Nick Diaz V GSP! Condit put on hold!

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Combat Sports
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After hearing this rant, and the one that followed, George St Pierre, has demanded a fight with Diaz, putting Carlos Condit on hold to face the winner. Here is what GSP said to Dana White, ” ‘He’s the most disrespectful human being I’ve ever met, and I’m gonna put the worst beating you’ve ever seen on him in the UFC,’ that’s what Georges St-Pierre said.”

  1. Freddy3rd says:

    Sucks for Condit!!! Who do you give him now? Do you make his next fight a #1 contender fight?

    Diaz/GSP has the potential to be a great fight. I just don’t see GSP falling into the trap Diaz gets everyone in. Diaz has a way of making people fight his fight. GSP will take Nick down at will and enforce the same “safe tactic” he is famous for as of late. I just hope he gets caught in a triangle in the process. The “hungry” GSP that we saw against Hughes and the Serra rematch is gone.


    • Fred I agree. John Morgan from asked Dana “what if Condit losses that night”? Dana’s response “that would suck”! So I hope Carlos at least “sold” his title shot for a decent amount of money. But From what i hear, GSP is pretty pissed off! So im sure he will be hungry for this fight. Diaz has until superbowl weekend to figure out how to stuff a shoot, because BJ is no where near the wrestler that GSP is, and his takedown of Diaz in the 1st round, was lackluster at best, and Diaz couldnt stop it! Like you said thought, he could sink a triangle! Question for you Fred what do you think of this, Nate Diaz v Donald Cerrone! winner gets Edgar! Both long strikers with sick jits!


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