Cerrone v Diaz at UFC141 winner to get Edgar?

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Combat Sports

Donald Cerrone (17-3 MMA 4-0 UFC) fresh of his his first round submission win over Denis Siver, at UFC 137 is reportedly being scheduled to fight Nate Diaz (14-7 MMA (-5 UFC) at UFC 141 December 30, 2011 in Las Vegas.

The many similarities between the two fighters will prove this to be quite a battle. At 6’0 and with similar long reaches, Cerrone and Diaz should be able to put on a striking display from the outside. Cerrone posses superior muay thai, but Diaz has the superior boxing. Both fighters posses iron clad jaws, and neither one is afraid to take shots, just to land their own.

The one advantage Cerrone would certainly have over Diaz would be Greg Jackson; who can plan and change a fight plan, on the fly better than anyone. Cerrone is also a very adept pupil. Several times in his fight with Siver, he adjusted, and executed the plan perfectly, showing Jackson he was listening!

Diaz on the other hand, is well “A Diaz”. Even though he is one of the most talented fighters in any division, like his brother, he can be goaded into a brawl, and eat several punches looking to counter. Usually leaving him bloody, which never translates well to the judges. It does however translate to fight fans, as even in losing efforts Diaz still manages to garner Fight of The Night honors.

Both fighters are warriors, and if this bout is finalized, it will surely be a candidate for Fight of the Year.

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