taking the next step. “I learn something everyday!” Bruno said.  “Working with pioneers such as Conan, and Liborio is an amazing feeling.” Being surrounded by some of the best fighters in the world helps a little too!

Bruno at times is still star struck by the amazing roster of fighters he trains with everyday. Besides his brother Steve, Mike trains regularly with an all-star cast of MMA royalty. With fighters such as Thiago Alves, Cole Miller, Hector Lombard, Gleison Tibau, Micah Miller, Mike Brown, and Brad Pickett testing him daily Bruno is now looking forward to take his place on the larger stages. “I see myself next year in Bellator or Strikeforce challengers.” Bruno said. No longer a rookie to the sport, the years have given way to a more mature fighter. “You grow up, mature and learn from your mistakes.” Bruno said. “I’m ready.”

With a fight already scheduled in February of 2012, Mike Bruno is ready to start the year off with another win. His trademark wrestling-infused ground and pound, always offers a glimpse into his dominant grappling days. However, the more mature fighter has added an updated striking game to compliment his already potent ground game. He will look to put those skills on display early on in 2012. “I am booked for Feb 17th and then again in April .” Bruno said.

In the fight game there are very few certainties. The revolving door of relevance, mirrors the short window of opportunity. There are no guarantees. The only things you can rely on are god given talent, ever evolving skills, and the team you surround yourself with.  Fighting is not a team sport, but training to fight is! You can only be as good as those around you. With the cast surrounding Mike Bruno, and the skill he has displayed thus far, it would be hard to bet against him!

  1. Jimmy Ninja says:

    kewl article man!!


  2. James Powers says:

    Honestly, I never heard of him, but I’m looking forward to seeing him fight.


  3. His next fight is actually in feb. He will win!


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